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  1. I’m holding out on q5 sf becoming more availabile as well. Imo the weight and striker fire should be a whole new level in production
  2. I’m of the mind get the best you can afford for each division you want to shoot. Don’t shoot just one division. Especially in local club matches where you can shoot multiple divisions in a day. Do so. You may find you have a better time/better skill set with something you started off trying with no love for. personally I shot a lot of firearms as a collector and retired Mil. So when I opted to do competition ( recently mind ya) I figured pick up everything, find out what makes it the most fun, and run with it, litterally... since doing so I’ve shot single stack major ( Springfield TRP 1911) didn’t like the mag planning. Gun was fun but stages are much tougher counting out shots and plotting mag changes. production (sig p226 legion) former carry sidearm but DA/sa I don’t like. Also a glock 34 don’t like the grip on glock and all the addons to make it decent but never great. limited minor STI 2011 DVC 3Gun , easily the most fun, plenty ammo, room to mess about modding even though not nessessary . Best trigger and PCC with a Nordic and sig mpx. Fun, but meh, too much like running shot houses in mil. Kinda old now.
  3. Didn’t JJ Racaza win nationals with a CZ? Might have been a tanfog.
  4. Only ones I can find for sale are used , and at msrp still... frankly, there is no way in hell im buying a used gun with 100s of rounds out it for what a new one costs. They certainly are going to make more..
  5. If you are handy and inclined. Build a taco press with some 3/4 ply and a few door hinges , buy the foam from amazon and a few sheets of kydex. A blade tech mount or an els system and make your own holsters and pouches.Holsters are in my opinion easier to fab. Pouches I’m having issue with mostly trying to find a way to fab doublemag pouches that work well and aren’t bulky. There is a lot of videos on YouTube for instructions. I’ve picked up old holsters ( double alpha ones especially, they got a nice aluminum adjustable bar and pivot) for 30-40 buck for the hardware alone, then fab a new kydex holster for my pistols. To me, considering I’ve got some skill with a grinder and make knives/ weld Et all. Making as much of my rig as I can made more sense because I want to shoot limited, production, carry optics, PCC, and eventually do 3gun. The cost of my first holster and pouches is more than me buying what I need and plenty kydex to wreck learning it. ( my first two holsters had been heated back to flat three times before I got it down well enough to make a separate one for the marbles, mag pouchesI made wooden blocks to mold from, admittedly it didn’t fair well on the mag pouch due to them being bulky and I hadn’t researched much into it to get a good grasp of designs. I’m still actually searching for a great double mag pouchTo emulate....)
  6. I set mine to ratchet behind my holster. Figured that’s the last place I’m reaching for anything once I’ve drawn my pistol.
  7. I have.actually had two mags bullets out with 20 rounds each in MBX mags, held just fine while sprinting. I got a bum leg so not doing wind sprints. They slid down some until one touched the base pad.
  8. The Lowe’s magnet I spoke of earlier with the hook removed and bolted directly to my belt. I put it here just to get a feel of it. And my homemade kydex for double mags and my sti holster. I’m of the mind the price of one holster is the same to cover most the supplies needed ( hotplate, materials for a taco press, and kydex) so if you shoot multiple divisions and are inclined, save some money for ammo. Pouches are the only thing I think are a pain in the ass. Currently I’m looking at trying a few taco type mag pouch.
  9. This is what I mentioned with the plate backing. It basic 6061 t-6 1/8 thick aluminum
  10. I love it. As long as your as fat as your gonna get it seems to be the best way to set up. I figure I’m starting fat, can only trim off belt bits.ill snap a small file pic tomorrow to show my rig
  11. This is my homemade kydex set. Imo if your going to do multiple divisions and are handy, just buy the supplies and make your own.
  12. Just mentioned this in an9tge topic but Lowe’s sells magnets ( same size and type you can buy for double alpha pouches for under five buck, they just have a hook in center which snips out easily, much better option than paying 30 for one.
  13. Lowe’s also sells big magnets with the steel covering they just have a hook center, snip it off and there is a predrill hole there, super easy to add to your kit without more than five bucks and ten minutes work
  14. My local clubs here in Vegas don’t build stages the morning before. Typically all have dedicated crews that while most don’t get paid there is waved match fees for those who volunteer. as a newbie, a free match is basically the best thing ever, you don’t get as nervous and you get a pre match day of seeing stages and working with the designer which is great insight into how it’s set up to run. ive spent months volunteering for different groups building different stages and in the process learning at a drastic rate .. personally, I’d pack up my gear and leave if I showed for a match and that stages aren’t built, “some assembly required” doesn’t come with a match fee.
  15. I got my els belt sadly without an inner belt ( didn’t know safariland as a company at the time, now I’m aware if there is air in the packaging they may charge for it) ordered my ratchet here https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/ratchet-buckles-ladder-straps/1x13-ladder-strap-with-tab-ls113t-black/ then put an aluminum backing plate on the buckle so it can not twist or shift. The same on my holster hanger with the aluminum 1/8th inch plate the qls hangs much lower and rubs without something holding it. for 3gun or even changing out from one pistol to another it’s the most versatile and quick. But because safariland is in its own place with no direct competition to speak of, ordering from them is slow imo and without discount codes, pricey very quick.. 34 bucks for two plastic clips to even mounts things to....
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