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  1. I have over 15K rounds thru my Nordic PCC. It has been reliable, accurate and hands down one of the best PCC rifles released. It is truly the most underrated PCC on the market. Nordic was one of the first 4 companies that released a dedicated PCC at the explosion of the PCC craze. I just ordered a second one. HIGHLY recommended.
  2. A lot of great Free printable targets located here. I use a lot of these for practice and precision type drills at matches. http://www.impactdatabooks.com/Target_Downloads_s/78.htm
  3. This will be a great series. Looking forward to it
  4. Another vote for the Nordic Components PCC. I am now over 13K rounds thru mine and have had great results.
  5. I'm running them and love it. After testing everything out there the Blitzkreig tops them all.
  6. I have over 5000 rounds on mine now. I am very happy with it here are a few links of me shooting it at matches. Gun is accurate, and reliable. We are off to Lucas Oil PPC Championships tomorrow. Check out www.pccshooters.com
  7. XD Niner You nailed it SIR!!!!
  8. Trying to help a buddy get his coupler with 2 X 33 glock mags running. We used 1 regular spring and 1 32 coil spring then we tried 2 23 coil springs. Rounds still are angled to low towards the lip of the mag. So I know they wont feed after 8-10 get removed it looks like it will run then. We are still using the wedge looking follower that comes in the 33 round glock mag. We chamfered both mag bases extensively but just still cant get it. Anyone have any tips for a 2 x 33 glock mag would be nice to get them 63 rounds of greatness
  9. This is the one I use! http://www.cabelas.com/product/Hornady-reg-Hot-Tub-trade-Sonic-Cleaner/1555091.uts?productVariantId=3374952&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=03615351&rid=20&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqvvLBRDIARIsAMYuvBGKi-MNrUtS7Dvl_G72lF5t4LdrH_kw9L6M8MLAx5uFDKwJ9JoByX4aAvG4EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Great for complete uppers, pistols and parts.
  10. Totally agree Old3GNR I clean it completely after each range session, match, practice ect. I have taken it to 600 rounds without a clean but thing is nasty. I know I can effectively reach 500-600 rounds no issues but I will be cleaning during matches as needed.
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