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  1. From someone in the industry, that's pretty poor. I'd send a note to the management or dealer expressing your disappointment in how you were greeted. No reason for them not to be cheery, or at least offer to show you around the lot on the 26th, even if they were closing.
  2. 1,2,3 all good.... hard to beat the Ruger for what you get for the money.
  3. As a previously aspiring paper GM, and now a "paper M" way past his prime (about a point shy of making GM at my peak but would never be a real threat at most matches in either classification now), I agree with all the above. Its easy to practice classifiers and its good practice for skills. But you have to work in movement, more field courses, and stage analysis as you progress or you'll be what I like to call a "stand and shoot Master" rather than a paper one. Long courses and explosive footwork, movement, etc might not every be your thing.... but dang you can shoot 95%+ or higher on a lot of classifiers without those abilities. I'd love to see them adopt an 85% or better is just plain M... but to make GM you have to show up and win at a major, and earn it.
  4. USPSA starting @ 1994 - in chrono order Limited: Various over the counter Springfield, Colt, Mitchell etc 1911s .45 with dremmeled on go fast goodies. 10 rnd 140mm mags. Colt 1911 10mm with a .40 barrel. Para Ordnance P16-40 SVI 2011 - hand built with a 10mm Gold cup top end (.40 barrel). SVI 40. 2011 with long dust cover, but regular slide (factory build, and at the time 1996 could be bought new for about $1400) Various 2011s over the years - 5 inch, 6 inch, heavy light. Ended up with a light 5 inch. Glock 34 Lim minor. Current. Production - Glock 17 Beretta 92 Sig P226 Glock 34 CZ 75 Tanfoglio Stock Glock 34 CZ SP01 Sig P320 Glock 34 Sig P320 X-Five Glock 34 CZ Shadow II Glock 34 - Current. Open - Springfield Caspian Hicap STI SVI STI Glock 17. Don't shoot Open anymore, but my last was a Glock. Carry optics Sig P320 X-Five Glock. Current.
  5. Koenig. Leatham. Cooper. Miculek. Enos? Division? We don't need no stinking Divisions....
  6. sfinney

    P320 X5 Thread

    To me it's more a comment that a homemade job with $X amount in material that gets you to 44 oz., if done correctly will potentially not shoot any worse than a $850 job that gets you to 44 oz. So spending $850 on an $800 gun is not needed if you have the skills an patience to do it yourself. If not, then sure, pay the freight and get the best professional job money can buy. At the highest levels of competition, every fraction of ounce advantage is money well spent. For others, maybe they should spend they money on ammo and training before they worry about how much their gun weighs, what color their holster is, or if they have a 1 pound trigger, etc. Each to his own.
  7. Thanks for contributing! Some people assume they know everything there is to know about every firearm... nice to see some helpful info posted no and then besides the usual "here's how i got a half pound trigger in my Glock - by the way can anyone tell me why my gun won't bust most primers now" type stuff.
  8. The dreaded Glock bulge. And the term is "Urban Legend" not Legion... (darn you auto correct!) Well, its a fact a lot of .40 brass is bulged from unsupported chambers, laying around all over the place after matchesm or ranges. And its the reason full length and undersized dies are so popular. If they are not coming from Glocks, they must be coming from a few 1911/2011s as the other most popular .40s in USPSA. My personal experience from years of high volume reloading is that the bulged brass is from Glocks primarily, as I have sourced many 5 gallon buckets of used .40 brass from Police Dept ranges - that just shoot Glocks. And all the .40 cases were bulged. I do see bulged brass from 2011s sometimes; some "gunsmiths" get overly aggressive with the feedramp and open up the bottom rear of the chamber, to try to get a gun to run *usually its mag problems not ramp problems btw) and you get those darn smiley shaped bulges. Whatcha gonna do.
  9. Note that many Production division guns can be easily modified to compete in Carry Optics as well as Production, but be cautious with the modifications you make, as many will render your Production gun illegal for that division. You can mill the slide of a production legal gun to install an optic, and replace the optic with a filler plate for competition in Production without risk. If you are unsure, check the appendices for both divisions, or email dnroi@uspsa.org before you proceed. Troy McManus Director, NROI http://multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/USPSA020416.php Doesn't mention what the plate needs to be made from. Most I see from aftermarket are aluminum, carbon fiber or polymer.
  10. Any updates on this since the recent rules changes? Glock has sold G19s and G17s with factory threaded barrels. And the Factory threaded barrels are readily available. I have an otherwise CO ready Glock 17. But with threaded barrel. Would be cool if I didn't have to buy another plain barrel just to be CO / Production legal. But, looks like I will have too.... just checking before purchase.
  11. Nice Modified... err I mean Carry Optics pistol.
  12. I don't see any SKUs on the production list. There are no markings on the P320 RX identifying it as anything other than a P320.... it is in essence a regular P320 with factory custom milling for a Red Dot. The RX indicates the Red Dot is installed... separate model? Maybe. But its otherwise a factory P320. I have shot an RX in CO several times - no one even blinked. With everyone shooting 44.9 ounce X-Fives in CO now, why would anyone even care or point out if someone shoots an RX..... its not like its a competitive advantage. I'd go further to say that I have seen discussion saying a CO pistol that has a custom plate reinstalled on it to cover the milling work (like the Glock MOS cover plate), would be legal for Production as well, if the original base gun is Production legal. In this case a P320.
  13. Good to go for CO with the 20 round mags (you could buy Taylor Freelance extensions made for Canik, and I've heard most CZ extensions will work too). Production Greg Cote usually has great prices and Canik 18 round mags in stock. Glock guide rod an adapter for Gen4, 13 or 14 pound spring, and a 6.5 or 6 # Glock striker spring.... all you need. You can also add tungsten weights or putty to inside the grip inserts to add 2 or 3 ounces of weight if wanted...
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