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Nordic components PCC

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I’ve been running this with a romeo4 for three months now and love it. The price was good at 1200.00 and it’s solid. Accurate and durable. Compared to mpx and up it’s just as good as either at much less on price. The trigger is heavy but easily swapped out ( I haven’t yet since it’s got very little travel)

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I too run a Nordic PCC. I also have a MPX and a Scorpion. The Nordic is by far the most accurate (one hole 5 shot groups at 50yds with Precision Delta 124 JHPs and 4.0 Titegroup). I have a hydraulic buffer and .308 carbine spring in it. Only a little more thump than the MPX. I shoot a lot of falling steel matches and some USPSA with it. The only thing it needs is an enlarged magwell (Techwell says they are coming). I run a T1 Aimpoint on it and have hit steel at 200yds no problem. 

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Compared to the CZ scorpion, how does it stand up?


my wife is interested in PCC and I’m thinking either the new mpx of gen 3 scorpion... price wise the CZ wins but I don’t want to buy something sub par... granted she shoots a Kel-Tec sub2000 and is small enough to use the sights so her mileage varies

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The Scorpion has been very reliable and accurate. Triggers can be lightened, but even my CZ Custom trigger is not as refined as the Hiperfire in my Nordic. Mags don't drop free without mods to the mag.  It also has more felt recoil than the Sig (definitely the softest) or the Nordic with a hydraulic buffer, but it still shoots pretty flat. It does run well enough that I use it as my home defense carbine. 

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I've never shot the Nordic, so my comments won't relate to that, but I have shot the Scorpion and I own a SIG Gen 2 MPX.  The stock trigger in the Scorpion was incredibly bad, but much better with the modified trigger, much more fun.  The MPX in stock form and with the Hiperfire 24C installed is more to my liking than the modified Scorpion in my opinion.

It would be good if you could shoot both of them before your purchase to make a proper decision for you.  Good Luck.

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I have had a Nordic PCC for a while and it has been completely reliable and it is super accurate. Mine came with a good service grade trigger but I installed a Hyperfire and its now a very, very nice trigger. Mine uses M&P mags, which load smoothly because they are steel and center feed and thus tapered on the business end. I use Taran Tactical extensions. Which provide only 23 rounds but my reloads are fast, smooth and consistent and the mags are bomb proof. Obviously, if its a 27 round stage the Glock mag guys can skip a reload when I can't. Mostly that does not matter, IMO.

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On 1/30/2019 at 8:12 PM, grsdoug said:

The Scorpion has been very reliable and accurate

The lack of tune-ability to how the scorpion ran is what killed it for me as a competition gun. That and at the time, not sure if they are around now, a low profile circular handguard.

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On ‎2‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 7:10 PM, AmmoHouse said:

I’m new to the PCC game and I got a Nordic.

Absolutely love this sucker!...now I know why folks shoot them.

i did replace the trigger with a Geiselle I had laying around.

I think I know you.  LOL

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I have over 15K rounds thru my Nordic PCC. It has been reliable, accurate and hands down one of the best PCC rifles released.  It is truly the most underrated PCC on the market.  Nordic was one of the first 4 companies that released a dedicated PCC at the explosion of the PCC craze.  I just ordered a second one.  


HIGHLY recommended.    

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I’m trying to get the 2011 magwell for mine to run 170 MBX mags on stages that require mag changes.

got the glock magwell and MBX mega extension as well as the tti +11 , frankly the tti sucks, huge pain in the ass loading to 35 ... the MBX was flawless out the box.

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On 6/10/2019 at 7:33 PM, Rieckman said:

I know I'm late to this but none of my glock magazines that drop free from my Nordic. I was just wondering if I'm alone on that.


Otherwise I shot my first USPSA match with it last week and it's an absolute blast to shoot.



same problem - had to sand Down my Glock big sticks to make them drop free. Other than that no issues. 

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