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  1. The beauty of Metaloy
  2. Cross Timbers Action Shooting has matches in Fort Worth and at Triple C Tactical in Cresson. They are probably the closest to you.
  3. It's actually a limited Custom with just a comp. No holes.
  4. Gotta protect their people from guns.....they might hurt somebody.......
  5. Agreed. This used to be called "freeboring" a barrel (deepening the lead) "Throating" referred to altering the feedramp to improve feeding.
  6. Just don't bother with a 40 pitch tap. That was for back in the day when guys had to match the gap with a file and wanted to cut as little as possible. Since you have a lathe and can fit the gap with that just use 32 or something like that. They're cheaper, easier to find and last longer.
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