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  1. The old exploding magazine trick. Advanced technique. High risk play. Most people aren't brave enough to try it. Just kidding. GMR-15 with @ 6K rounds. Has been 100% thus far but it's about time to go through it with a few PM parts before it lays down on me.
  2. Fortunately I've never witnessed a flesh & blood injury. However at a local match last year I was with the rest of the squad in the gallery behind the stage loading mags. When I head "stop" I looked up and had a spectacular view of the muzzle end of a Glock. Perfect sight alignment. While no shooter suffered any injury, I unfortunately can't say the same for my boxers. They will be missed.
  3. Matt built this for me last year. Very pleased with it. He was great to deal with and discuss the build. He does have a gallery on his site I believe. Also his Facebook - Cheely Custom Gunworks, he has a lot of pics of his builds.
  4. Right front pocket. Like others mentioned, I clear everything else out prior. It's not the RO's job to help me prep my firearm during make ready and I don't ask them to. However, some guys will try to be helpful and reach for the flag. In that case I just let them and say thank you.
  5. Stage designers throw starts like this in just to attempt to trip you up. Gun is still in the holster. Just get hand on the gun like you've done thousands of times before. I think a little dryfire with hands on a wall in advance would be beneficial. Any more than that and it's just making a mountain out of a molehill. Overthinking an out of the ordinary start position is simply putting you at a disadvantage.
  6. I'm a bit leery of this new technology. Looks like several people are having light strikes. Sorry. Light stripes. Just kidding. If I ran 38SC instead of 9 I would have one as well.
  7. First, nobody get too excited or bent out of shape here, just asking a question. What is the benefit of consolidating divisions? What is gained? Just trying to understand a potential upside. During a lvl2 I enjoy being able to shoot 6 different divisions over 3 days. If you go to a centerfire optics division, as a whole would carry optics be at a disadvantage to open? Some guys wouldn't I know, but honestly, would it be a completely level playing field? As far as adding / changing stages, IMHO a lot of what makes SC what it is is the consistency & nostalgia. In USPSA we are tasked with solving a problem in the most efficient manner. Different stage every time. In SC there are no surprises. If the next stage is Roundabout you know what it's going to look like. SC comes down primarily to execution without the stage planning aspect. And if you add stages to lvl 2 & 3's there goes an AM/PM format. Just my humble $0.02. Please feel free to correct me and everyone enjoy their 4th of July. Happy holiday everyone.
  8. When I shot my first USPSA match I was given a helpful tip by a friendly RO and I have used it to this day. Most shooters do this without thinking but as I said, it was my first match. Final target was far to the left. After engaging I was about to ULSC. All it would have taken was a little point to the left when hitting mag release ( I'm right handed ) and I would have been off to the ice cream store whose name we do not say aloud. He advised me to after finishing first to if not already make sure I'm facing straight down range. I've since given this advice to newer participants and they were all appreciative. Common sense for guys on here, but it was my first match. So, last shot fired. I throw on the safety and make sure I'm pointed straight down range. I then look toward the RO and wait for the " if you are finished" command. After he gives the command, mag out and on belt. Safety off. Rotate a little so ejection port is facing downward and rack slide. Round hits ground. Then I check for empty chamber then hold slide half to 2/3 back so RO can clearly see an empty chamber. I'll stay there until the RO gives the entire " if clear" command. Then point at berm, hammer down, holster and lock. It it may take me an extra 3-4 seconds but the RO doesn't tell me " wait, I didn't see the chamber empty ". I've also never had an RO tell me to pick up the pace during ULSC. No awards for speed here but a lot to lose.
  9. Poplarville puts on great 3 gun as well as USPSA matches. You can also check Magnolia in Byram. Pistol and I believe they still run 3 gun from time to time. Brothers in Arms in Hattiesburg has a rifle inclusive match occasionally and monthly pistol. And for pistol only you can shoot MPSA in Vinegar Bend AL which is about 90min south on Hwy 45 for you. They run 2 and if there is a fifth Saturday 3 per month. Also look at Brock's Gap in Hoover AL. A little longer drive but they run almost everything and it's a great place to shoot.
  10. For a DQ you have to quote the rule that was violated. Both scenarios sound like you just fired a mike. Shooting sports are a lot like golf. The rules work in your favor, if you know them well. Your post does show that you exibit good sportsmanlike behavior though. Take those scenarios as a wake up call and bump up the dry fire.
  11. My old now backup gun is an STI lower / SV upper with an Infinity ultimatch barrel. New gun was made by Matt Cheely. KKM barrel. Both guns run Matt's 4 port comp and both have 2 - 1/8" poppel holes. My load is 7.9g of HS6 behind 124g PD JHP's. CCI 500 primers loaded to 1.170. New gun made 171 PF at the MS classic. Using my chrono and everything being the same my backup with the same loads makes 168PF while still on my chrono new gun makes 171. My differences aren't as drastic as yours but my SV barrel is definitely a bit slower. When experimenting i think with 115's I was around 8.5-8.6g of HS6. Just my personal opinion but I wouldn't want to go higher than that with the 124's. I love and swear by Precision Delta for open, PCC, and CO, but it might be worth experimenting with something else. Im sure this is probably not the issue but couldn't hurt to borrow a small amount of HS6 from someone else, verify results just to rule out powder contamination. Good luck.
  12. I have two friends who ran JP's and they were almost boring to watch as far as reliability. They never faltered. That was the primary reason I went with one. It does seem like the Sigs are pretty ironed out now though. Lots of guys swear by them. My JP is stock except for the buffer and shoots great. Only complaint is it's a bit heavy on the front end. Still considering putting it on a diet.
  13. Definitely dry fire. Whenever I get a chance to live fire practice I always start with groups. Just 2 strings of 5 each FS then SHO then WHO. Just a little practice WHO pays big dividends.
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