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  1. +1 on Basham's program. I too have used his teachings throughout life. Well worth it.
  2. It takes me a magazine or so to make the transition from light competition trigger to defensive trigger (stock pull). Once my brain is in "defensive mode", I'm fine. I also have to be patient for a magazine or two when I change back to "competition mode". I'll spend a little extra dry fire time when I go back to "competition mode" to shorten that transition time.
  3. I just came back from the range and have done a ton of testing on this subject the past week. Here is my info and sort of final results: Gun: Home built PCC with all JP guts, including short stroke kit, bolt and trigger. Colt mags with the higher power springs Load: 145 grain Bayou RN, 3.1 grains of Titegroup, tried with assorted primers, mixed brass. Don't ask me power factor as I only compete in local club events. The short stroke kit came with 3 tungsten and 2 steel weights and the red/yellow spring. I continually got a failure to feed at the end of a magazine (tried 5 magazines- same result). It did not matter how many bullets I loaded. I tried all three of the optional short stroke springs and it didn't make a change, still FTF at the end of the magazine. I went back to the "stock" red/yellow spring and started playing with the weights, one by one. Adding steel and subtracting tungsten one by one until I got to all steel weights. That made my FTF problem worse. So I started subtracting steel and adding tungsten weights, one by one. Once I got to ALL tungsten (5), my problem went away. I shot magazine after magazine, about 300 rounds in the all 5 tungsten configuration without issue. Dot bounce and recoil were minimal. This week I'll test all three springs to see if there is any change. I hope this info helps.
  4. Since I wear dress clothes daily, I carry a S&W 380 Bodyguard with a Crimson Trace green laser. Without the dress clothes, I carry a SIG P365 with a Crimson Trace green laser. Both box stock other than the lasers.
  5. I had my surgery about 11 months ago. I didn't shoot anything for 3 weeks, then started back with a 22. I was quite surprised, my grip was far more consistent and so was my shooting. I figured that after that many weeks off I would have problems, not so. My scar was only about 1/2" long. I was back at work typing the next day. In my opinion, finding the right doctor is the key. I've seen very long scars (see pics in this thread) and my very short scar. Less stitches the better for me. I need to have the other hand done soon during "holiday shooting break". Good luck.
  6. Our club purchased on of these DIY plate rack kits: https://www.spartanarmorsystems.com/diy-ar500-plate-rack/ I welded it together and it is super. I fabricated legs from scrap and fitted some wheels to it. Great quality, went together super easy with their excellent instructions. You could modify it to suit your needs.
  7. I purchased a Ruger suppressor for my 22 rifles. Works super, great quality. Here are the pros and cons for me: Pros: When I'm teaching someone who is a little nervous, the lower noise level is easier on them. When I'm shooting with a buddy who has a suppressor, we can talk during the shooting without ear protection. Cons: Time to get one, it was 11 months for me. Cost, even with a special deal. Variable point of impact on some guns. My Ruger precision rifle does not change point of impact with the addition of a suppressor, my other guns do. Cleaning is a pain in the butt, even with an ultrasonic. NEVER let cleaning of your suppressor go too long or you will regret it. The biggest con for me is that if when I show up at your range with a suppressor and everyone else does not have one, there is no benefit to using it, as everyone else is making lots of noise. These are the issues I've found. Do I regret the purchase? Nope. Am I happy with the Ruger product? Yes for sure. As with other Ruger products, their suppressor is built like a tank. I'm sure other companies make good suppressors as well. Good luck with your decision.
  8. I use Bayou's (coated) with Titegroup. Yes a little "stink", but since they shoot like lasers, I'm not worrying about it. The bullet "stink" is better smelling than my shooting buddies anyway....
  9. The reliability of my 22/45 increased dramatically when I did the Tandemkross magazine tweeking. I also just barely radiused the sharp edge of the bottom of the barrel just above the feed lip. On my gun this edge was very sharp
  10. Once you maintain a new one, going back to the old version would take a LOT of persuasion....
  11. +1 on the Volquartsen kit, Tandemkross trigger and other goodies and patience for break in. Also +1 on the Tandemkross maqazine tweeking, my gun was a bit finicky before this. Mine eats CCI Blazers and shoots like a lazer once broken in (over 1000 rounds to break in).
  12. I did a back to back to back comparison Lantac Dragon, JP, and Venom. Venom reduced the recoil the best. It was on a home built, with JP internals.
  13. I can see the SRO and the SIG being wise choices for the serious competitor. For an older weekend weenie like myself and many others, the price point is just too high. Would I love to have one? You bet. I'm going to wait for another manufacturer to come out with "their version" at a more realistic price. History has shown this as the normal thing to happen. I can wait a bit, my eyes aren't that bad just yet....
  14. Thank you guys for taking the time to respond. I have more to think about.
  15. I've been reading everything I can I on this gun as well as watching all the YouTube videos available, and I'm confused and would like some clarification. At the last few NRA conventions, I do whatever the rest of you do, fondle everyone's guns, including Walther. I've noticed a nice improvement in their quality and feel. To their credit, they came out with a competition worthy firearm, the steel frame Q5. My confusion lies in their price point. My Sig P320 X5 needed a Gray guns kit to really blossom, so with the gun and the upgrades, I have about a grand in my Sig. Most people, whether they like Sig or not, consider them a step up in quality over some other firearms. The SF Q5 starts at about $1500 and from what you guys are saying, it still needs a trigger and springs. The question I've been long winded to get to, is the SF Q5 worth an approximate 50% price increase and then have to put in upgrades? I'd love to hear factual reasons as opposed to fan based opinions please.
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