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  1. i shoot factory reloads at a minimum anywho.
  2. Im trying to find more match info for colorado but really coming up thin.. right now there is one local match monthly in colorado springs and thats it ( IDPA)
  3. yea I got a bunch bookmarked, I thought to wait for summer to check them out. rahter doubting there will be many matches with weather as it is:D
  4. im a relatively new guy and already shoot limited, CO, and Pcc.. Ive set up my AR for 3 gun.. have a benelli m2 ported and tuned.. and was around zero local 3 gun matches. sure there where bigtime matches for 3 gun.. and everyone in them was shooting open pistols and mag loaded shotguns there was not a single limited shooter in the vegas matches I saw. and really no level 1 matches to actually practice the whole thing together. now that COULD be due to lack of interest. or a lack of desire to branch into ONE MORE thing. ( most the people that got me involved in shooting sports have never shot shotguns in a match) I personally would LOVE to try it out and see how i like it and hope there are some local level matches for 3 gun in colorado this summer. however, im not optimistic and think this benelli m2 I traded a sig 226 legion for is going to end up being a skeet and hunting gun.
  5. dont forget to dress for success.. knee braces, good socks, great shoes for the terrain comfortable clothes that dont inhibit your rig. all things I lay out the night before. ( learned this working the range. it was shocking to me how many people fumble with clothes, have s#!t shoes on and slip, forget ortho stuff they normally wear, end up in pants in the middle of a vegas summer covered in sweat.)
  6. compete with STI DVC 3gun in limited/3gun, was using a sig p226 in production ( still do occasionally, mostly because ive a ton of mags for it.) for cappy optics id been using sig 320x5 or cenik tpswhatever BUT.. now that glock has the g45 out im starting to carry that and use it as my CO gun as well.. for the longest time I had a sig 938 in pocket/small holster/ centerconsole .. Id been through plenty of g19 and a g43, the swell in the grip is off for my hand and makes me cant it oddly. the longer grip on the g45 seems to work fine. ( I just never liked the idea of shooting a G34 or G17L after having some issues with a 17L)
  7. Roger, I certainly will look at springs and connectors and appriciate the TTI direction. I use a lot of Tarans products already so I trust what he puts up for sale.
  8. I figured id run a couple thousand rounds in it to get used to it before I spend more money on the Lego brand guicci gun:P to be fair, thus far the g45 is the first glock ive liked. ( even the 17L I got WAY back in the day, shot factory ammo though and had two FTE in the first 4 mags. never had a new gun have any issues. that was my first to consistently have FTE ... my glock hate started with that one..)
  9. To me, I just don’t see much options realistically for carrying a CO pistol daily... thus g45. The canik and sig 320x5 are damen near the size of a 2011. I’m not overtly concerned with sucking with it, I figure the difference in the end between shooting it in CO and shooting an sti 2011 in limited comes down more to how well practiced I am and less about the tool used. Of course triggers are vastly different but I’m thinking if I shut up and keep actively firing it the g45 will be just as if not more accurate down the road. Especially with a red dot. That’s the goal anywho, maybe optimistic as hell but I got time;)
  10. That’s. Pretty much my stance on them. 19s remind me of sigs p224. Sure it sends rounds but the grip sucked on it just as much as the 19. Both have palm swell, right where no average palm ends up. trackcage I shoot largely factory reloads or just factory ammo. Most often getting Ventura munitions in the highest grain available with some competition ammo used before a match and during. I figure twice a month using pricey bullets isn’t too bad and Ventura reloads are great practice ammo, little hotter than most for velocity but makes me grip better and really shows when I’m fatigued and failing to grip well. Between packing up my house seven months ago to move and now being in a condo I have no room to unpack reloading supplies. Andto be fair, I pretty much focus on rifleand shotgun for reloading
  11. Sawdustnsteel

    g45 for CO?

    heres my conundrum. I already shoot an STI dvc 3gun for limited, nordic for PCC, Id bought a sig 320 x5 for CO and had a cenik as well. after kicking it about for two months I opted instead of having a dedicated CO gun to actually USE a gun I could and would carry for CO ( sold the sig and gifted the cenik) and picked up a g45 MOS. ( had an old deltapoint I put on it already.) I personally have went through a number of glocks over the years, theyre not my first choice for a firearm so inadvertently by either finding a rediculous deal or raffle win Id ended up with four g19s to date. all I stippled and gifted to friends and family since I hated the short grip g19 ( Ive half a thumb on my dominate hand which puts a lot of meat right in the swell) anyhow, in my grand plan Ive had some pals say " oh youll hate the shorter barrel accuracy" having alreaady shot the g45 I dont see any degredation of accuracy from a shorter barrel versus a longer barrel, it seems with the longer grip Im having only slightly noticeable muzzle rise. bear in mind im still under 200 rounds. IS there any factual accuracy issue difference to expect in future after round count goes up? granted within the working life of the barrel. Im certainly not a fan of the trigger, yet word is it mellows out with use/polish and changing the springs helps a good deal. at the moment im working more on tryin to love it. with the longer grip i dont forsee any issue with that, just time and getting familuar with it. the other thing, do any of you use a g45 for CO? what issues have you found? and solutions.
  12. JJ isn’t the type to gush about it unless he really likes it.. plus, I’m very certain he makes a great deal more from his firearms store/ teaching.
  13. Yup, he’s been gushing about it at Magnussports Las Vegas. just me but a guy who’s shot tanfogs, limcats et al likes your gun... that says more than YouTube vids.
  14. My nephew got all mine from my Time in the Army and DOD from 1991-2012 the day he commissioned. I’ll ask him to take photos. He’d said seeing all the coins and patches from everywhere was a contributing reason for him to join. The ass chewing I gave him post high school when he was going to enlist was why he did 4 years at UK and got a commission;)
  15. First hand forge welded patterned blade I ever made. 1095/15n20 make ya learn right fast the value of power hammers and presses.
  16. My own work. 1095 and 15n20. Round about 56r.
  17. Why cause EA308 posts a cool coin with some retired guys name on it? hell he can’t hurt ya no more,.
  18. I’m a huge fan of steel shoots ( see a lot of it in the Vegas area, two or more dedicated clubs host weekly) as well as USSL being here and having steel in many matches. It’s common for pros and sponsored shooters here to come shoot the matches mostly because it’s fun, they are doing the same thing they do to practice ( ie shooting steel) and typically bring any manner of firearm they haven’t used in a while. here at least the sharing of tips and help is prevalent, but moreso at steel matches because it’s training for the pros and learning for Joes. me personally I think major minor power factor in uspsa is antiquated and solely a tool to keep dieing calibers relevant. I think this because of decades in medicine in war zones treating gun shot wounds and working in ERs. As most doctors will likely agree, the human body is no more or less wounded by the size of anything over 9mm traveling subsonic or hot loaded in a torso hit. generally when I hear “ oh subsonic ammo does less than x” I start to dress the speaker in sneakers and army surplus gear mentally. the only place caliber over 9mm matters is rule books. But I digress. It’s like PCC in my mind, if it’s getting people out to matches it’s a good thing
  19. In production can you use the x5 with the magwell it came with? I’m debating going to idpa matches after I move and currently have my x5 set for carry optics In uspsa.
  20. I’ve heard this often about all shooting sports... while on active duty in the Army in infantry.. and while as a DOD contractor... my reply is always always the same. Even poor training is still training. Good training is on the job experience, so unless your club deploys to Iraq or Afghanistan.. your getting the best possible... finger on trigger, rounds to target... with that said trigger time going through 500 rounds on a weekend of matches versus attending some guys class who’s only real world experience is hiding in ditches it’s far smarter to fire rounds than play at soldiering.
  21. Nevermind, fixed it. Chipped out all of it with a dental pick
  22. So the port is enlarged, all polished in and perfect ( checked load lifter, it’s perfect) the problem is the feed tube from reciever .. i removed this per instruction from a gunsmith video to keep it from getting nicked I guess ( still not exactly sure why but I follow orders) now i I have all the factory thread lock gumming up the treads. since there is a gap in the threading naturally, I’m hand working it back in the hole but the lock tite used has crusted the hell out of the treads and I need to remove it. So question is what’s the best/easiest way of removing the factory thread lock so I can check seating on the threads and do a test fit before final assembly?
  23. I traded a sig 226 for a new benelli m2. Had I not caught that deal I’d have a stoeger m3k. Mostly due to local matches not often being 3gun. its 8+1 .21” barrel, had TTI load lifter, and a few other bells and whistles. Still not ported. I’ll get around to it after I move and set up shop again. ive been told to get a longer tube, but I figure I should probably get decent at quad loading first before I sweat more addons. i did have to get a limb saver pad for it, m2 comes with a righty tailored pad, if your lefty it’s not very comfy after 100 or so rounds, put the pressure on your pec and not the shoulder. im finding offhand quad loading on a non ported feed hole is a pain in the butt though. ( can’t main hand quad load, got half a thumb on left hand, shells go everywhere but in the tube) so porting is first on the docket. gunbroker was where I picked up carriers. Can’t recall the brand but they have small flexible metal shell retainers in 4 and 8 shell holders, they where another lucky find with no reserve and no starting bid. The store still had them on package and I think was just dumpin* them.
  24. I’d say for hunting, go feel around a few since your carrying it all day, capacity isn’t a big deal for most since most states I’m familiar with have restrictions. I personally hunt with a mossberg 935 magnum pro 28” barrel that’s camoed. Mostly because I don’t care if it gets beat up on brush Et al. i compete with a Benelli m2 21” barrel all modded and ported. I took it hunting one time and got it soaked in rain and mud. Then decided my competition gear would not be used hunting ..
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