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  1. According to Dawson's website it's legal for both USPSA and IDPA .
  2. This has been pretty well covered before. In the end you'll just have to find what YOUR gun likes with the load(s) it shoots best. No real easy way around it.
  3. Please, people! You're messing with the mind of a Super Senior! Everyday life is hard enough without tossing in all these rules challenges.
  4. Let Smith pay for the shipping and repair. It was their mistake.
  5. Including a goodly number of its inhabitants.
  6. Can't wait to hear how a double reload was managed.
  7. Nice to know a match in the tradition of the Single Stack Classic is continuing. Unfortunately, continuing health problems prevented me from signing up this year. I hope this match will continue for years to come. I'd love to get back out on the range at PASA with a 1911.
  8. Everybody knows they eject faster than ones with carburetors.
  9. I remember something Rob said at the Bianchi Cup many years ago when he had decided to switch from revolver to semi-auto. He said that although he was able to shoot more Xs with the semi-auto he was also more likely to "jerk" a shot than with a revolver.
  10. Take the time to learn/relearn your trigger. Try to be smooth with the least front sight wiggle you can before trying for more speed. There's a reason we did walk-throughs and half-speed scenarios before running a play full tilt.
  11. Rather than the calipers, you may want to measure your cylinder throats with a set of pin gauges. They may provide a more accurate measurement. Don't be surprised if you find the cylinder throats to be different sizes.
  12. It's a shame they didn't have a water bottle table mid way through the stage like the ones provided for marathon/iron man runners.
  13. Someone makes a revolver adapter for the Hogue holster. Gee, I wish I could remember their name. Maybe Warren would know.
  14. Sadly, I can confirm that truer words were never spoken. It may well come down to your particular gun. My Trojan will not run reliably with any of the available 10-round magazines despite a trip back to STI, trying all of the mag catches on the market and different main and recoil springs. I have had to revert to using the Springfield Metalform 9-round mags for reliable feeding. Others with the same gun have reported success with various 10-round mags, but I'll reiterate that it may well come down to what your particular guns likes. I'd suggest borrowing as many different magazines as you can muster and try them in your gun with the load that works the best for you.
  15. Even Techwell's standard aluminum checkered grips have afforded me plenty of grip on my Range Officer (45) and Trojan (40).
  16. The Springfield Range Officer has served me well.
  17. I mean, I wouldn't really characterize it as an addiction. We could quit whenever we wanted to. We just don't want to. That's all.
  18. His first name wouldn't happen to have been Vito would it?
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