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  1. Looks like nighthawk has their own version of magazine out now that looks similar to the tripps.
  2. The same advantage you would get from moving up from a glock 17 to a 34.
  3. Red hill tactical?
  4. The Tripp magazines that I had for my STI sentry were flawless, they never failed on me. I shouldn't have sold that gun...
  5. You'll see anywhere from 5grains to 5.5 grains to make major depending on your barrel.
  6. I had a freedom gunworks limited gun built by Bobby (the K in CK) it runs like a top. I'd go with the CK over the staccato xl
  7. I have the standard grip texture on my cheely and have no problem with my hands slipping. It is grippy enough for me.
  8. It's been a while since I shot idpa, do they still have the no slide lightening rule?
  9. I was just curious on the locked versus unlocked draw. From reading the thread I wasn't sure if you were required to keep it locked and unlock it on the draw stroke or if you could use it unlocked like other race holsters
  10. Has anyone done a video review other than the one posted from shot show?
  11. I've personally had good luck with the wilson combat 10 rounders if you wanted to try those out too.
  12. If length of magazines don't matter https://www.classicfirearms.com/1911-45-caliber-15rd-magazine-stainless/
  13. You tighten down a couple Allen screws and it mounts directly to you belt
  14. DAA alpha x holster has been solid for me.
  15. Did you make sure your slide stop went through the barrel link when you reassembled it?
  16. I have the standard grip texture on mine. Its plenty grippy, I see no reason to change.
  17. Awesome thanks. I was looking for a starting point. I'll start at 4.2 and work up to 4.6 by .1 increments and see where it lands to get me comfortably in major.
  18. Where did you get it? I can't find it online anywhere.
  19. How many grains are you using behind the 200 grain zeros? I have 500 of them sitting on my bench that I got to sample when my 180s are gone.
  20. Black nitride is a solid finish that isn't a "coating" but a chemical process to the steel. If you are looking for a durable black color finish this would work.
  21. When you rerun them through, is each station full? I find that if I don't have a case in each station when reloading that I get a variance of around +/- .005.
  22. I messaged them last week and it seems like mid April will be the date
  23. I have the alpha x for my cheely e2 grip and it is very smooth, I had the safariland 014 for my previous limited gun which I loved but the extra wide frame on the cheely prevented me from being able to use it as it wouldn't retain the gun or allow the lock to engage. I'm interested in trying the safariland 015 when that releases later this month.
  24. Try loosening the screw to the locking mechanism a bit. I had mine cranked down too much and it wouldn't allow the lock to work properly
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