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  1. I’ve never loaded for a LeadStar PCC. I’ve loaded and shot through some of the other brands and the MPX. My best experiences for loading for PCC is N320 with 124/5gr bullets. Blue Bullets in 125gr or Precision Delta 124gr JHP both work well. I practice with Blues and load PD’s for matches.
  2. Anyone taken the MPX PCC factory muzzle brake and drilled popple holes in the top? Just a thought i’ve been having and wondered if anyone has done it and noticed any difference. Thanks for any input
  3. If you want it to run out of the box my vote is JP. I came from the AR Platform to the Sig MPX and still question my choice of changing. The MPX by far is a softer felt recoil but i’ve had the typical MPX extraction and feeding issues. I think with the MPX they’re hit or miss on reliability. Buy the JP and forget about it imo....
  4. MBX make a compensator in the 13.5x1lh thread pitch or was the PCC barrel rethreaded?
  5. I prefer muzzle down myself and only because I have a Rugged Gear cart that tame the rifle muzzle down. A PCC with a chamber flag is the same as a holstered pistol in my opinion.
  6. I went with the CompTac pouches. I’m yet to have a mag fall out with 40rds loaded and turned horizontal on the belt. Gen2 mag with TTI +11 downloaded one to 40.
  7. I’ve been researching and debating a spare parts purchase for my MPX. I’ve seen quite a few people talking about firing pin failures. After disassembly of mine I found that my Gen 2 has the firing pin with no spring in it. Apparently Sig is replacing this style bolt with a newer version with firing pin spring. My question is have any of you contacted Sig and requested the upgrade without having a broken firing pin? I like to be prepared with extra parts and apparently buying a extra firing pin for this style bolt is not an option. Just trying to think ahead of the 2019 shooting season. Coming from a AR9 i’ve experienced the broken firing pin on the 1st stage of a Lvl2 match and not having a spare. Thanks for any input you might have.
  8. Anyway to tell the Gen 2’s apart aside from calling Sig? Mine has the 3prong tuning fork style flash hider on it. I’ve noticed thats different from two other friends Gen 2. MPX like faster or slower burning powders when reloading?
  9. Anyone changed the flash hider on a MPX Carbine and notice a difference? Not sure if you could make them shoot much softer but was just wondering out of curiosity. Thanks for your input
  10. New to the MPX and looking to buy a couple mags pouches. What’s everyone using for MPX Mag Pouches?
  11. Mine came in the mail today. At first glance fit and finish is great!! I’m sure its as good as my other TF basepads and will work great!
  12. Funny you say that as I ordered my HMR Pro yesterday! Be here next week!
  13. Care to shed some light now that youve had the rifle for some time?? Ever get into that BMP??
  14. I’m highly interested in feedback kn the BMP. You guys care to shed some light on the subject now that its been a while since owning the Bergara? Looking to buy a 6.5Creed and interested in real user opinions. Long range PRS style stuff for me so weight isn’t a issue. Thanks for any input!
  15. I used Nike football cleats for one season. Switched to Innov8’s and wow what a difference for the long range days. I’m also a bigger guy and when wearing cleats by the end of the day I knew where every cleat was on my foot by the feel on my feet.
  16. More options in bigger sizes (15 up) would be great!
  17. I prefer Precision Delta. Only reason is they’re cheaper than Montana Gold. Their shipping is really slow at times so if you need bullets right now you better order atleast 7 days ahead of time or sooner. $85 per K of 124’s if you buy 2k or more at a time is hard to beat. Thats plated and coated bullet prices.
  18. I’d love to get them covered on my insurance. The only local audiologist that deals soundgear wouldn’t bill it for me.
  19. I’d like something that would fit in the bottom compartment of a Large DAA Range bag. Any pics of the cases you guys and gals are using?
  20. My apologies in advance if this should be posted somewhere else. I am a member of a small club and would like to increase our range equipment. We have a few Pepper Poppers and Mini Poppers, Texas Star, Dueling Tree, and one swinger currently. I would like to increase our inventory of stage props this year. Where has everyone found the best deal on quality equipment. I’m not looking to buy the cheapest stuff for fear of junk but would like to have decent quality equipment at the least. If it can be bought in pre cut material that needs welded and painted that would be great to save on cost as I have access to a welder and such. Thank you in advance for any advice and input!
  21. Getting ready to buy a RTS2 and undecided on what mount to go with. What mounts have you found work best for the RTS2?
  22. Thanks for al the replies! I ordered some nickel plated brass to load 9Major with. I still plan to inspect well so we shall see what happens.
  23. Getting into the 9Major game. I know of the 3 headstamps that do stepped cases. Are there anymore lurking in the mist out there to watch out for? Are there any nickel plated cases that are stepped? Researching options. Thanks for any advice
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