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  1. I've gotten to where I have to wear readers over the last two years. All my comp guns wear a dot and I've never had any trouble picking up the dot. As they say though, focus is on the target. On the rare occasion I shoot irons, just playing around plinking, I can still get the front sight in focus but it takes a moment. I imagine glasses are definitely in my future. I also just use 1.0's and have no trouble with the dot.
  2. When PF is not an issue, a lot of guys suggest simply using the same charge weight and swapping the 124 out to a 115. One problem is you might end up needing to re-zero when swapping loads. Another thing is every shot we break is essentially practice to some degree. Different loads - different feel, timing & tracking. I toyed with this awhile back and as I primarily shoot USPSA now, when I occasionally do shoot SC I simply run the same major loads.
  3. I misread the OP's original post. As I was born and raised in MS you could say English was not my first language and reading comprehension not my strongest suit. OP was directed to go muzzle up which he did while someone went downrange. OP was then instructed to take hold of activator rope. As start position was holding activation rope, I incorrectly assumed the shooter was instructed to assume the start position, which was not the case. Even if he was instructed to assume the start position, he should have simply refused. However the shooter leveled the muzzle of a loaded gun while a person was downrange and the responsibility rest solely on him. Blizzard time. I incorrectly thought he was following RO instructions which is why I was so quick to also point a finger at the RO. I am adamant in my opinion that the RO was deserving of immediate disciplinary action up to or including a DQ for knowingly walking in front of a loaded firearm. No disrespect meant to anyone, just pointing out my faulty interpretation of the original post. My apologizes. Glad no one was perforated.
  4. I had a long post drafted and deleted it. Not going any farther with this. The inherent problem with the USPSA rule book is it assumes a certain level of common sense on the readers part which obviously the person acting as an RO, the person acting as the second RO, and the shooter obviously did not have. The RO, perhaps both RO's should be DQ'd. Shooter, ???. That's why I'm just an RO. Call the RM and let him decipher this clusterF. That's why he makes the big bucks. As for DQ,ing the shooter for pointing a gun, loaded or empty downrange. while under make ready, please cite the rule. I understand the definition of sweeping, but doesn't the acting timer holder have a responsibility here also? Long and short of it. Shooter was under make ready. He pointed gun downrange. RO walked in front of gun. Let's assign blame.
  5. Completely avoidable but the question was as it played out so here's my probably incorrect ruling. 10.5.5. RO swept during course of fire. Call RM and he determines if it was sweeping or RO interference. I would place blame completely on the RO. Shooter should have refused as pointing a loaded gun down range with someone down there is not a reasonable command. 10.6. Bringing shame to the game. RO should be disqualified and prohibited from acting as an RO until ( whatever they identify as ) has learned walking in front of a loaded firearm is not a smart play. Imagine this unlikely scenario - at LAMR, shooter loads gun and takes a sight picture. RO leans forward and waves hand in front of shooters muzzle. Should shooter be DQ'd for sweeping? My 0.02$, both times are the fault of the RO.
  6. Hooker spit. Windex with a cloth & Q-tips pre match. Never wanted to put anything higher octane than that on an optic.
  7. Winners and losers are self determined, but only winners will admit it.
  8. It was your first match correct? By being safe, not incurring a safety infraction, and simply seeing what it's all about you did fantastic. A lot of first time shooters are not so fortunate. Additionally as you have only been shooting for @ 6 months, try to have reasonable expectations. As you're on this site you have a wealth of information readily available at your fingertips for the low cost of free!!! Money back guarantee. Don't sweat missing / forgetting targets at your first match. Stage breakdown / analysis/ planning is science & art, some learned and some comes with time. The scoring zones of targets are obscured for a reason, makes it fun! Also the words "normal" & "new shooter" don't usually collide in the same sentence; if your new at anything there is no normal yet. Advise I wish I would have been given after my first match: 1- Pick a platform/division and commit to it while you learn the game & rules. 2- Simple dryfire drills. Nothing too elaborate, even 10 min / 3 times a week will pay extreme dividends early. 3- Maintain your equipment. When it doesn't go bang every time it sucks. 4- See 1-3. Don't overthink it too much. Have fun & enjoy. After you have 3-4 matches under your belt you will look back at your first and not recognize who you were then. The progression will amaze and inspire you. Have fun and best of luck. -PTR
  9. With the Covid-19 going on I could see the shooter sneezing and both RO's & the peanut gallery fleeing the scene at a full run. I had to look again as I thought this was in the Humor section.
  10. Well, six months after I first opened a can of the notorious lot 314 and contacted Shooters World I'm getting replacements. Should arrive next week. They said on the way is lot #519. Has anyone used this lot # yet? Just wondering which category it falls into, good, bad or ugly. If anyone has 519 please advise. Thanks.
  11. Welcome to my world. In the other thread regarding this I explained I was interested in this powder as an alternative to 3N38 in 9maj to use 115’s. That’s a no go. After a lot of testing my results mimic yours almost exactly. I settled on 10.4g at my normal 1.170 with CCI 500’s & PD124’s. This makes 170PF. I’ve loaded 1K like this and plan to just run them in practice and then evaluate. Regardless I don’t have much confidence in this powder. I seriously doubt I will purchase anymore due to obvious QC issues. Back to the business end of a chainsaw and tornado cleanup. Slow powder is way down on my priority list now. Have a good day all -PTR
  12. I just want the wife to get the toilet paper out of the safe so I can put guns back in.
  13. My order was placed on 11/Sep/19 from Grafs. Backordered & then delivered mid Oct. No complaints whatsoever with Grafs as they are simply the distributor and have been top notch.
  14. No experience with the Everglades mount. Matt build my gun with the XWF frame and his mount for an RTS2. The recess in the frame looks to be slightly less than half the thickness of the side of the mount where the 5 screws are. The centerline of the optic is ever so slightly to the left of the centerline of the bore, viewed from the rear. The offset is so minimal that it's not noticeable at a glance. Keep in mind I didn't measure anything, just how it looks with my good eye.
  15. I do it wet style in a cement mixer. Usually between 5-10k at a time but it will accommodate much more. First pass is Dawn / lemi, good squirt of dawn and just a 9mm case of Lemishine & probably 3-3.5 gal water from garden hose with a RV filter attached. 30 to an hour later dump in a 2x4 box with screen bottom I made ( 36" x 18" ) and a quick rinse then back in with wash & wax for the same time. Dump out, light rinse, and to the garage and spread out on a beach towel for a few days. Then I inspect & sort. Now for the contraversial part. I'll then decap & size then clean again with just the wash & wax for 2 hrs. Not necessary I know. I'm not overly concerned with clean primer pockets, but this does make loading much smoother & easier. Ive never tried it with pins and see no reason to. More than clean enough for my purposes. Also like mentioned above, regarding the Lemishine, more is not better. Doesn't take much.
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