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  1. Any reason why you have not tried calling them?
  2. I have had the XL750 since it came out, and load 9mm but without the bulletfeeder. 26k rounds loaded. 1) Upside down cases are very rare. 3) side primers have never happened
  3. My Gen5 shipped today, FEDEX 2 Day so I will have it Wednesday.
  4. I have been using the MGW for a few years now. All the others Glock, etc, either broke or only worked on certain models with certain sights.
  5. One of the best baseball memories I had was watching that as a kid. Disappointed his all time record eclipsed by a juicer.
  6. Blue Label dealer near me accepts GSSF coupons and pistol certificates, they even offer upgrades not on the certificate. G45MOS, G43X and G48MOS were all in stock. Walk out with gun same day. Suggest you try that route first before sending in. My last send it in (Blue label dealer did not have it in stock G21SF), was 16 weeks this past summer.
  7. Production is uninteresting to me as I hated the AWB, and I am not ever going to go back magazine restrictions voluntarily. I shoot what the factory mag holds.
  8. Are they breaking under use, or as a result of defects? 4 of the 5 SROs I know of just failed to power up after having worked at least once prior. Only one failed during shooting.
  9. I have three of these and they are working great. I have about 5-6 friends who bought/use these since I told them about them earlier in the last year. They sell out fast though.
  10. I have sold 128 in last year and 5 failed I know of. Maybe more I do not know of if customer dealt directly with Trijicon. Compared to RMR which I have sold several hundred over several years with not a single known failure. How many have you sold to determine "Trijicon is king when it comes to reliability"? Please share with us your statistics.
  11. The RMR is a solid unit, but IMO the SRO is junk. I had an SRO die within 30 days, Trijicon sent me a replacement it died before I got it mounted. In addition to my 2 SRO failures, I know of a few more.
  12. OK turns out my screws had some slight burrs on them. Once I chased them, they dropped in.
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