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  1. Pardon my asking, but what load are you using in your SP-01.  I currently am using one in CO and trying to find just the right load. Haven't been shooting CO that long.

    1. Polaris13


      No problem at all.  Bayou Bullets 145 Gr RN with 3.1 grains of Titegroup.  I've used Federal and CCI primers with the same results.  I got extra slide springs from Cajun Gunworks and took some time to tune the slide to my load (much softer than stock).  Shoots very soft and accurate.  This is my "go to" load for all my 9mm pistols.  I also use it in my SIG MPX and my home built 9mmAR.  I'm sure there are other loads that work, this one works for me and I can find the powder at my local gun shop (normally).  Good Luck.

    2. Out of Ammo

      Out of Ammo

      Thanks, I've been running SNS 125RN with 4.0 Sport Pistol. Accurate, but I'd like to find something more accurate.

  2. My CZ SP01 with Cajun Gunworks competition package is one of my top three favorite guns that I have. Actually a great value. I've shot Shadows and Shadow 2's and truthfully they shot the same as my gun. I did the install of the Cajun Gunworks package myself. Not the easiest job in the world, but doable. Converted to single action too. Cajun Gunworks customer service is excellent as well. My buddy who is a Glock Fan Boy shot it and said "this is cheating" it was so good. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I'm not one to whine or complain, but since it can be done with a reasonable amount of anonymity... my last two years: carpel tunnel, trigger thumb, carpel tunnel on other hand, open heart surgery, plantar faciiatis, 8mm kidney stone blast, and then to top it off: a broken foot. I'm getting older, so I understand that my competitive years are quickly dwindling. I do hope to be pissing off the youngsters for another year or two. I'm back at practicing hard to that end. I haven't got myself on a timer just yet, but based on practice, my previous speed is not there. When I get back to pistol matches, I'll evaluate my skill sets. If they are not up to what I feel is a reasonable standard, I'll focus on PRS to feed my competitive spirit. I can also offer value in helping teach at my local club. Teaching has been extremely satisfying. Seeing a student's groups get smaller and their speed increase puts a huge smile on my face, almost as big as theirs. To all of you who are suffering health issues: take the set back as a challenge and feed off of it. Never ever give up. I wish you all improved health.
  4. I agree with mpeltier 100%. After shooting a larger rifle all day, I'll take any benefit I can get, including comfort. We all have our fatigue limit while shooting, the point at which not matter how hard we try, out fatigue overcomes our skills. My muzzle brakes help me extend that time. I've tested quite a few popular muzzle brakes, not all for sure, and there is a difference in recoil with a muzzle brake. Some changes are dramatic. My only problem is that some of the muzzle brakes are way too expensive for what they are. The Venom Defense muzzle brakes work incredibly well (I have them on all my guns) and they are priced correctly. Please note that I'm not frugal at all, so if there was a muzzle brake that REALLY worked incredibly well and it was $200, I would have it on all my rifles. Full disclosure, I am not sponsored by Venom nor have I rec'd any promotional benefit from them, I just like their product. I've tested it to prove it works incredibly well for me, as well as it's price point is great, especially if you have a few rifles.
  5. I live in a cold area as well and I make sure I use the lighter range slide glide in the cold weather on my 9mm RO. If it's 30 degrees or below, I will just oil the rails and monitor that during my cold shooting sessions. My 9mm RO is heavily modified, and I use a lighter slide spring and run 145 grain Bayous with 100% reliability. Good luck, it's a great gun and you'll find the answer.
  6. I have the same gun and had the same problem. Contacted Springfield (great customer service), they had me send it in and it came back a few weeks later working perfectly. I don't know what they did, but it's been a dream since. Actually, since getting it back and shooting it for a few hundred rounds to ensure reliability, I've modified it and it is just spectacular. Good luck with yours
  7. He's a class guy. I took one of his classes at his home. Learned more in one day than I did at a "famous" three day class. He's a very good instructor. Can't wait to take another class once this virus stuff is all over with.
  8. I have a Gen 2 MPX with a Hiperfire 24C in it. Reliable as an anvil. Mine will eat anything I put through it. I have shot a stock Gen 3 as well and the difference with 145's is slim at best, at least for me. Good luck with your decision. I'm sure you'll be happy whichever direction you go.
  9. I have both. The X5 is noticeably better for me. I am faster with the SIG as per my timer. I have modified both guns and the SIG is made to a higher quality standard than the Glock. With the removable chassis, the SIG is easier to maintain. My only complaint is that SIG doesn't come out with the small grip for the X5. Truthfully, I didn't want to love either gun, the SIG has won me over. Just my opinion Good luck with your choice.
  10. Springfield Range Officer, Tripp mags. Reliable as an anvil. Bayou 145's. Was reliable before I hot rodded it, and equally reliable now. EGW guts. Trigger currently at 3.5 lbs, will work it down lower during the winter, too busy playing with it now.
  11. +1 on the 145 Bayous. 3.1 g TG. I tried every Bayou starting at 115. 145's shot softest and were most accurate in my SIG X5 (as well as my other guns). Great people to deal with too.
  12. I got the Weibad Fortune Cookie and Fortune Cookie Mini and have been using them quite a bit. If I was going to get just one, it would be the mini. The full size Fortune Cookie sometimes gets in my way when I'm shooting from a bench. Here is the link to the mini: https://wiebad.com/mini-drc-fortune-cookie/ Their shipping was very fast and the quality is excellent. Just my 2 cents
  13. I shoot coated Bayou Bullets in my MPX. No issues at all. Keep it clean including the tappet and you'll be fine.
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