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  1. As long as we have the silly high round count stages SS will continue to decline. Revolver is almost dead because of this current situation in stage design. But the governing bodies do have to take into account all the plastic high cap guns being made and used these days. Its an economic decision that has to happen based on the reality of the market.
  2. I have had a Nordic PCC for a while and it has been completely reliable and it is super accurate. Mine came with a good service grade trigger but I installed a Hyperfire and its now a very, very nice trigger. Mine uses M&P mags, which load smoothly because they are steel and center feed and thus tapered on the business end. I use Taran Tactical extensions. Which provide only 23 rounds but my reloads are fast, smooth and consistent and the mags are bomb proof. Obviously, if its a 27 round stage the Glock mag guys can skip a reload when I can't. Mostly that does not matter, IMO.
  3. I have a dead stock original version in 9mm. Although the trigger could be improved, most of the time I can clean a plate rack at 25 yards just like it came in the box. Its a great shooting small carry pistol. Used for its intended purpose I would not modify it in any way and I can't imagine using it for anything other than a small carry pistol. The trigger is hard enough that its not going to go off too easy, it points well, the sights are good enough and the size and shape is good.
  4. Try this: 115 HAP 5.3 gr. N340 1.100 oal Its about a normal “factory load” velocity and shoots great in every gun I’ve tried it in.
  5. My Nordic NCPCC15 weighs 7 lbs. 5 ozs. with red dot sight. Its been 100% reliable for a couple thousand rounds. No mods needed. I would definitely buy it again.
  6. A .45 bristle brush (or a 9mm/38 if that's all you have with you) on a cleaning rod inserted from the breech end. Push the brush in just far enough that the mouth of the case is about midway up the brush. You might want to hold the barrel in a vise when you try this (or find a helper).
  7. I find N340 to be excellent in 9mm.
  8. I'm using Taran Tactical extensions which boost capacity to 23 rounds. There are advantages to shorter magazines - lots better handling at reload, easier to carry and maneuver with. Good news on the Nordic receivers is that you can change which magazines you use after purchase if what you try first is not satisfactory.
  9. M&P. No big sticks, but faster loading, and the mags are very high quality.
  10. Love my Nordic. And I highly recommend the M&P mags with Taran extenders.
  11. 7 pounds, 5 ounces with sight - not too heavy at all.
  12. Kinda surprised this gun is not getting more traction. Mine runs >> flawlessly << and is very accurate. As far as I'm concerned, this is the nicest out of the box PCC available and at a good price for the high quality. You really don't need to do anything but put a sight on it and go shoot.
  13. I watched and waited a long while before buying into PCC and I'm glad I did. The Nordic Components is a great rifle.
  14. Can you please quote the dimensions of that reamer?
  15. My Nordic Components NCPCC works every time so far -- @1000 rounds. https://nordiccomp.com/categories/nc-pcc/
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