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  1. Lightly peen (a series of slight punch marks around the face) the face of the barrel extension where it mates up to the shoulder on the barrel. Apply a generous amount of Loctite 609 to the threads, screw it together perfectly indexed and reassemble the barrel to the receiver the next day.
  2. About 30 something years ago I photographed a Thompson barrel that had bullets stacked like that. It was real. Blow back guns will do that. Detonation claims are mostly excuses for double charges and/or no charges followed by a round with powder or two charges. Small volume powder charges let reloaders make mistakes that would not happen with a powder that fills the case or nearly so. If you are using a load that fills the case, you can’t double charge one. It won’t go in.
  3. As long as we have the silly high round count stages SS will continue to decline. Revolver is almost dead because of this current situation in stage design. But the governing bodies do have to take into account all the plastic high cap guns being made and used these days. Its an economic decision that has to happen based on the reality of the market.
  4. I have had a Nordic PCC for a while and it has been completely reliable and it is super accurate. Mine came with a good service grade trigger but I installed a Hyperfire and its now a very, very nice trigger. Mine uses M&P mags, which load smoothly because they are steel and center feed and thus tapered on the business end. I use Taran Tactical extensions. Which provide only 23 rounds but my reloads are fast, smooth and consistent and the mags are bomb proof. Obviously, if its a 27 round stage the Glock mag guys can skip a reload when I can't. Mostly that does not matter, IMO.
  5. I have a dead stock original version in 9mm. Although the trigger could be improved, most of the time I can clean a plate rack at 25 yards just like it came in the box. Its a great shooting small carry pistol. Used for its intended purpose I would not modify it in any way and I can't imagine using it for anything other than a small carry pistol. The trigger is hard enough that its not going to go off too easy, it points well, the sights are good enough and the size and shape is good.
  6. Try this: 115 HAP 5.3 gr. N340 1.100 oal Its about a normal “factory load” velocity and shoots great in every gun I’ve tried it in.
  7. My Nordic NCPCC15 weighs 7 lbs. 5 ozs. with red dot sight. Its been 100% reliable for a couple thousand rounds. No mods needed. I would definitely buy it again.
  8. My Nordic Components NCPCC works every time so far -- @1000 rounds. https://nordiccomp.com/categories/nc-pcc/
  9. Check out this video, you may find it helpful as to your bench technique: The video may not be literally applicable to your AR but the principles are sound. And there's more to it than this but its a good start. How/what are you resting the rifle on now? The other thing I can suggest is to do your testing at 100. The further away you test the more it becomes a test of your wind reading ability and less a test of the gun and load. Get it shooting at 100 then move out to longer distances. You might want to look into buying some wind flags. Flags are really important, I like these: http://www.brflags.com/index.html
  10. ^^This^^ Many 625 chambers are undersize by SAAMI specs. But the guns work fine with factory ammo because jacketed bullets are generally .001 or .002 smaller than lead bullets for the ACP cartridge.
  11. What concentration? How much citric acid in how much water? Maybe 6 to 8 heaping table spoons to a gallon of hot water. The mix will work for multiple runs of brass.
  12. Citric acid in an ultrasonic will clean your brass to sparkling like new appearance. It is frequently used for canning and in other cooking. Most grocery stores will have it but you can buy a large quantity from various on-line sources cheaper. De-prime, clean, rinse well in very hot tap water and spread the cases out to air dry. I use the little mesh bags that vegetables come in (potatoes, etc). The bags are a little like fine fish nets. Suspend the back in the US and be sure nothing is touching the bottom or sides. 15 minutes does it. When dry, give them a brief tumble in a vibratory cleaner with a little liquid car wax on the tumbling media (be sure it does not contain any ammonia). One popular brand is Nu Finish, IIRC. Now they are shiny and slick. Or skip that last part and apply One-Shot or similar before sizing.
  13. Ruger for sure (on the Security Six frame) and I think S&W (K frames) made 9mm revolvers. You might look for one of those. It could be cheaper than building one.
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