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  1. turbopower18

    Footwear options for 2018

    More options in bigger sizes (15 up) would be great!
  2. turbopower18


    I prefer Precision Delta. Only reason is they’re cheaper than Montana Gold. Their shipping is really slow at times so if you need bullets right now you better order atleast 7 days ahead of time or sooner. $85 per K of 124’s if you buy 2k or more at a time is hard to beat. Thats plated and coated bullet prices.
  3. turbopower18

    Electronic Ear Protection

    I’d love to get them covered on my insurance. The only local audiologist that deals soundgear wouldn’t bill it for me.
  4. turbopower18

    What pelican case for my open gun

    I’d like something that would fit in the bottom compartment of a Large DAA Range bag. Any pics of the cases you guys and gals are using?
  5. My apologies in advance if this should be posted somewhere else. I am a member of a small club and would like to increase our range equipment. We have a few Pepper Poppers and Mini Poppers, Texas Star, Dueling Tree, and one swinger currently. I would like to increase our inventory of stage props this year. Where has everyone found the best deal on quality equipment. I’m not looking to buy the cheapest stuff for fear of junk but would like to have decent quality equipment at the least. If it can be bought in pre cut material that needs welded and painted that would be great to save on cost as I have access to a welder and such. Thank you in advance for any advice and input!
  6. turbopower18

    RTS2 Mounts

    Getting ready to buy a RTS2 and undecided on what mount to go with. What mounts have you found work best for the RTS2?
  7. turbopower18

    Stepped Cases

    Thanks for al the replies! I ordered some nickel plated brass to load 9Major with. I still plan to inspect well so we shall see what happens.
  8. turbopower18

    Stepped Cases

    Getting into the 9Major game. I know of the 3 headstamps that do stepped cases. Are there anymore lurking in the mist out there to watch out for? Are there any nickel plated cases that are stepped? Researching options. Thanks for any advice
  9. Not having much luck on finding out the answer to this question. Will basepads for Gen1 STI mags work on Gen 2 tubes? Thanks!
  10. turbopower18

    1911 Mag Pouches

    I drilled the front hole to run bullets out and thought about doing a relief cut on them. I ran a drill bit in my finger to the bone doing the front hole so its hard to say if I would still have all 10 digits after relief cuts lol
  11. turbopower18

    1911 Mag Pouches

    You know i’ll make a few appearances at PCSI this year! Love shooting up there but man its a haul for me. I purchased some Racer pouches from a forum member and I think they’ll work well for me. I guess i’m going to have to relearn reloading since i’ve been shooting primarily PCC for almost a year now. haha See you on the range soon Tom!
  12. turbopower18

    1911 Mag Pouches

    Plan on shooting some SS in USPSA this year. Having trouble deciding on what mag pouches to go with. Looking at the DAA Racers and Safariland 771’s but i’m wide open to opinions and suggestions. Been a few years since i’ve shot SS. So whats the hot mag pouch these days?! Thanks for the input in advance!
  13. turbopower18

    Mag Pouches using M&P Mags

    Looking to see what you fellow shooters are using on your competition belt using S&W M&P magazines. I'm currently using DAA Racers and thinking of exploring other options. I think the pouches work phenomenal but designed more for extended length mags such as Limited or Open mags 140mm or longer. Not enough mag body sticking out the top to grab ahold of for me. So what are you guys using?
  14. turbopower18

    Favorite shoe for shooting

    After 2 slides in the mud with a loaded gun in hand you realize how important footwear is if you move quick. Im a big guy but I can get trucking so i need something to grab so I can stop! I place good footwar an equal part like a quality competition belt!
  15. turbopower18

    Favorite shoe for shooting

    What are all you guys with bigger feet using? Seems like most manufacturers think sz13 is the biggest they can make! Sz15-16 what are you guys using? Ive been using Nike baseball cleats but its about time to replace them.