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  1. After coming out of my winter hibernation ( too early ), I loaded some up a bit more. All details of my earlier experiences with this powder are listed earlier in this post. I had gotten the slow lot # and was reluctant to go up on charge weight. Long story short after some taller test ladders: gun - Matt Cheely 5" KKM barrel, Matt's 4 port comp, 2 - 1/8" holes PD JHP 124's & 115's, Hornady brass, all OAL set at 1.170. All loads used CCI 500 SPP. 124's: 9.8-10.4g 10.2 a few hit major. Erratic velocities. 10.4 - better numbers. AV PF - 169 ES - 22 SD - 7.8 115's. 10.8-11.2 The 11.2's averaged 166 with 9/10 making major. All shots fired were just chrono, nothing in a match or on a timer. Frankly, none of them really blew my skirt up with the way they felt. Actually quite the contrary. My whole reason for trying this powder was to run 115's & my 3N38 / 124 combo is IMHO much better, at least compared to this batch of MP. Before I give up completely I will load a few more using SRP & test. Then perhaps contact SW once more. As I said earlier, not product bashing, simply stating facts. Bottom line is the product I purchased did not perform as advertised ( comparable to AA7 as stated by distributor). Obviously quality control is an issue as evidenced by others having almost identical issues with the same lot #. My powders of choice have been Titegroup, HS-6, & 3N38 all of which while moving from lot to lot any differences in performance have been minuscule. Rant over. Everyone using this item with good results I wish you continued success. Simple fact is luck of the draw didn't go my way and left a sour taste. Everyone who provided advice & insight ( especially the PM's ), I appreciate your help and thank you. Have a great weekend everyone. -PTR
  2. 6 inches @ 1 meter? Oh well, guys have been lying about inches for years.
  3. Gives a whole new meaning to dryfire movement drill
  4. Never occurred to me to try this. But then again, I'm not too bright either. Thanks for posting. It shall be done.
  5. Yes Yes & Yes All of the above. Only thing I didn't see mentioned that I keep in the bag is a few zip lock sandwich bags & a clean cloth to make a quick ice compress with. I also always have at least a small ice chest just in case. Hardly ever necessary but nice when you or someone else needs one.
  6. Rowdy. Just my $ 0.02. Your resume & teaching background is impressive and I have no doubt you could pull it off. The simple fact that you're questioning the situation shows, in my opinion that you have some reservations about the matter. Accepting the fact that you are basically in the service industry, ask yourself, can you provide the service and give your customer what they are paying for and expect. I work in the service industry ( oilfield trash ) where sometimes fulfilling your customers needs demands the dreaded " I think your problem may be better handled by someone else". Or " I'm not equipped for this situation". No one wants to turn away a client but then again, you don't want to do a sub-par job either. On the flip side, you may currently be the best and most patient instructor available to them. Anyone who who participates in a shooting sport knows that all our lingo is not cut and dried. Instructiors routinely attempt to speak about thoughts & feelings instead of tangible items. I could see a language barrier compounding the difficulty there. All that being said, some good help is better than none at all. End of ramble. Best of luck whichever way you go.
  7. Im pretty sure in their 9 x 21 data they also have a 115g load that hits major. 9.4 I think. Also a 123g making @ 164.5. Both were with 3N38 if I remember correctly.
  8. Met my wife on a website. Think it was Ancestry . Com. Just kidding.
  9. Foot Joy light jacket, pants, and hat from golf. Doesn't matter what you have on, in the rain you're going to get wet, or sweaty, or cold, or all of the above. Just remember its raining on everyone, not just you. Smile, enjoy what your doing and do the best you can, that's all you can do. Rain is no different than going first on a stage or shooting WHO. Only affects those who let it get to them. Let it get them and not you.
  10. I've been speaking with two gentlemen at Shooters World regarding my issues. On the labeling issue, I was assured that it was a simple misprint on the container and the contents were MP (D037-01) as advertised. Still doesn't change the fact that my lot isn't performing as it should. My trials and tribulations are listed above in this thread. Not bashing, just stating facts. I will say that both gents at Shooters World have been good to talk to and like me just want to resolve the issue. They both contacted me almost immediately and have stayed in touch. Customer service wise, so far so good. As per their instructions, I am going to send them 100 of my bullets ( Precision Delta 124 JHP) and they want to test with a sample of the same lot # on their end. Will post my findings / outcome. In a holding pattern for now.
  11. Hate it happened but glad you are alright. I notice you didn't mention the condition of your drawers, my condolences. I had purchased an impact puller a long time ago and think I used it once. Now have a collet in a Lee single stage and it works great. Only used occasionally and I only use jacketed bullets. Post might save someone from an issue though. Thanks.
  12. Jeff built my first (real) open gun. I purchased it used and he had built it some years before. Funny when he called and went " this gun looks familiar". It had a looot of rounds through it and I had him install another barrel / comp and fit. It is an STI lower and SV upper. Still runs great and is now my backup gun. Deadly accurate and reliable. Jeff is great to deal with and talk to. Great workmanship. One of those guys who will actually stop and talk to you and discuss anything with you. Facebook used to be the best way to contact him. My first gun was a polymer grip and full slide. I wanted a heavy grip and lighter slide for my next one and liked some guns Matt Cheely was making at the time. Contacted him and we decided on a build. He had it to me on time and I love it. I recently e-mailed him about no gun orders with a tear in my eye and he said probably later, but he has a lot on his plate now producing parts and setting up equipment. Did tell him my new open gun needs a sister. Plus I think he likes to shoot and dryfire a little like the rest of us. Currently Matts pretty busy. If you use Jeff I promise you will be very satisfied with the build and service. Good man.
  13. Thanks for the input. But no, it's Major Pistol. Light purplish color on the container. I did notice one thing however. If you look on page 2 of this thread a poster has a picture of an 8 lb container he purchased. Top says "Major Pistol". Centered is the Shooters World logo. Below that "Pistol" with the MPN of D037-01 under it. On mine instead of "Pistol" it says "Rifle". Still with the D037-01 under it. Probably nothing but a label change but it is concerning considering the issue I'm having. Load data on the front of mine is identical to the "pistol" version. This is my first time purchasing this product so kind of in the dark. Could someone please look at theirs and verify please. Thanks in advance. Seems odd that they would change the container and print "rifle" on a product marketed almost exclusively for pistols.
  14. I agree. Even though it's hard to believe. Im going to reload a few of the charge weights just to verify again. Some with the SPP again and the same with SRP just because. Shouldn't make much if any difference but, just weird.
  15. Get a real open gun and if your hell bent on shooting bunny fart loads for SC drop the springs to 7 / 15 with a 90/95g bullet and get ready to giggle. USPSA spring change and real loads then get it. Lots of STI's have been back to the factory. Food for thought. Buy once / cry once. If you get an STI that doesn't crack the slide / comp, well, pick me up and lets go buy lotto tickets.
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