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  1. I got the impression he wanted a discount but was not available for setup, but was available for takedown.
  2. Well that is on your MD for failing to explain the procedures and expectations without losing his cool. It should be trivially easy to explain, along with target reset, painting steel, scoring, picking up brass, etc. Folks are more likely to help, volunteer, etc., when they understand why and how it benefits them and everyone else. And the idea that "Sounds like neither of you get that", merely, for trying to offer an explanation to the OP as to why someone gets a discount and someone doesn't, wow. Fortunately non of my clubs make people unwelcome for asking questions.
  3. Jeez His question was why does setup get discounted match fee but not teardown? It is a legitimate question I will take a stab: Setup takes much, much longer to perform than a tear down.
  4. And today I picked up a G43X. They had a G43X MOS, but I am not going to use the MOS for this, just shoot iron/subcompact.
  5. Shoot till Slide Lock, then take up golf.
  6. This year I have used them on G45MOS & G19MOS (already had G17MOS & G34MOS).
  7. I use shootingtargets7 for home use. Not sure if it is best for club/matches. You might go through a lot 2x4s.
  8. Enter your data into JBM Calculator and it will give you a rough idea.
  9. Muzzle velocity is not acceleration. It is not an arbitrrary point, it is the point where a is greatest, thus f must be greatest since m does not change. Did you read the paper? It is a peer reviewed journal, I get not believing me, but the reputation of the journal is well established. it supports everything I have written. Here is the graph again. Note Peak Force occurs early in the cycle. Note it occurs at a specific instant (arbitrary according to you). Note once Peak Force is obtained, Force does not get higher. I am not trying to be argumentative, but
  10. In almost every round made, the acceleration is greatest in the first 1/2/3 inches, after that it is declining rapidly. This is explained well in paper that was posted. He even provided graphs,:
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