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  1. Bran, you should head down to the Beretta store in Dallas. They should have one there that you can mount up. Cole custom in Maine and Joel Echin in PA are good people to talk with as well. I hear good things about the stock and DTs are rock solid.
  2. Ok.. I need (want) something to stick my pile of Glock mags into and I can always use another division to frustrate me so I am buying a PCC. Questions: I live near Wilson combat and they have been nice enough to tempt me with some really awesome looking options for PCC. Does anyone have experience with the AR9 from Wilson? I don’t see them out in the wild much. Is it a price thing or are they not the best option? Also, I REALLY want a 8inch barrel “Pistol” with a folding stock . . Is it true you cannot compete with this configuration? If so, outside of the ridiculous price could you build a two upper set up? Switch off to 16 for matches? Would there be tuning issues? How about the Banshee? Thank you n advance for your thoughts
  3. You would think the primer pockets and inside of the case being clean would be more important than the outside. If the outside is clean enough to size properly I would be more worried about primers not seating or interior junk throwing off the powder charge? Sorry, not really a statement more of a question. Thoughts?
  4. GIO

    scale modeling

    Loved model cars back in the day.. nothing better than a rainy day, newspaper covering the kitchen table and the smell of old Testors glue and paint. Turning 50 this year and thinking about picking it up again. Building all those cars I’ll never be able to afford.
  5. P4xi. Amazing glass, super bright dot. Nice clean ret. look for the LE model. Comes with scope lever.
  6. Hi All, I may be relocating to the Northern KY - Cincinnati area and was hoping to get info on clubs and matches. Would really like to join an outdoor club with freedom to bring steel and shoot unsupervised. Also looking for a regular rimfire match and USPSA of course.. I made my acceptance of the position contingent on finding good places to shoot so any help would be appreciated...lol Thank you in advance! Jason
  7. Bowen - I purchased the TTI spring kit so I think it would be the same as my full TTI gun. I swapped top ends and the twang-hard break is still there so it seems like the issue is in the bottom end? TTI lower on my other upper isn’t as smooth as the full TTI but the twang is gone. Thankmyou Pskys
  8. The advanced crowd may already know this or it may be blatantly obvious but I learned something and wanted to share. I have been taking my Gen 4 G17 apart a ton of times lately as I hunt for the perfect trigger and I noticed something. When your reconnect the trigger bar to the trigger housing and you position the spring in the correct “S” orientation make sure the hook of the spring goes into that little slot in the trigger bar tab. You may think it is in but when you twist it to get it in place you lose sight of it and can’t really check unless you shine a light through the bottom when you have it in place. I noticed my trigger wasn’t springing foward as far as it should to activate the trigger shoe safety and the spring being out of place ended up being the issue. I’m sure it impacts other things in the system as well. anyway, disregard if obvious but I hope this helps fellow Glock challenged folks..
  9. I have 2 Gen 4 G17s. One is a full TTI build and the other I have been practicing my gunsmithing skills on. I added a TTI spring/connector kit and did the basic polishing, etc. Trigger is ok but I can’t get rid of that Staple Gun TWANG. You know that really loud sound at the break that makes the front sight shudder when you dry fire? What am I missing and what segment of the trigger system dictates that super hard “break”? Is it the cruciform to striker lug relationship? Should I polish, lightly break the edge on the striker lug? Any thoughts would be appreciated, GIO
  10. Thanks Mike and Ranger. Mike - Slow barrel? Is the velocity not what you expected or something else? Is the “light” profile barrel the same diameter and weight as the 223 “light” 14.5? Any advantage with the 16 or is it the same debate as the 223?
  11. Thank you Mark. I have a 14,5 pinned and welded JP15 and yes they do an amazing job blending the barrel=comp and I really like how that length handles. Does the heat dissapator help? What magwell did you go with? Thank you for the reply
  12. Hi All, i decided on a GMR15 and wanted some opinions on options, build configurations. Should I just go with the competition ready version from JP or pick different options? Any thought on barrel length? Is the side charger or CTR type upper worth the 600? Roller trigger? Thank you you in advance.
  13. I am not an expert but isn’t the “Break” controlled by the angle and polishing of the striker to cruciform contact points? I think the connector impacts the feel of the pull but the actual “snap” happens when the edge of the striker jumps off the back of the trigger bar cruciform tab... Johnny has a video on this as well.
  14. Thanks everyone. Headed back to the range...!
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