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Just starting to load 40cal major


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For STI Edge 5"

180gr Black Bullets

4.3gr Titegroup

1.135" COAL

CCI SPP No. 500

mixed range brass

chrono's 169-171PF

I'm sure there is small room for improvement, but it's a trade off vs what is regularly available in my area.

I have no doubts I can shoot tens of thousands of this without worrying that I won't be able to get powder or some other component.

Whatever you do, chrono it in any gun you may shoot, and record ambient conditions. Don't want to assume you're good to go on a 110F day, then chrono a late season match at 40F and not make major.

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3.6gr e3, 180gr Falcoated, 170pf, 1.126 oal in my TS.

I used your load as a starting point with Bayou 180 gr TCG bullets loaded to 1.126. I bracketed it and ended up with charges of 3.2-4.0 in 0.2 grain increments. I figured that would get me where I wanted to be in my CZ TS. 4.0 was almost there, but I had 2 shots that were sub major. I'll have to try 4.2-4.6 and see where I end up. Here's my data. My chrono didn't pick up all of my shots for 3.8; that's why the data is missing.


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