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  1. Congrats, and modest too! Just kidding! Nice finish against awesome competition. Nolan
  2. What trigger group and trigger do you have in the gun? If you have a fish scale or an accurate kitchen scale, remove the stock and either just use the fish scale hooked to the charging handle, with the hammer uncocked, pull the charging handle back for a full stroke while watching the indicator on the fish scale and note the reading throughout the entire stoke. It will be highest while cocking the hammer, then lower once the hammer is cocked. Repeat with the hammer cocked. For a kitchen scale, place the rear of the receiver on the scale and carefully press the changing handle down for an full stroke with the hammer uncocked. Watch the reading for the entire stroke, then repeat with the hammer cocked. Be careful not to only hold the rifle upright and don't add any downward pressure other than with the charging handle. Remove the trigger group and repeat the test. I don't have any measurements on hand, and I won't be able to measure any of my rifles for a couple of days. The measurements with the hammer cocked will be higher than with the trigger group removed, but should not be drastically higher, ie. several pounds higher. Re-install everything into the stock and repeat the first test. The other thing to check is the fit of the extractor. When Tactical Solutions replaced your bolt, they may have just swapped all the bits and bobs over from your bolt onto the new bolt. Nolan
  3. I've had good luck with Nelson Custom 2011 magazines. The price has gone up, but still not terrible at $40. https://www.nelsoncustomguns.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=18 Probably not going to be able to add much capacity. Nolan
  4. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” Mark Twain True in the 1870's and still true today! Nolan
  5. Go back to the Mr. Bullet Feeder powder funnel. Start by adjusting the powder funnel, just going deep enough that you get a full stroke of the powder measure, then keep adjusting it down in very small increments until the bullets drop out of the bullet feeder into the flared case far enough that it takes a bit of effort to pull them back out of the case. Then adjust the powder funnel down just a tiny bit more to prevent shaving the coating. With just two or three bullets in the bullet feeder, a bullet should drop into the flared case deep enough to require a little effort to pull out of the case. With a revolver you need to prevent bullet pull out (bullet moving forward) not set-back, the crimp will help with that, but the best method is still good case neck tension and a good crimp. Nolan
  6. Ohh, that's just cold man, cold! Nolan
  7. I started out as the guy that didn't care what it looked like (more like too poor for pretty), it just had to work well and be reliable. Eventually after many gag trophies for "Ugliest Gun", I could afford better parts, better gunsmiths, prettier guns and now I'm like you. I do think knowing your gun runs increases your confidence and lets you concentrate more on the actual shooting regardless of whether it's a nice (pretty) gun or looks like you drug it to the range behind your car. Nolan
  8. I agree with Braxton1. I think that comp is for a PCC similar to this 9mm SJC brake. It may work better rotated 90 degrees. Nolan
  9. Sensitive much? I just said "Jerry seems to think it's OK for PCC and rimfire." No where in that sentence did I suggest that YOU said it was an improper way to shoot a gun. Nolan
  10. Jerry seems to think it's OK for PCC and rimfire. Nolan
  11. The real me was attempting sarcastic humor to the real Dirty_J about his lack of social graces in replying to your question. I had glanced through your post about the POF trigger and mis-remembered thinking you had an MPX. DOH! I should have just answered your question politely instead of trying for a couple of laughs from the peanut gallery. Since you shoot 3 gun, everything Max said applies even more to shooting the shotgun. Nolan
  12. Reading comprehension 101 Reading comprehension and Memory 101 On September 21 at 6:25AM, BoyGlock said: My mbx pro series has it and I like it very much. 3.5lbs, very short reset, almost no take up, straight trigger. Im just wondering why POF is advising against it in pcc9. DOH! MBX, not MPX Nolan
  13. As said, make sure the threaded end isn't staked or beat up, get some heat on the the threaded end, use the impact rated bits with one of these, https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-2905-8-Inch-Manual-7-Piece/dp/B000NPPATS/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Nolan
  14. Or spoken like someone who has an MPX LOL! On a less humorous note, your reply is spoken like someone lacking in manners or certainly lacking in social skills. Nolan
  15. KE Arms sells a very good handguard wrap that looks similar to the one ATI used to sell. I've been using one for my VR80 for about a year. Nolan http://www.kearms.com/shtf-wrap $30
  16. You're late to the party LOL! https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/296977-ur-channel-video-hands-on-new-fx-10-progressive-press-from-frankford-arsenal/ There appears to be a LOT of tool head flex. Nolan
  17. Yes, they are still in business and still shipping as fast as it's produced. They usually update the website between 1pm -3pm, Mountain Daylight time. Call them 406-755-2717. Usually only takes about 15 minutes to sell out. Nolan
  18. I watched the video. Right at the start and in some later close-ups, there is way more tool head flex than the my old 1050's. I don't have a Super 1050 to compare to, but it looks like a lot of flex and they even talk about how important it is to have a blank die installed in any unused positions to counteract the flex. Nolan
  19. I would disagree with you about drag racing being a participation sport. Have you been an NHRA competitor? I've helped wrench a couple of my friends cars and motorcycle. One to a division championship. I guarantee you, it is a tooth and nail competition, even for the unsponsored, two car home garage effort of my friends. Nolan
  20. This! My rifle was dropped from about waist high onto concrete directly onto the elevation scope cap. Even though I had a Scope Coat on my Vortex Razor scope, it made the most sickening aluminum pipe dropped on the floor sound. The elevation cap had a good sized ding in the top and knurled edge, but unscrewed and the elevation knob inside appeared OKAY. I shot the rest of the match with no problems and when I had a chance to check the zero on a 200 yard range it hadn't changed. The scope was mounted in a Warne one piece mount. Nolan
  21. My wife and I have an agreement: When she cooks, she washes the dishes. When I cook, she washes the dishes. When her laundry needs washing, she does the laundry. When my laundry needs washing including my stinky socks, she does the laundry. When her laundry is done and needs ironing, she does the ironing. When my laundry is done and needs ironing, she does the ironing. When my guns are dirty, I clean them. When her guns are dirty, I clean them. When I need or want a new gun, I buy or build one. When she needs or wants a new gun, I buy or build one. When I'm out of ammo, I load more ammo. When she's out of ammo, I load more ammo. Etc... This has worked very well for us, give it a try. Nolan
  22. I think some of the CO growth is because it is something new. After a couple decades of competing with pistols almost exclusively, I was pretty burnt out and started shooting 3 Gun, then started shooting PCC. Now I'm starting to miss shooting pistol matches and may try CO, but I may just go shoot my Open and Limited guns again, if I can remember where my old belt and other gear is. Nolan
  23. Odd how well having lots of divisions works so well in NHRA drag racing? Although they call them classes (over 200) and (15) eliminators. Same with many other motorsports. Nolan
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