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  1. Here's a couple of reasons why, reload 30+ times, pick up with a magnet, easily withstands Major 9 pressures. Nolan
  2. https://www.opticsplanet.com/switchview-magnification-adjustment-throw-lever.html?_iv_code=3KM-RA-MATL-1966SV Google Switchview 1966 for more Nolan
  3. Are you sure you don't have a Calunicornia legal VR80? It has a magazine lock that blocks the magazine release until the upper and lower are separated. I think you should be able to remove the set screw from the magazine release button and then unscrew the magazine release button from the magazine catch. I think?? Then you should be able to push out the magazine catch by lightly tapping it with a drift punch. Nolan
  4. The NRA has a match like that, The NRA World Shooting Championship. It covers most all of the competitive shooting disciplines, not just pistol. USPSA could try something similar for all of it's divisions, or just for a single division. It would be an expensive match to put on, for an 8 stage match you would need at least 24 guns (plus spares), 96 magazines (plus spares), 24 belts, holsters, mag pouches, and 16 bays. Shooter (1 gun), Shooter On Deck (1 gun), Shooter in the hole (1 gun) Shooter sighting in (1 gun and adjacent bay), then down the shooting order. Then to really put a kink in the rope, use a gun nobody likes, something like a Ruger P9 and don't announce what gun before the match. Or just sign up and shoot the NRA match. Nolan
  5. I've had to adjust the guide pin on 2 of my tool heads. One just took a couple of taps with a rubber hammer. The other one was like your's, I finally used a piece of tight fitting heavy wall pipe that was about 2 foot long to adjust it about 1 inch down from the tool head. Since they were bought as individual parts, I just figured that was normal tuning. Nolan
  6. Maybe they don't have a 'spare' toolhead since it sounds like all the parts coming in are allocated to presses to be shipped out. Nolan
  7. My 1050 is much easier than my 550. Especially the little shove at the end of the stroke on the 550 to prime cases. USE LUBE! My girlfriend, and my wife both say the same thing! Just kidding, my wife only uses lube when she's sizing rifle cases. Hornady One Shot is so-so on pistol cases, not so good for rifle cases. My favorite is Sharp Shoot R Royal Case Sizing lube. Works very well, smells good and leaves your hands baby soft. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012981131 Nolan
  8. Those Cupcakes would be more properly sized for this guy. Nolan
  9. Most of the small pistol 'safes' aren't very 'safe'. Search youtube for your favorite model and you'll probably find several videos showing how to open it using everything from bubblegum to chainsaws. Nolan
  10. Especially if you're using L'Oreal instead of Max Factor! Nolan
  11. LOL! Would this work? Nolan
  12. They most likely chose the material to cast easily for a fairly complicated casting, rather than for appearance. I'm not sure there are better appearing materials that would work without significant cost increases or redesigning the molds. Nolan
  13. This! I used a Lee Pro 1000 for sizing and depriming 38 Special brass, back in the day, so I could clean the primer pockets for my PPC pistol. About every 30-40 rounds, just throw a big handful in the collator and the movement/vibration of the press collates them into the tubes. Waayyy faster, than placing them one at a time. Nolan
  14. The swaging system is removed, the primers aren't crimped. Nolan
  15. It's been tested many times. http://www.patriciabriggs.com/articles/silver/ranger/ Nolan
  16. I mark my brass with stripes and color code the head by the number of times fired. After 5 times fired, it goes in the practice bin and gets loaded until I lose it (generally well before 10 reloads because I'm lazy) or it fails inspection. I use 2 sizing dies on a 1050 for 38 Super or Super Comp, first die is a standard Dillon resizing/decapping die set to almost touch the shell plate, the next die is a Lee Undersize die set to touch the shell plate in the swaging location with the swage rod removed since I only reload my brass and the primers aren't crimped. Nolan
  17. So even though you thought the grip safety was required you had a pinned grip safety? OKAY, rules are only for other people. They check the safeties at Chrono, you just haven't noticed. Before loading the gun, cock the hammer, safety on, pull the trigger, safety off, then pull the trigger again, it takes about 1 second to do. Same with the Grock, rack the slide, finger on side of trigger, safety lever not depressed, pull the trigger, depress safety lever, pull the trigger again. Both methods check if the safety works, whether the hammer drops when the safety is dis-engaged, and lets the Chronoman know if he's going need both hands to pull the trigger or if he can just think about it and the gun will fire. Nolan
  18. I found a commercial valve spring compressor that will work with about 10 minutes worth of modifications. $12 at Hazard Fraught https://www.harborfreight.com/universal-overhead-valve-spring-compressor-60335.html or https://www.amazon.com/ABN-Universal-Overhead-Spring-Compressor/dp/B07GQ52H9R Knock the Star handle off. It's only held by a couple of small swages in the central shaft. Remove the E-clip holding the square drive screw to the silver center piece. Remove the snap ring and push the central shaft out of the puller. Remove the square drive screw. Drill and tap the head of the central shaft for a 1/4-20 or 1/4-28 screw. Flatten the bent tabs in the silver center piece. Re-install the central shaft, square drive screw, and snap ring. Reverse the silver center piece and install it and the T bar over the square drive screw and re-install the E-Clip. De-grease the 1/4" tapped hole and install a .500" or shorter 1/4" screw with Red Loctite and tighten firmly. Let the Loctite set up and it's ready to use. Nolan
  19. I just saw this on YourTube. DAA Dummy Practice Mags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t3AFm9qjIM Nolan
  20. If you think it hurts to DQ on the first stage, wait until you DQ 2 targets from the end of the match, after having some of the best performances of your life!!!! Nolan
  21. Hard to find 8 digit counters! Just kidding. Nolan
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