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  1. Whorl Waiting for the Kick: Whorl Book Two Fiction by James Tarr USPSA GM Pretty good books Failure Drill Splashback Splits and Transistions More fiction about a Detroit Private Investigator by James Tarr A different "Grey Man" series by JL Curtis about a Texas deputy The Grey Man-Partners The Grey Man-Generations The Grey Man-Twilight The Grey Man-Down South The Grey Man-Sunset The Grey Man-Vignettes The Grey Man-Changes The Grey Man-Payback Nolan
  2. And speak with the orifice at the upper end of the gastrointestinal tract, instead of the one at the lower end! Nolan
  3. I get a DANGEROUS WEBPAGE BLOCKED warning from Norton anti-virus from that link. Nolan
  4. Plus it's hilarious to watch them forget to remove the hand warmer and cram a magazine in at "Load and Make Ready"! Don't ask me how I know how funny it is to the peanut gallery! Nolan
  5. Use a medium blue or green background for better contrast. Nolan
  6. Since mine are all on game guns, I haven't staked any of mine and have never had one come loose, but if it was a rifle my life depended on, I would probably stake it. Nolan
  7. In the 90's the prize tables were HUGE! Seriously, each division had 8 to 10 of the big long 8 foot folding tables that were loaded! Of course there were only 2 divisions back then. Nolan
  8. What is the feel when initially pulling the bolt back with the charging handle? I tried the Taccom magnetic delayed buffer and really did not like how hard it was to rack the bolt back with the charging handle. It felt pretty good shooting it, but having to really jerk the charging handle to open a closed bolt sucked. I wonder if the Scheel buffer will feel like the Taccom? Nolan
  9. Nolan

    More help

    What glasses are you wearing? Nolan
  10. Since this is your first 3 gun match, just put the modified choke in and leave it. You will have a lot more to worry about than saving half a second by using this, that or the other choke. If you don't get the modified choke in time, just put the IC in, be safe, and have fun. Nolan
  11. What exactly are the problems you are having with the 10/22's and what exactly are the parts lists of them, ie... Kidd receiver, Wiland ??? Barrels, XYZ chassis, ABC triggers, Joe Blow Bolt, Hack Fu extractor, etc...? I don't have any personal experience with the Wiland barrels, what are the chambers, match, benz, sporter??? How many rounds after cleaning before they start malfunctioning? My wife and I both use 10/22's for Steel Challenge that are a mixture of parts, but they are extremely reliable. I field strip and clean them before every match by taking out the bolt and cleaning the bolt and breach faces, scrubbing the chamber until they pass the 'plunk' test and dragging a bore snake through the barrel and using compressed air to blow out the trigger assembly. I clean and lube the receiver, exterior of the bolt, guide rod, spring, and charging handle using either Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube with Dynaglide or WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube with PTFE. I do not use oil. I detail strip the trigger group and the bolt maybe twice a year, or when I start feeling guilty about not having done it, which winds up being about every 6 months! As Les pointed out above, the fit of the magazines to the chassis/receiver is important. Too tight or too loose can cause problems. Nolan
  12. Is the 2011 frame ramped? Nolan
  13. If the original post had been more straight forward and less of a guessing game, this thread would have a much lower level of suck and would have never gone past one page and OuterLimit's obligatory PCC sniping! Not sure of the intent of the OP, so not sure if this was some effort at trolling? Some effort for learning as stated? or ???? It would be nice to hear both sides of this, from the competitor that was DQ'd and from one of the RO's, but after the vitriol shown from the peanut gallery, that's probably not going to happen. I suspect both have more important things to do than argue on the interwebs. Nolan
  14. Having known the RO and Assistant RO for over 20 years. 1. Both follow Troy's Rule Number 1 "Don't be a Dick". Both are very even handed RO's. 2. The RO is a frequent PCC competitor so you can forget the "PCC hate" scenarios. 3. I've been run through many, many stages by both and have NEVER experienced or seen any animus towards any competitor. The video clearly does NOT show the violation and that is rightly why video is not allowed to confirm or deny. I was not there, but I would suspect the RO's saw the competitor unbag, saw the competitor turn on the sight, and confirmed it when he lifted the PCC straight up and looked through it, then issued the STOP command. For PCC this is why I bring mine to the line in a cheap tan $20 airsoft rifle soft case, unbag after the MAKE READY command and throw the bag on the ground behind or beside me. Then do all the necessary to make ready. After ULSC, IF CLEAR, HAMMER DOWN, FLAG, my PCC goes vertically, straight into the case if some nice, kind soul has brought it up to me, and if my wife isn't there, it's carried vertical back to the bag/unbag table and straight into the case. Nolan
  15. The gun building class should give you a list of tools you will need to bring. If they provide all the tools, see if they will provide you with a complete list BEFORE the class so you can play with them in your machine shop class. The more familiar you are with the tools, the more time you will have in the class to pay attention to the details rather than spending all your time trying to learn the tools. Nolan
  16. It was originally designed for 9x25 (10mm case necked down to 9mm) loaded with a godawful amount of powder. It looked like a Top Fuel dragster shooting flames out the headers every time Johnny pulled the trigger. It worked well on 38 Super loaded with slower powders, nowhere near the flames as the 9x25. I remember at a match in Brentwood, Johnny was shooting the 9x25 with that design comp and about halfway through a stage, got the gun too far into a port made from an empty 55 gallon barrel mounted horizontally to a wooden frame and pulled the trigger twice...........long pause.......Johnny slowly backed up, unloaded, showed clear, holstered and slowly went and sat down for awhile before he said "OW!" He said he was seeing double and it felt like he was underwater. I think Johnny went back to 38 Super not long after that. Nolan
  17. Chet Whistle https://www.cwaccessories.com/product-page/cwa-wide-body-single-stack-grip makes a single stack grip that dropped on two different older STI frames that I have. I'm using it for a .22lr conversion with GSG .22lr magazines and it works great for that, BUT I have NOT tried it with real single stack 9mm, .40 or .45 magazines with a centerfire upper on the frame. Nolan
  18. That gun was the inspiration for my version of the "Buck Rogers" Buck Mark pistol. Ichiro got a good laugh out of my homage and the first time Mike Voigt saw it he said "If you tried to rob a bank with that, you'd have to shoot someone before they took you seriously!" Nolan
  19. 'cause it's got electrolytes! Unfortunately, it's now played every night at 10pm on all the major stations...oh wait, that's the 10 O'clock news. Nolan
  20. It's like hit factor scoring: I suspect the average IQ of most of the USPSA Board of Directors and NROI is fairly high, so divide that average IQ by the number of participates in the discussion = X Now if it was a democracy, divide the average IQ of idiots posting to rules forums and divide that by the number of USPSA members = Y Which do you believe will be higher? Just kidding..............sort of.
  21. The case looks more like a case failure than an overpressure or OOB. The primer does not look bad and the rupture in the case looks melted rather than blown out, almost like there was a crack in the case web ahead of the extractor groove and the rest of the case was just torched out. What does the chamber look like and was there any other damage to the gun other than to the magazine? Nolan
  22. Yes, Butch we get it, you don't like PCC, but at a PCC match, shooting a pistol doesn't solve the problem. Just attach the timers so the readout faces back along the stick. They do this at the Rimfire Precision Rifle and PRS matches because some of the suppressed rifles are surprisingly quiet. Nolan
  23. Recently I've been using the white short sleeved version of the the Costco air mesh Tee shirt since I wore out most of my old Nordic Track performance Tee's. I like them and the price is right. https://www.costco.com/32-degrees-men's-air-mesh-tee-4-pack.product.100667638.html under my standard Van Heusen white dress shirt. Generally around $14-$16 at any Ross store nationwide if I need an emergency replacement. https://www.amazon.com/Van-Heusen-Poplin-Regular-Collar/dp/B009ESZFMC/ref=sr_1_3 2002 USPSA Handgun Nationals 2015 USPSA Multigun Nationals (Only 2 sizes up on the shirt!) Nolan
  24. Yes, but the REAL question is, "How many rounds has he shot practicing?" Nolan
  25. I really like both the old Shintaro Katsu movies and the newer (2003) Takeshi Kitano movie. I have seen most of the 26 original movies, but I haven't seen any of the television series or the 2010 Zatoichi the Last movie. Nolan
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