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  1. Jeff built my first (real) open gun. I purchased it used and he had built it some years before. Funny when he called and went " this gun looks familiar". It had a looot of rounds through it and I had him install another barrel / comp and fit. It is an STI lower and SV upper. Still runs great and is now my backup gun. Deadly accurate and reliable. Jeff is great to deal with and talk to. Great workmanship. One of those guys who will actually stop and talk to you and discuss anything with you. Facebook used to be the best way to contact him. My first gun was a polymer grip and full slide. I wanted a heavy grip and lighter slide for my next one and liked some guns Matt Cheely was making at the time. Contacted him and we decided on a build. He had it to me on time and I love it. I recently e-mailed him about no gun orders with a tear in my eye and he said probably later, but he has a lot on his plate now producing parts and setting up equipment. Did tell him my new open gun needs a sister. Plus I think he likes to shoot and dryfire a little like the rest of us. Currently Matts pretty busy. If you use Jeff I promise you will be very satisfied with the build and service. Good man.
  2. Thanks for the input. But no, it's Major Pistol. Light purplish color on the container. I did notice one thing however. If you look on page 2 of this thread a poster has a picture of an 8 lb container he purchased. Top says "Major Pistol". Centered is the Shooters World logo. Below that "Pistol" with the MPN of D037-01 under it. On mine instead of "Pistol" it says "Rifle". Still with the D037-01 under it. Probably nothing but a label change but it is concerning considering the issue I'm having. Load data on the front of mine is identical to the "pistol" version. This is my first time purchasing this product so kind of in the dark. Could someone please look at theirs and verify please. Thanks in advance. Seems odd that they would change the container and print "rifle" on a product marketed almost exclusively for pistols.
  3. I agree. Even though it's hard to believe. Im going to reload a few of the charge weights just to verify again. Some with the SPP again and the same with SRP just because. Shouldn't make much if any difference but, just weird.
  4. Get a real open gun and if your hell bent on shooting bunny fart loads for SC drop the springs to 7 / 15 with a 90/95g bullet and get ready to giggle. USPSA spring change and real loads then get it. Lots of STI's have been back to the factory. Food for thought. Buy once / cry once. If you get an STI that doesn't crack the slide / comp, well, pick me up and lets go buy lotto tickets.
  5. Need some advice, hints, criticism, ridicule......, whatever, I'll take it. I've been primarily running HS-6 for a while and while it's pretty consistent and runs better than I can shoot, in the never ending search for the better mousetrap, I got some Major Pistol to try. Just got back from chrono time and the results were not as I expected. Within a small margin of error, both of my open guns, PCC, and CO guns / loads are very similar to what most people post here and with the guys I shoot with. This is where things change up though. Gun is a Matt Cheely built 9Maj 5 inch. Just under 5K rounds through it. Matt's 4 port comp, KKM barrel with 2, 1/8 inch poppel holes. My go to load for a while has been 7.9g HS-6 with 124g PD JHP's loaded at 1.170 using CCI SPP (500's). This load out of this gun makes @ 170 PF. This is across my chrono and verified at level 2 matches with lab radar. Tried and true. Recently I went back to running 3N38 and while I love it, it's too much for me on the loading end. If it wasn't double the cost of its competition and a pain to load in 9 this post wouldn't be here. The 3N38 load I was briefly using was 8.8g PD 124 & CCI 500's at 1.170. This load made 171 PF and shot fantastic. Granted this one is only verified by my chrono. Onward and upward to bigger and better things. Major Pistol. Loaded up a ladder with PD JHP 124's & just for giggles some 115's also. All test loads were 1.170, Hornady brass, CCI SPP all from same DSC I've been using for a while. All charge weights were verified after cycling 10 drops, discarding them, then taking the next 10 drops, weighing each and averaging those 10. Scale is regularly checked with calibration weights. Loaded SWMP: 9.0g - 9.2 - 9.4 - 9.6 - 9.8 with 124 HP's. expected to hit major @ 9.5. Guesstimated 9.6 @ 167. 9.8 prob @ 169-170. Also loaded with 115's 9.8, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4. Chrono time. Get set up. 12' to chrono. Weather is a non issue. 76deg, 30.16BP, 79% hum. Normal south MS day. For verification I run some old loads over chrono. My tried and true HS-6 7.9 load. Makes 170 as it should. Some older WAC loads at 6.9g. Make 169 as they should. The 8.8 3N38 loads. Make 171 as they should. Chrono is reading correctly. Stars & planets are aligned. RESULTS--------with Major Pistol. 124g PD JHP's 9.0 - 148.3PF 9.2 - 151.8PF 9.4 - 155.5PF 9.6 - 158.8PF 9.8 - 161.7PF Now for the 115's. Yes. It gets better.,...,,,,, 9.8 - 150PF 10.0 - 150.5PF 10.2 - 152.3PF. - at this point I ran 10 of the 7.9 HS-6 loads for a check. They were 170 as they should be. Chrono verified. 10.4 - 154.3PF. Each charge weight had 15 rounds loaded. On this final test I stopped and kept 5 rounds, brought home, pulled the bullet and re-weighed the charge. Results were accurate with my scale. Charge weight is correct. Also checked scale with multiple cal weights. It's correct. Loaded test rounds at @ 60deg, 55% hum. This powder is supposed to be comparable to AA7 which I have tested before with much better results than this. Looking at others results with similar firearms on here, I'm lagging behind by roughly a PF of 10. Powder in question was purchased new from Graf's, had in my possession for a week stored indoors before loading. Not knocking any manufacturer or distributor, just good reviews from it and want to resolve my issue. My inquiring mind wants to know. Weak batch of powder? Would SW do anything? Urinating into the breeze by asking? Prob so. Thoughts, ideas. Did I overlook something obvious? I've done this before but numbers don't lie and in this case, they don't add up. Thanks in advance for the help. Time for another Makers and wait for the criticism on how I'm exceeding the recommended starting load and should run Titegroup in Open. Cheers!!!!!!!!
  6. No Chinese for me! Last time I went to a Chinese restaurant the special was "Cream of SomeYoungGuy". Now Mexican food............
  7. Last year I made one feeble attempt to pick up some brass after a match. Early in the day I asked permission from the range owner and with a smile he said " absolutely, get all you can". After the match concluded and we had everything torn down I realized why he was smiling. His young son and two of his sons friends beat me to the punch. Ruthless little scavengers. I think they might have missed one rimfire case is six bays. Remembered why I shoot 9. So much easier to just buy used.
  8. Form & function. I imagine the thong helps with grip pressure and the earrings could double as a chamber flag in a pinch.
  9. Pretty much covers it. On the bench make sure it's rock solid. Overkill is just right in this department. You may also want to make sure you have plenty of room around your mounting location to allow for an upgrade like a bigger press or automation later. A little foresight beats starting over from scratch. Search around the forum for threads with 650 mods / improvements. Numerous little tricks and gadgets available to smooth out the 650 - spent primer upgrade, low mass detent ball & springs, ski jump fix, etc. All these add up and really do help. Go ahead in advance and make a good storage area for loading supplies. When you get started loading you will accumulate a lot of stuff quickly. And just like guns, keep detailed notes. Settings, rounds loaded, etc. Finally eyes & fire extinguisher. Hope you never need them but like a carry gun right?
  10. I've only been shooting USPSA for around three years and feel that I have just now graduated from complete noobie to, well only slightly better. I saw some vids online and became interested. I've hunted and been around guns my entire life but never participated in competitive shooting. I simply decided I was going to give it a go. I vividly remember my first match. Watched the first shooter with an open gun hose a small stage in a matter of seconds. I was hooked and hadn't even fired a shot yet. I remember thinking after a few matches under my belt how I had several friends who would love this game. Fast forward a few years and now it's hard to believe how wrong I was. I now occasionally have a friend or coworker who will feign interest, to which I reply, " Sure, whenever your ready just let me know. I have guns, mags, ammo, everything you would need that I can let you borrow. We can go to a private range two miles from my house, set up some targets, and I'll show you exactly what to expect, just us with no pressure. Anytime your ready". This ends the discussion for @ 90 days then I just repeat the statement and the infinite loop continues. If someone I knew did decide to take the plunge and give it a shot ( pun intended ), I would be more than happy to offer any assistance I could. However being a self ordained recruitment officer simply doesn't work, for me at least. I have my own opinions regarding people's reluctance to try shooting, which I will politely keep to myself. If someone wants to get started, they'll find a way.
  11. The old exploding magazine trick. Advanced technique. High risk play. Most people aren't brave enough to try it. Just kidding. GMR-15 with @ 6K rounds. Has been 100% thus far but it's about time to go through it with a few PM parts before it lays down on me.
  12. Fortunately I've never witnessed a flesh & blood injury. However at a local match last year I was with the rest of the squad in the gallery behind the stage loading mags. When I head "stop" I looked up and had a spectacular view of the muzzle end of a Glock. Perfect sight alignment. While no shooter suffered any injury, I unfortunately can't say the same for my boxers. They will be missed.
  13. Matt built this for me last year. Very pleased with it. He was great to deal with and discuss the build. He does have a gallery on his site I believe. Also his Facebook - Cheely Custom Gunworks, he has a lot of pics of his builds.
  14. Right front pocket. Like others mentioned, I clear everything else out prior. It's not the RO's job to help me prep my firearm during make ready and I don't ask them to. However, some guys will try to be helpful and reach for the flag. In that case I just let them and say thank you.
  15. Stage designers throw starts like this in just to attempt to trip you up. Gun is still in the holster. Just get hand on the gun like you've done thousands of times before. I think a little dryfire with hands on a wall in advance would be beneficial. Any more than that and it's just making a mountain out of a molehill. Overthinking an out of the ordinary start position is simply putting you at a disadvantage.
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