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  1. Gut Level Gear. Made mine in one day for a major earlier this year, they work perfectly, and are reasonably priced Contact info is on FB page, Steve is a great guy and an avid shooter
  2. CMV


    Did you have to remove some material from the top side of your butt stock adapter? If I raise mine up a notch like that, the charging handle hits.
  3. Sounds to me like the mag catch hole is out of spec a little. May be a touch too low. I'd start be measuring from a fixed point on a couple mags that work and compare that to the mag that doesn't work well.
  4. Hardchrome is the most durable.
  5. I cant find it either. If you remove and throw lever and look at the power ring, there is a small screw in it. Remove that screw and the ring will slide toward the rear of the scope, revealing two rubber o-rings. Take a rag and wipe a good portion of the grease from the two o-rings and then reassmble. this made my power ring about 30-40% easier to turn.
  6. You can easily make it easier to turn, just loosen the set screw and slide the mag ring back exposing the o-rings underneath. if you take a rag and remove some of the grease, the ring will be easier to turn. Nubs has an instructional video on youtube on exactly this
  7. What he said! None better out there. Not to mention Matt is just darn good people!!
  8. SV's concern is with hydrogen embrittlement. I believe Dan Bedell recommends against HC for the same reason. That said, my limited gun is hard chromed.
  9. Jake, The stages look awesome! Thank you for all your hard work putting this match together. See you all Sat! Colin
  10. CMV

    2011 mags

    They used to be. However, the new generation of SVI mags require modification to work in a non SVI gun
  11. Interesting Brian. Two questions: 1. Any thoughts on why that is? 2. Is there a formula to figure that relationship out without buying and trying different widths that takes the distance between the sights into account, etc?
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