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Anyone else shooting a Cheely?


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Was lucky enough to pick up a new Cheely LDC .40 and getting it out to the range finally in the next few days.  (Matt does a great job and is really responsive.) Any thoughts to share before I take it out?  How have you enjoyed yours? This is a 5" FDC, I've picked up my .40 long and new mags, so looking forward to making holes in paper to start with! (My TSO will get jealous.)

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Cheely Guns just run...I have a 40 Limited, no issues and very accurate. 


My 40 Limited runs very good with 40 Long 1.185".  Factory length ammo wasn't that great, but I am still in the process of breaking it in...

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On 3/4/2020 at 8:22 PM, waktasz said:

Yes. Mine is awesome. Never an issue from day one. 





Good looking gun.  What caliber is that?  I like that grip style...not so aggressive that it hurts. 

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16 minutes ago, bcp said:

What have the backlogs been like on the custom builds?  I've heard many good things about Cheely.  He has a loyal fan base.  


Last I heard he wasn't taking orders for builds, but will occasionally post things for sale and in stock on his site. When I ordered mine in August 2018 it came in December. 


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