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  1. I know I'm late to this but none of my glock magazines that drop free from my Nordic. I was just wondering if I'm alone on that. Otherwise I shot my first USPSA match with it last week and it's an absolute blast to shoot.
  2. I would call Tim at Taccom. He'd probably be the fastest and best response.
  3. Rieckman


    I got the boombah on their clearance section, pretty reasonable like under 50 shipped. I've had the reebok trailgrip 5.0 and a pair of salomon. Pretty much any trail shoe you find that fits your foot should work very well.
  4. I had a 2011 in 9mm for 3 gun, but I shot limited minor with, and it worked. My MBX mags run 100% at 23 rounds. One planned reload in 99% of the stuff I shot, granted they were all local matches for gun. If I was going to buy a gun for the sole purpose of shooting USPSA I would get a 40 and shoot major, if you were concerned with shooting limited. I went the other way and bought a single stack and enjoy it.
  5. I also really like the JP Armageddon. I've shot the Hiperfire 24C in a couple of rifles, but the JP seems better. Although it must have to do a lot with the install. I did the first one and it's good, but a JP tech did my second one, and it's worlds ahead of what I did. 24C is still a great trigger, and I have a Hiperfire Hipertouch to try out also.
  6. I have DAA Racer magazine pouches I've been really happy with.
  7. Have you had any issues with weather temps? Looks to be what on what I was planning on loading for USPSA. Good to know I could download for 3 gun as well.
  8. I also have the NC AR9, and I have zero complaints, except I had to change the trigger, depending on what you like 100-250 dollars. But for a few more dollars you can get a brand new JP. Used GMR-13 are around for similar price if you don't have to have the bolt lock back.
  9. Both of my MBX mags run 100% and all 4 STI mags run 100% in my STI. All are stock mags.
  10. I put a 24C in my NC PCC and it is working great and is a solid trigger, but something about it makes me want my JP from my 223 in the PCC.
  11. I got a RO Elite Target for single stack. It seems to have most everything I want. Others that have seen it, say it should of had front slide serrations. Didn't have a magwell, which I added. Otherwise it's been 100% reliable. I would like a different trigger, it's at 4.5-4.75 lbs out of the box.
  12. I would just go to a match, and probably 9/10 people would let you try their caddies for a stage or I know many shooters that have extra caddies to loan, and make the decision after you try some out. Downside is you won't get to practice with them prior to, but at least you'll get what you like/want without buying/selling or having stuff left over. I use taccom, never had any issues, but I have all the older style, and one magnetic.
  13. I have Boombah Hellcats now, but had Salomon, and Reebok Trailgrip. I preferred the Reeboks for the width, but all of them have been good shoes. I'll buy another pair of Boombah after I ruin these.
  14. I own one, it's a nice rifle. Don't have a lot of rounds down it though, 250? maybe. I also have the NC-10 hits gongs for 3 gun at 370 with PMC Bronze ammo. Again not a lot of rounds down that one either. I changed the trigger due to the fact the GI trigger that came with it wasn't my cup of tea.
  15. I also have the FA unit and like it. I put a RCBS military crimp remover in one station and it's worked out well for 223.
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