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  1. Agreed. They really did not think through the optics of having a National shooting organization openly flaunting the law. Nor the possibility the Gov/AG could force the issue with a surprise and mass arrest. We brush off claims NRA is a terrorist organization, but when they claim USPSA is a criminal organization that does not respect the law, well that will stick. Also of interest is how sponsors and sponsored shooters will react. Often those contracts have moral contracts, and not breaking the law is part of it. Most recall when Glock flush their entire team due to underage drinking even though there were no arrests.
  2. I do not think he is the Sheriff anymore. Sheriff Home - Mesa County Sheriff's Office - Mesa County, Colorado
  3. Have not shot the 147, but have shot the 124 and 150. I chrono'd both on a PCC and several Glocks (17 & 34) and they have very similar PFs, in the 130s.
  4. 7.5 covers 7.5 inches at 100 yards. So mathematically it cannot cover any plate in SC, not even close. Maybe your RDS is out of spec or too bright and is blooming? Anyway I run a 6 on pistol and have a 12 for pcc and it works fine.
  5. For practice, pocket pro II. Just clip to belt, look down to see time, splits, etc. CED, Commander are not really hands free friendly like that. They are handheld timers.
  6. Needs to be renamed the Kunkel/Cunningham Games. Between the three of them, they took 12 of the first 13 places. Way to go!
  7. Yes since "recoil" is not part of classical Newtonian physics, there is more ways to define than just Newtons - N (Raw Force), N*s (impulse), velocity (m/s), joules (energy). I usually go with "Recoil Force", measured in Newtons, but "Recoil Energy" measured in ft-lbs or joules is also fine.
  8. Not according to Isaac Newton, who discovered it. Recoil is exactly Newton's 2nd & 3rd Laws in action. I think your misunderstanding here is that recoil is an example of momentum being conserved, but it is not momentum itself. Newton's 3rd law relies on conservation of momentum to work. Correct, supersonic bullets can create shock waves, and subsonic dont, but that was not what you asked/said "What I believe happens is that because the 115 grain bullet is actually supersonic, it creates blast". So no, it does not create blast or more blast or have anything to do with blast.
  9. No, recoil is Force (F=ma), not momentum (p=mv). Unless you are shooting a revolver, what you feel is also a result of the Recoil Spring absorbing energy. Supersonic bullets do not create more blast. 115 seem to have more blast over 147 as more powder is used.
  10. Yes I actually had loads that run 100% in my Gen3 that did not in the Gen5. PIA. I presumed it was the rifling was allowing gas blow-by.
  11. Yes it is the $250 service on his website.
  12. Got it back two weeks after they were delivered, including USPS over a weekend. I sent him the factory parts (Glock striker + Timney Trigger + Ejector block with Timney) He returned to me a lighter striker spring, plunger spring and a new connector. I do not know what the poundage is on these. He also returned my factory parts. I sent in a gen3 and a gen5, and they both have identical pre-travel, pull weight, and reset. So I am pretty happy about that.
  13. I pre-ordered the Gen3 and it was GTG on day 1. Issues seem to be sporadic.
  14. So I have had the Timney since it came out, I then decided to send it to Johnny Glock for his upgrade. It delivers everything, though mine has slightly more pre-travel than shown in the video. Johnny Glock Timney Upgrade
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