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  1. Do you look at the pistol and only see stock parts on the outside? Do all of the safeties still function? Then the rule book is plenty clear.
  2. Oct 16 and 17 for a two day version will be on the website soon
  3. I work teaching all sorts of shooting for a company someone else owns, with instructors in 3 different states. I have gotten feedback that hurt my feelings but it was right. I took it to heart, made some changes and how I am better and provide a better service to the people who pay to learn from me. It hurt a little at first but it made things better in the long run. I have also taken classes from "names", some of them before they became well known in the instruction game. I had to leave a few of them uncomfortable feedback and guess what, it made them better. It hurt a little for both of us but then it worked out. Little did I know people would later be doing the same to me! If you were super happy, leave feed back. If you were unhappy, leave feedback. But make it objective and calm, not emotional or about feelings. And definite examples if you can remember details clearly. Trust Cha-Lee, I do.
  4. I like the Warren rear sight but have ordered a different Dawson one to replace the Warren front. Different in height and width.
  5. Shooting since 2012 in different sports. Absolutely never DQ-ed after 300+ matches.
  6. True. But if you are at the end of the spectrum where your physical well being is in real doubt because of dehydration, why do anything that negatively effects you? Young, fit, athletic and weather hardened people are one thing. People less those things need to be more careful.
  7. I would rather see those two stages be given a smaller option in dimension to fit an "average" bay. Then you could have Outer Limits.2 and Speed Option.2. I refuse to shoot steel challenge matches with outlaw stages in them, even if it is just one. I would say if your bays don't fit those stage then no biggie, just get good at the ones you can shoot. But my idea would still keep those stages extant and keep people's current stage knowledge relevant.
  8. If you're not having fun, then they aren't. If you're not making money then they aren't. If you're not being tested in a way you can evaluate your practice then they aren't. I used to go to a club I belonged to and while they would be shooting a match I would be in a practice bay for an hour or two and then leave. They called me all sorts of names behind my back. 4 years on they are still all B class shooters and I've had some of my best nationals finishes. Don't let yourself be a martyr for others. It is amazing to help and the match loves you for it and everyone needs to help. But over doing it will do nothing for your own goals.
  9. Sugar is part of hydration by drawing water out of your colon. So you do need some sugar, just not typically the large amount they put in the drinks. I am a huge fan of electrolyte tablets and have revived a dozen people with them at matches. Caffeine may help your alertness and be part of your routine but it is a diuretic and is fighting against everything else you are doing by trying to pull water from your system. Bring something with ice water in it to soak your hat and a cooling neck towel. This will go a long way towards not feeling blasted. Use sunscreen. Days like today where I'll be on the range for 9 hours I am drinking pedialyte, gatorade, coconut water, ice water and juice diluted with water. I like the mixing it up but I will drink 1.5 gallons of fluid in those 9 hours and it still might not be enough. Finally, if you keep at it you'll eventually become more weather hardened. I see it all the time in people who work solely in an AC controlled environment while sitting. That doesn't prepare you at all for hours of standing in the sun and trying to use your brain and muscles.
  10. Everyone values different things. I know I've gotten comments about things students didn't like at all that I did that totally surprised (and humbled) me. I also look at what people say about other classes and I find it telling what the raves are about. All I know is I feel lucky to be where I'm at and who I work with from the instruction side of it. We do real in house instructor development and take other courses to learn from them as well.
  11. A big part of the Max Leograndis class I took was doing this at 25 yards. Developing a grip and stance that let you get A hits no matter what, as fast as you could pull the trigger. He, at the time, was a big proponent of tuning the gun to run this way and then tuning your eyes, mind and stance to allow you to on open targets at 25 yards perform in such a way that you knew you could shoot two A, just railing it. Because you were such a good shooting platform. So bring it in to 15 and I am positive I can do 0.12 to 0.15 splits with my pcc and keep them in a fist sized group no matter what, all dang day.
  12. Shot a 100 on 19-01 last night, so getting closer! I've got 290 some days to get it done.
  13. This. Most of these I've seen have a holster set up that would not be legal.
  14. I could see how in an extreme case that might happen. I have a pretty clean reload so I'm not worried about it. But yes, the frame leaves some of the grip panel exposed/unsupported at the magwell opening and the grip screw is pretty close to this juncture as well. But you'd have to be way way off angle and going really really hard. The 3d printed grips are more flexible than the stock ones, so hard to tell if they would bend and absorb the hit better or be flimsier and break. The new Lok grip set, even at $115, is worth a look.
  15. Couple things, what are the roles of each player? For the instructor what is it beyond: safety, accurate and articulate feed back, good demonstrations, professional demeanor? For the student what is it beyond: making changes as requested, being prepared for each drill, taking notes, being safe? When you understand the different roles and their inputs and outputs you can more successfully focus on your given role in the scenario. As someone who has worked for two shooting schools and tried doing just privates on my own, I can tell you there are some real positives to only doing it by yourself. There are a lot of instructors out there teaching many different types of classes by themselves with no AI. And for good reasons. Now as a student..... just like in regular school you're responsible for your own learning. I get PM's here all the time asking me about classes with different people and for some of them I say things like "You will have to drive it. You will have to ask. You will have to want to run the drill an extra time. You will have to ask for more explanation. You will have to make it personal." If you're unhappy with what you're getting ask for more. Ask to shoot 1:1 with them during lunch, breaks, after class. Sometimes what you want won't be as easily given to you. Now some personal stuff. The place I work for now we strive to have a 1:8 ratio. (When I taught motorcycle stuff it was required 1:6) And I don't let being a decent M be my only skill. I have certs from defensive schools, I have background teaching other things professionally, I have company provided material guiding how and what I do, I have time with at its time the largest player in the shooting school market (BW/Academi/Xi). I have seen the deficiency you mention in other folks whose background is very narrow. OK, I'm rambling. hahahah. The instructor has a duty to present information and skills in a way most can learn. The student has a responsibility to make changes and learn. But one dude teaching over 20 people is just a cattle call. That would be tough......
  16. the holosun is a direct mount. no plate. my warren iron sights came in today, so I'll be installing those soon.
  17. I am 49 and will do it now or when I am 50.
  18. The difference is due to my current ability w the sig trigger vs all my time on cz triggers
  19. I've experienced the exact opposite, hahahaha. Probably very dependent on the surface, its preparation and all the variables in its application and cure.
  20. Have it relaxed, a little more upright, and not touching the gun at all. Btw I had 3 x5 legions and have a 320 axg pro, and medium hands, so I'm not "just saying".
  21. that's why you pay $300
  22. but changing what you do with your left thumb....
  23. I installed a different trigger spring to replace the one I bent so badly the first time. Now I can tell the difference and ike it!
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