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  1. If it's a quickie belt stays on. If I'm tired and need to sit down, bag it and then take care of business. If someone ditched belt and all in safe area, in our terminology perhaps he "knew the timer was running and was worried about an accidental discharge".
  2. Not my favorite & not a movie but Full Frontal with Samantha Bee just because the booger looks completely terrifying.
  3. Only once fired so I guess these are good for 9 major huh? Maybe two caps in each one and call them magnum primers?
  4. That price for a Glock - I guess some primers were included. The high dollar item.
  5. What kind of gun? I would fight one thing at a time and ream it first. Determine max OAL with a few dummy rounds and load with a little slack. Eliminate that variable to begin with.
  6. Ever so slight thread drift so sorry. A friend was in a sporting goods store earlier when he called asking if I could use Fed sp match primers. 5K was max so that's added to stockpile. How do the match primers differ? I'm assuming a slightly softer cup / easier initiation but that's a wild guess. More $$$, pretty package? Thanks in advance.
  7. Kind of like open guns huh, they really shoot themselves. More one-liners than Rodney Dangerfield. So how much for the primers?
  8. You're missing something. Not to be rude, just throwing out a hypothetical about what's to game. As rules read: RO suspects a squib, issues stop. If legitimate, scored as shot. If no squib, shooter receives a heartfelt apology, excuse, and prayer that the reshoot gods will be merciful. Along with a reshoot. Assuming a shooter can basically RO themselves. Mr Gamer is having a fantastic match until he fumbles a RL, pulls off a target early with questionable hits and overruns a position. Next target he fires one, then freezes. "I think I had a squib". And upon inspection
  9. I like this but with a few suggestions / questions. Muzzleloader div is required to have all reloading apparatus on belt behind the hip bone correct? I can run my derringer in the shotgun division with the judges as long as I shoot ratshot and adhere to the Derringer-2 minor / D-1 major rule correct? Wrist rocket - Irons and optics right, eyes aren't where they used to be. Also can I load my Barney round in WRO ( wrist rocket optics ) from a magnet after MR? Finally, back to MIS ( muzzleloader iron sights ), are magmells legal? Size limitations on ma
  10. Rowdy beat me to the logical end and moto got to the attitude before I could. Both took the words out of my mouth. Lets try a different approach for the OP with a few questions. This site is one of the most valuable collections of resources & information on the subject of competitive shooting in existence today. It is given to you at no cost. Most people here are seeking to increase knowledge, gain skills, remedy an issue / solve a problem or help someone. These inquiries / responses generally, from a competitive pistol competition, look like but are not limited t
  11. You're never going to get it perfect. Even if you were to weigh bullets and sort, there will still be slight variations in OAL & powder drop. Any small gain would not be worth the time investment. At around 170 PF you've got plenty of a buffer zone.
  12. I've gotten to where I have to wear readers over the last two years. All my comp guns wear a dot and I've never had any trouble picking up the dot. As they say though, focus is on the target. On the rare occasion I shoot irons, just playing around plinking, I can still get the front sight in focus but it takes a moment. I imagine glasses are definitely in my future. I also just use 1.0's and have no trouble with the dot.
  13. When PF is not an issue, a lot of guys suggest simply using the same charge weight and swapping the 124 out to a 115. One problem is you might end up needing to re-zero when swapping loads. Another thing is every shot we break is essentially practice to some degree. Different loads - different feel, timing & tracking. I toyed with this awhile back and as I primarily shoot USPSA now, when I occasionally do shoot SC I simply run the same major loads.
  14. I misread the OP's original post. As I was born and raised in MS you could say English was not my first language and reading comprehension not my strongest suit. OP was directed to go muzzle up which he did while someone went downrange. OP was then instructed to take hold of activator rope. As start position was holding activation rope, I incorrectly assumed the shooter was instructed to assume the start position, which was not the case. Even if he was instructed to assume the start position, he should have simply refused. However the shooter leveled the muzzle of a loaded gun while a person w
  15. I had a long post drafted and deleted it. Not going any farther with this. The inherent problem with the USPSA rule book is it assumes a certain level of common sense on the readers part which obviously the person acting as an RO, the person acting as the second RO, and the shooter obviously did not have. The RO, perhaps both RO's should be DQ'd. Shooter, ???. That's why I'm just an RO. Call the RM and let him decipher this clusterF. That's why he makes the big bucks. As for DQ,ing the shooter for pointing a gun, loaded or empty downrange. while under make ready, plea
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