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  1. Please post your 2021 major match announcements here. This is NOT the place for match discussions, only announcements.
  2. Or we could just avoid having stupid shotgun stages...….
  3. I am getting weaker as I didn't have to lug all that shotgun gear and ammo around! 2-gun is liberating. But Kurt and I agree on one thing that was a Great match and a big thanks to the staff and sponsors. Great stages, smooth management and as always a bountiful prize table.
  4. Then I blame you Kurt Miller. I blame you. I wanted JP tank brakes on all my guns....
  5. This is a dumb rule (harkening back to SOF) and should be done away with. Who cares?
  6. Competition? Whatever CZ platform best suits the event usually a Shadow 2 or Bull Shadow or even maybe a Tac Sport. Carry? CZ P10 or Sig 365.
  7. Hey, what's with the age comment! But yes I ran an iron sighted pistol because I preferred ammo capacity over RDS. While I'm not sure about allowing RDS in Tac Optics, it is coming nonetheless, you can only fight the future for so long. I like the Stealth box rule but don't think that it will be popular with the Tac Ops crowd who will want a RDS and full mag capacity.
  8. This thread is for announcements only, not commentary, hopes, desires or dreams.
  9. I understand that. I like the classic target for the shooting challenge but I agree as to its PC qualities. That being said many (most?) IPSC countries are stuck with such target presentations.
  10. Scored paper Classic targets at 50-450 yards and mini classics inside of 100. 1/2 A zones for some stages.
  11. I don't think PRS is pulling that many shooters away from 3 gun (it hasn't gotten me ... yet). PRS attracts shooters who find Highpower/Smallbore too boring and 3 gun too stupid. I agree and disagree with Kurt as to the shotgun. He's not wrong but I'm for a bit of tactical bird shooting to test the shotgun to its fullest extent. I however completely agree that shotgun stages have gotten completely stupid which has turned me off from some 3 gun matches. FYI IPSC rifle is definitely NOT long gun USPSA. Accuracy is WAY more emphasized in IPSC rifle than in USPSA (pi
  12. Nationals stages are not local stages. I just shot Area 2 and there was not one challenging shot for an Open gun much less a PCC (but it was a fun match with good stages). I think that is one thing that will always separate 3 gun. It's HARD. It's DIFFICULT. It takes a lot more gear. It's more expensive. It will always be more exclusive than most pistol shooting or PCC. Clearly most people would rather squirt bullets at easy targets 10 yards away with their PCCs than shoot at a 50 yard plate rack offhand with their rifle. It's much easier, much faster, and even when you fail, you stil
  13. 3 gun (as do most other sports) from the inherent tension of keeping the sport challenging for experienced participants but welcoming for new shooters. Richard does a very good job with stage design in this regard but that tension is always there. I love me some IPSC shotgun but I agree with the sentiments that shotgun poses the biggest financial/psychological hurdle for most shooters. Most of them have some sort of Glock/AR which are least eligible to complete with already but not the accoutrements for shotgun. But past that, many suffer from the mental beat down from not be
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