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  1. Happy Birthday David. 2011.

  2. tightloop

    which barrel

    So I am ok putting a non magnum bbl on it and shooting low base ammo in it for clays and the like? thanks for the help... Tightloop
  3. tightloop

    which barrel

    Have an 1100 Mag, 3" shotgun...can I put a 26" reg bbl on it and will it shoot low base ammo without modifications?
  4. Topic and description says it all...finishing up another .45 single stack and looking to have it hard chromed...who does it best currently...Thanks a bunch.
  5. +1 except, I am not a supporter or teacher of the press check. I feel it is a waist of time. I have not personnally witnessed somebody load and make ready, not perform a press check and have the gun go silent. I have seen many times a gun not fully go into battery and go click after a press check. I have also seen a couple go boom out of battery...ouch. I get a real kick out of those that come up to the line and have like a dance routine to the load and make ready that often takes longer than the stage does to shoot. the routine you speak of is used in almost every sport...golf, baseball, football, basketball free throws, bowling, trap and skeet shooting...just because you do it does not mean it is not helpful or beneficial to the shooter...and like many before me have said, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it..
  6. Thanks Jim....appreciate it lots...
  7. After 10k rounds of factory equivilent ammo, you won't notice the recoil...suggest you burn some ammo and get used to it..
  8. Can you have too many rules...kind of like asking the question if government can be too big to be effective???
  9. Any additional weight will help to soften the felt recoil a bit...
  10. Different strokes for different folks..Mine is 1.5 lbs
  11. most of the newer 1911 type pistols have the "hi ride, upswept" grip safety...this is usually encountered in the older pistols like 70 series Colts and the like.
  12. It doesn't have anything to do with politically correct. It has to do with rules and safety. FWIW, I used to hunt and shoot skeet with a bunch of guys who thought nothing of taking a cooler of beer to the range or a bottle of whiskey to the duck blind. No one ever got shot but that doesn't make it a good idea to knock back a few between stages. Can't comment on the rules that may or may not apply, but if done correctly, it is as safe as many other things I have seen done at matches which are condoned by the rules and the RO's...they don't use cross draw holsters, or sternum holsters, no more weakhand only reloads, no more original Cooper Assualt courses,but they were all routinely done early on in the sport...it appears that we are trying to be saved from ourselves by the rules, but lack of those rules did not prevent early shooters from competing safely when those rules were not in force... We are not talking about drinking and shooting, but are discussing the simple press check...have seen the more dangerous practice of racking the last round out of the chamber hard enough to toss it into the air and catch it...one is just about as likely as the other to cause a discharge or problem... I suppose that a drunk or careless person could cover part of their hand while press checking, but the careful, sober shooter likely never would...
  13. It was routinely done in the 70's and early 80's...and I never saw anyone have a problem...sometimes even pistol shooting can get too politically correct....
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