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  1. Sorry about that ! Great gun right there.
  2. First off the X5 doesn’t come in .40. For my p320 limited build, I got the 18 round mags. The 18 rounders are the same size as the 21 round 9mm mags. I used my 140mm base pads and exact same grams springs and followers from my CO X5 for 20 rounds reloadable. Any 140mm bade pad for the X5 will work on the 18 round mags.
  3. I am running a Wolff 11lb spring. I haven’t had any malfunctions and it’ll cycle with a 23 round mag at the start of stage. I run 124 grain 130 pf ammo.
  4. It looks like I was wrong. Below is the correct plate. http://www.chpws.com/product/sig-p320-x-five-legion-rmr-sro-holosun-407-507-508-adapter-plate
  5. For those of you concerned about the gap when mounting the rmr or sro, Chpws made a filler plate with legs to support the rmr footprint. I was concerned just screws wouldn’t hold. Looks like I’ll get a legion and sro to try out now. Go to 1:30 for the plate info. http://www.chpws.com/product/sig-p320-w-r1p-dpp-cut-w-rmr-holosun-holes-filler-plate-for-rmr-sro-holosun
  6. I have a P320 full size GLS holster. I have used my X5 with optic mounted in the GLS and it works just like the full size does. I used it with the X5 for a class where I would be getting in and out of cars and getting into weird positions. Because of that I wanted some retention.
  7. Manwithnoname

    XTG Module

    I’m just saying if you need anything else I would prioritize the XTG module as last. It’s nice, it’s not the end all. Granted, this is my opinion.
  8. This is my FS 40. It shoots factory and reloads out to 1.15 100% reliably. Using factory 18 round 40 mags, I get 20 reloadable with grams springs and followers with springer base plates. It’s as accurate as any other 320. The light is a broken TLR-1 with brass rods cut down to the Same size as CR-123s.
  9. Manwithnoname

    XTG Module

    I have one I am using in my regular X5. The plastic is noticeable softer than a regular module. At first I had one mag out of the 8 I use stick when I hit the mag release. After use and dry fire, I don’t get that anymore. I’m still playing with going between the tungsten guide rod and steel. I think the steel might be better with multiple shot dot tracking for me. I wouldn’t want the X5 to be any heavier with minor ammo. I superglued and heat gunned grip tape to the module. I haven’t had any issues with the grip tape moving around. Overall I like the way it feels while shooting. I would get a grey guns trigger or back up gun before getting the XTG.
  10. Just add magwell and 170mm mags...... poof......... you’re a insta Open minor GM! Watch out Ben and JJ.
  11. Does anyone have a link to this break / barrel setup !
  12. I agree about the price being high with other options out there. I had MP5s in the past and sold them. They shoot great, they don’t have good ergonomics. An MP5 with AR ergos would be the best PCC in my opinion. All other threads or comment sections say the same thing - it’s too expensive. It’ll be interesting to follow this.
  13. https://angstadtarms.com/mdp9/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mdp-9-intro
  14. Sounds good. I had my two original (sliver barrel) X5s milled for DPP and tens of thousands of rounds on each with no problems. I know someone who dropped their legion X5 with SRO on springer plate in the case and cracked the lens. Also, another buddy has had nothing but battery problems. But, I’ve heard of issues with each brand, like you said.
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