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  1. I have two friends who ran JP's and they were almost boring to watch as far as reliability. They never faltered. That was the primary reason I went with one. It does seem like the Sigs are pretty ironed out now though. Lots of guys swear by them. My JP is stock except for the buffer and shoots great. Only complaint is it's a bit heavy on the front end. Still considering putting it on a diet.
  2. Definitely dry fire. Whenever I get a chance to live fire practice I always start with groups. Just 2 strings of 5 each FS then SHO then WHO. Just a little practice WHO pays big dividends.
  3. Again on ShootersConn. Got mine from there. Yes the impatience thing. They just have good inventory on hand, are fast and good to deal with.
  4. I ordered a plain Jane model from Shooters Connection and had it in a couple of days. As far as ordering direct from JP, they've always been pretty quick. The few times I've contacted them they were good to deal with. I'd just give them a call. Suspense kills me too.
  5. I replaced all internals in my MBX mags with Grams and they work great. Also used Atlas guides on specs.
  6. Just one. 2 1/2 miles from the house. $75.00 / yr with a 30yd / 30yd pistol bay and 100 & 200 yd rifle. I got lucky. Very close and 95% of the time I'm the only one there.
  7. I load PD JHP 124's at 1.170. Had Matt Cheely build a new gun for me and had a few feeding issues. Turned out mag springs were way overdue for changing. New Grams guts and an evening of tweaking ( not twerking ) mags and all is well. Runs like a top now. I had an easy fix. But as you stated you have new tuned mags from the builder. But you say you had 1 bad mag. Was this from the builder as well? Not knocking anyone, just asking. Personally I would go through all the mags myself just to eliminate one possible issue. I would also sort a good bit of same headstamp brass just for testing to eliminate another variable. And keep good notes and change only one thing at a time, then more testing. Is this a new gun? Talked to the builder about the issue? From the OP a 25% failure rate is pretty rough. Best of luck with your troubles.
  8. Down south we call that the "spin cycle". Always gets a grin.
  9. Steve Anderson describes it as such. Accuracy mode. Not the speed where you get almost all Alphas. Only Alphas. Accuracy is the only thing important. Goal is to learn to fire accurate shots. Speed mode. Massive speed gains are the only goal. Accuracy is not judged in this practice mode. You are still calling your shots but not making up any poor hits. This is why he advocates using shot up targets or even no targets and just shooting between the target sticks. Only thing is working time down and not being concerned with hits during this mode of practice. Match mode. Only leaving acceptable hits on targets. Time is not judged. Therefore alphas or close Charlies. What looks like wide Charlies have a way of becoming deltas. Any shot called as unacceptable is made up instantly. Check out his podcast. He can explain his philosophies much better than I can. The common denominator between all his practice modes is to only work on one thing at a time. Narrowly define success as he puts it. If I made a mistake in my explanation above, I apologize. This is just my interpretation of Steve Andersons work. As as for A / C ratio, get ready for the debate. Too many variables to list. If you're calling your shots and leaving acceptable hits, the Charlie ratio will work itself out. The entire scoring system comes down to a balance of speed / accuracy.
  10. No experience with Brazos. Have fondled and fired a few Atlas's. Own a new Cheely, so yes, I'm a bit biased. Toward the latter part of '18 I wanted a new open gun. Contacted Matt via e-mail and we set up a time to speak about a day later. Great guy. Very easy to talk to. We went over every aspect of my build and it was an enjoyable process. Basically it went down like this. I went through what I wanted, he listened and made notes. He then offered his opinions with the reasoning behind them and awaited my response. There was a lot of back and forth, vs " this is how I do it". Through out the build when he had a question as to how I wanted something, he simply contacted me and we discussed. A decision was made and he continued. There was constant correspondence throughout the process, which as a consumer / customer means a lot to me. The few times I contacted Matt with a question he always treated me like an old, valued customer and had time for me. As for a difference between the 3 you mentioned, they are all top notch quality items. You really can't go wrong with any of them. I had a good experience dealing with Matt and due simply to that fact he has gained a repeat customer. Furthermore, the fit, finish, & function of my pistol is superb. Extremely happy with it.
  11. See USPSA rule 5.2.1. "Their crime"? I wouldn't go as far as to call it a crime. Just a DQ for unsafe gun handling. USPSA rules are not that vague, pretty cut & dried and easy to interpret for most of us. My first match I had no one to hold my hand, offer encouragement, solicit advice, or give me tips on how to stay in the match ( not get DQ'ed ). , I went old school and read the rule book. Didn't find it all that difficult to comprehend either. As a result, my guns were bagged as per the rules. As this rule pertains to safety, I have to abide by it as so does everyone else, seasoned veteran or newcomer. At my first match I knew it wasn't the responsibility of someone else (RO) to ensure my safety, it was mine. To get new shooters the wrong way, not sure how to word this.......but to in any way even make it seem as if a safety rule is too much, remember it's a game played with real firearms & live ammunition. The cost of a DQ and not seeing your results is minuscule compared to the potential consequences of what could happen when a rule is broken. Especially a rule designed with the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of all participants involved. If a new shooter is DQ'ed due to a safety infraction and swears never to come back, oh well. Life's full of these little tragedies. I've been DQ'ed once. 100%'my fault. AD into the berm when I slipped. Match DQ. No results. No second chance. No excuses. My fault. I apologize to everyone. I accepted it, learned from it, and moved on. DQ's are supposed to hurt and they do. That's how we learn. Easy solution, be safe. Don't get DQ'ed.
  12. As far as stage planning this will get you started.
  13. Someone has to say it so I will. "If you like your power factor, you can keep your power factor". Yeah, right. Few thoughts. Major / minor are essentially subclasses within a division. To delete major from open its only logical to then also delete it from Limited & single stack. Since all the classifier HHF's were generated with major scoring utilized, we can throw out all the data that has been accumulated as it's no longer applicable. So now that all divisions that once shot major ( back in the old days ), have no classifications, what do you do with the remaining divisions classifiers? As far as simply changing springs & load, I don't think it's quite that simple. What about open guys with guns specifically built to run major? ( The cheater dot space pistols ). Large comps, poppel holes, steel grips, etc? Several of these guns won't even function with reduced power ammo. But I guess we can still run major loads without the scoring advantage. On not reloading and being competitive in open, kind of sounds like " I want to race Top Fuel but don't like the cost and hassle of nitromethane. Let's make everyone run pump gas." As far as a sore tushy about high overall, it would only be a matter of time before you started to see ultralight, open guns purpose built to run on 130 PF ammo. ( super duper ulticheater space dot pistols ). There goes high overall. Back to square one. Quick, change some more rules! Sorry if I sound a bit snippy, not my intent. Just in my opinion I could see this down the road creating a lot of problems.
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