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  1. JP or Nordic Components would be my two best choices. I personally have a Nordic and so do a few of my friends. They flat out run.
  2. I never remove my compensator. I just put enough liquid in my sonic cleaner to submerge the compensator and run it for a few minutes. Then take a brush to it to finish.
  3. What Sarge said. What you are looking for is as much gas as possible to work the compensator.
  4. If you are running that close to not making Major, I would put in more powder, if all says it is safe. What you are loading may make major where you are and never make it at a single match. The next possible would be using a different chrono to see if it is reading right.
  5. I would check to see if the trigger bar was rubbing on the inside of the frame. More than likely that is what was causing the issue.
  6. I don't know that it will solve the problem, but I am willing to try it. I cannot find anything wrong with the Blitzkrieg from the outside of it. It still seems to work just like it did when I received it. I put it in the buffer tube and it may fire 1 round or 20 and then I will have a jam (failure to extract/eject). I put in my stock buffer and all the mags (same mags and ammo) I tried worked perfectly. I had previously taken the buffer and spring out and cleaned the tube just to see if something might have gotten in there. Took it back out and had the same problems. I wish I could put a finger on why and what was actually causing the problem, but I cannot. Here is what I do know: 1. Worked with Blitzkrieg for 10 months. 2. Started getting multiple failures per mag. 3. Removed Blitzkrieg and replaced with stock buffer. 4. Runs everything I put in it now.
  7. I removed the Blitz buffer and replaced it with my stock buffer and everything returned to operational. I used the exact same magazines and ammo. Previously, had multiple jams (failure to extract). My first thought was there was an extractor problem, but I decided to just change out the buffer first (after reading several posts here). 200 rounds out the pipe today and not a single problem. I have already heard back from Blitzkrieg and it looks as if they will be taking care of the problem for me.
  8. I hope they do the same for me. I just sent them an email, after confirming that my Blitzkrieg was indeed the problem. Mine had not broken into 2 pieces as some have, but caused all kinds of issues with extraction and feeding.
  9. I would like to understand what you are saying. Granted, it takes a little longer to brief a stage and a little longer to run a stage. On the flip side, it has brought a few new shooters into the sport. Can you be specific on what damage it has done to the sport? A generalized statement, means so little.
  10. Very close to the same rule as USPSA, 9.5.5.
  11. That is the way I do it and it works fine for me. Sorry, I couldn't be more help.
  12. Very detailed directs for IDPA upload starts at the 3:23 mark.
  13. JackinSD

    Carry optics?

    Time will tell if it takes off in either disciplines. But, as long as it is a division to be shot, why worry if others will like it. Shoot what you prefer to shoot. You will always have the "cool kids" that think any new (provisional) division is for some lesser person.
  14. I believe I have it sold.  I am awaiting funds from the purchaser.  I will let you know if he fails to send the money.

  15. I have a pair of Rock Island SS 9mm and love them. Hands are starting to have a lot of arthritis and I am going to sell them soon. Give me a shout if you decide to go with Rock Island.
  16. I doubt a gun that is 9.7" long will fit in a box that is 8 15/16"x 6"x 1 /58"
  17. Yeah okay. Not the correct command. But, I think you get the idea.
  18. I agree with a you, except once a load and make ready command has been given.
  19. Please look up the 1st rule of firearms safety.
  20. DQ all the way. Safety rules are not there to be given warnings. I understand the idea of giving a warning and have seen it done. But, a match is not the place to start learning safety rules.
  21. The route I chose was Nordic Components NCPCC with the Glock magwell. A buddy of mine had one and let me shoot his a bit before I made my decision. I have only had mine for about 2 months now, but I have yet to have a single problem. Not much difference in price between it and the JP, only $100 or so. My biggest concern for an out of the box gun was also reliability. My buddy has had his for a year and still has not had a problem. Load it and shoot it. Best of luck, PCC is fun.
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