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  1. my boy CK on the timer. Looks good! Jealous.
  2. My memory may be bad but I vaguely remember not liking going to PASA Park to shoot Prod Nats because it felt the same year after year. I didn't like the location, definitely nothing to do away from the range. And I didn't like the solid walls. I don't remember humidity or rain issues. Parking was fine, bays were fine, hiking up and down the hill was fine. There were actual vendors there, we (Automatic Accuracy) even took a gunsmith a few times who was kept very busy. But all that stuff doesn't really matter, just me reminiscing. The question was, is production dying? Is
  3. you can see where i delineate it going from a stand alone, 2016 and prior, to being a combination match in 2017 onward. so yes i considered it. also you'll see in my post i make no assessment or evaluation. i just present numbers present at matches over a certain time frame. just data, no analysis.
  4. Nationals for "locap" is 17 weeks away. Prod currently has 61 people registered as I post this. Sixty one. Fully one third of that field is M or GM. (13 M and 8 GM) I will register when it becomes open registration. Last year only 152 people shot the match. If 90 more people register then no change from last year. But looking at it over my time participating.... In 2020 there were 152 (Florida) In 2019 there were 241 of us in Prod. (Florida) In 2018 there were 246 of us in Prod. (Florida) In 2017 the first of the "combo" nats there were 230 in Prod. (Utah
  5. A KKM barrel for a G34 is like $170 bucks. If you want one, get one. It definitely won't be any worse and you might just be mentally happier at a minimum.
  6. Kunkel comes to your matches at CASA, or he did. Ask him next time you see him.
  7. That sucks to plow through that many things and not be happy. What I have noticed is there is a very wide discrepancy in what people describe as a problem or working perfectly. To some who say, "My gun works perfectly when I do X,Y,Z and A,B and C without fail" to others it would be "My gun doesn't work right because I have to do X,Y,Z and A,B and C." So I can understand how someone would feel unhappy with a series of 19/2011 guns. Why? Because for some people all mechanical things should be plug and play. Your lawn mower should start after sitting all winter in the gar
  8. Before I answer, disclaimer my eyes suck (20/200 uncorrected and astigmatisms in both eyes) and I have tri focal progressive lenses. I shoot 147gr bullets 80% of the time, rotating between coated and plated but rarely jacketed. At the time they were averaging around 880fps. Long story short, learning the trigger and shooting 147's at over 900fps "fixed" my accuracy problem. Long story, I was initially not concerned but I was overwhelmed with just all the new sensations of shooting the gun. It all felt and looked different compared to a Shadow 2. Then I start
  9. I still own a Shadow 2 OR. The difference between them that I noticed is where the trigger broke. All three of my legions had Gray Guns triggers in them and all of my Shadow 2 optics guns (cut or factory) had at least spring changes. To me, the Sig trigger broke much further forward relative to my grip on the gun whereas the CZ in single action broke much closer to hand. So why do I no longer own the Sig when I could write a list of why it is a great choice? Because I have shot CZ pistols in USPSA since 2014 and after 6 months of dry fire and live fire I just never felt the sa
  10. hahaha, I have to admit that was hyperbole. More accurately if I was allowed to choose a brand of ammo of which I'd receive a pallet full then FM would be very low on my list. Even if I wasn't paying for it. You could make a return trip to San Antonio though to pick up said hypothetical pallet.
  11. btw I have owned and shot in CO all three the guns you listed, the X5 Legion, a gen 5 G34 and Shadow 2's. I will try to be objective in my answer if you have a question.
  12. I was a Health Physicist, so if you want to know about the effects of radiation on your body I'm the man. Or some basics about electromagnatism, nuclear power, medical uses and such. None of my classes dealt with springs. But I have had Trig and Calc based Newtonian physics classes and that does make a person somewhat smarter about how some things work than a person who hasn't.
  13. Goes to show that for 99% of the people shooting there is ZERO return on shooting beyond your skill development and personal enjoyment of participating. Money came into skating and changed it. Money came into rock climbing and changed it. Money came into surfing and changed it. Money came into bjj and changed it. If money ever comes into action pistol shooting it will definitely change as well.
  14. Dry fire to stay reasonably sharp but also pursue other hobbies until you can buy ammo without concern. If you have a hard time buying 200 rounds of ammo a week then shooting a local match isn't worth the ammo expenditure in my opinion. Or even just 100 rounds in personal practice might be better for your long term development versus shooting a local match.
  15. I too have taken ammo out of my truck gun to finish a local match. Once. And it was one of the few times I didn't have my stuff prepared the night before.
  16. There is a reason you can buy different springs and weights for the JP system, to tune it. BTW, do you shoot the Benton gun club uspsa matches? There are guys there running JP guns who have made changes can help you in person.
  17. The wider cut naturally allows more to escape underneath it. You should always expect more gunk to fly out from around the extractor with it like that. That is the path of least resistance and it is 2x the size of what you were dealing with before.
  18. I absolutely could not trust it to shoot an entire match without some sort of malfunction using my pistol ammo.
  19. The next time I go to Florida I am going to add on an extra day just to eat ramen with you!!
  20. The last IDPA PCC nationals I was 9th overall. The best I've finished in a pistol division is in the top 10 as well, CDP. Due to the nature of my local's stage designs when I shoot SSP I can not beat the best PCC guy we have. I get very close but that's it. When I shoot PCC locally there isn't a pistol guy anywhere near me..... But I am the only MA shooter of any division at my matches....... so yeah. To many variables. Also I haven't shot IDPA but once in the past 6 months....
  21. Olympic gold medals in the different shooting disciplines are worth more than anything action shooting sports can provide.
  22. Shooting won't be for people on a tight budget in the future. If you don't have $500 a month to spend on shooting you won't be in the game.
  23. Just lurking around on practiscore even in the good times I could find lots of local uspsa matches that never seemed to have more than 20 people. That's dedication and really low overhead.
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