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  1. Bennie Cooley taught me that I don't have weak shoulder
  2. Post em, if you've got em. Major matches only, No local matches (I don't care how good you think it is).
  3. So far so good and I really prefer the feel of a flat trigger
  4. Then let's use Comstock and Virginia Count scoring and Classic Targets????
  5. I heard that we would have to shoot spinners at 450 yards with our PCCs? True?
  6. Zero your rifle. By that I mean really zero it and understand the ballistics of the rifle bullet in flight.
  7. My response to those who state that Mag-fed shotguns equals OPEN is why? Firearms technology is going to change and advance. Is Tac Optics frozen in time? I remember when Tactical didn't exist (yes, there was a time of Limited and Open) and the same arguments were applied to rifle optics. "Optics equals OPEN!!!" was the battle cry then. This is not to say that I'm for a change right now but if mag fed semi-auto shotguns become commonly available, I will probably support a rule change allowing them into Tac Optics. But I'm with Stlhead, looking at "Tactical" shooters festooned with shotshells all over their bodies in various contraptions and pike length shotguns is not a direction that I went to head either.
  8. Remington and Mossberg have now standardized detachable box magazines in the 870 and 590 line of pump shotguns. I can only imagine that they will make their way to the popular semi-auto shotguns shortly. Currently this would place the shooter in Open division. So should we fight the future to retain our caddies, vests, and quad loads? Or start planning on allowing these types of shotguns in the other divisions?
  9. I hope so because I've shot my SP01 in SA mode in 3 gun hundreds of times!
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