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  1. The beauty of Metaloy
  2. Cross Timbers Action Shooting has matches in Fort Worth and at Triple C Tactical in Cresson. They are probably the closest to you.
  3. It's actually a limited Custom with just a comp. No holes.
  4. Gotta protect their people from guns.....they might hurt somebody.......
  5. Agreed. This used to be called "freeboring" a barrel (deepening the lead) "Throating" referred to altering the feedramp to improve feeding.
  6. Just don't bother with a 40 pitch tap. That was for back in the day when guys had to match the gap with a file and wanted to cut as little as possible. Since you have a lathe and can fit the gap with that just use 32 or something like that. They're cheaper, easier to find and last longer.
  7. This was more of an issue with tools made from much harder tool steels like stamping punches causing cracking. I think it's less of an issue with the softer steels of guns. Mahovsky's Metalife is a good product.
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