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  1. Happy Birthday David. 2011.

  2. paper plate at 200 yds with my old comped .45 put up by Ed Jimenea...was at the rifle club and an old geezer bet me $50 that I could not hit it 5 of 7 even if he gave me a mag to get the distance...after I did it and he paid me, he told me if he had not seen it with his own eyes he would not have believed it possible...told him he could see it again for another $50...
  3. I miss you on the forums, David!

  4. Dang..Ha! i thought you fell off the earth.good to see you back..

  5. the Spencer series by Robt. B. Parker...the dialogue between Spencer and Hawk is out of this world funny.
  6. Here I am failing at my own thread This is Pink Floyd but I can't remember the song name. How about this one! In your life, you seem to have it all, You seem to have control, But deep within your soul, you're losing it Break Down by Tantric
  7. Yep. If you have 2,000 posts...every so often you are going to have one that drifts over the line. Just like shooting a match. If you are out there every month, you are going to have a mike, foot fault, forget to do a mandatory reload, or even break the 180 during a stumble. We even get a few that want to twirl their proverbial gun on their finger. And, we get some that think every mike is a double and they ought to be allowed to fault the line because they didn't gain an advantage. Mostly we get good people and good sportsmen. They don't just complain about stage design and officia
  8. That would be Disturbed, Rise Awesome band Since I got stumped by country maybe I can stump you back with this This city desert makes you feel so cold, It's got so many people, but it's got no soul, And it's taking you so long, to find out you were wrong, When you thought it had everything Baker Street by J. Rafferty
  9. Hmm apparently Mack the Knife was sang by a lot of people! I shoulda looked that one up first The one I have is from Louis Armstrong Man no idea My Canadian neighbor says its some Canadian guy named Rob James but he can't remember the songtitle. Wasn't too hard to stump ya'll...it is Alan Jackson singing Gone Crazy one of his 31 #1 hits....
  10. Here I am alone again tonight In this old empty house It's hard to learn what you don't think you need Till you can't live without
  11. Just listened to Reba and Linda Davis sing, Does He Love You....one of the best country duets in a long time...great video too.
  12. tightloop

    Which one?

    Warmer is better Mig 15 or F86 Sabre
  13. tightloop

    Which one?

    Am old school...don't believe there is anything medical about the so called ADD...just some folks don't want to concentrate on what is at hand...admittedly, it is probably harder for some than others, but IMO, it is not a medical issue. Not, does not increase your post count. Corsair or P51D Mustang
  14. tightloop

    Which one?

    Probably but who cares, it is Kalifornia based Giants to win it all Don't be a wine snob, Australian wine is the best wine for the buck on the market. Very underpriced at this time..California wine is the most over rated and over priced wine around in general...only a few good ones which are priced right, ie: Ramspeck Pinot Noir, Stags Leap 2005 Cab, Phelps Innisfree Cab to name three...Leaping Lizard is also pretty good but the rest are vastly over rated, IMO. Ball powder or extruded?
  15. tightloop

    Which one?

    FF miles or find you a sugar momma push feed or control round feed rifle.
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