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  1. That’s exactly why I’ve had my X5s milled to accept the delta point. Not too hard of a machine job either.
  2. I have an r1 3moa and 6moa. 3 moa took a crap and was never bright enough. 6moa is too bright or too dim and looks like a Potato. I had a friend who has a CNC cut my X5 slide. He made it contour to the dpp’s front curve and there is no side to side movement when not screwed in. Otherwise, the rear and screw holes lined up perfectly. I got the 6-48 x 3/4" Weaver Oval Head Refill pack I had to cut the screwes to the correct length. These were the only screws long enough that I could find anywhere. The down side is they are only in flat head. I used my wheeler tourque driver and didn’t strip them at 25 in/lb. 1,000+ rounds and everything is holding up great. Love the DPP 2.5 moa over any Romeo. https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/long-6-48-8-40-screws-prod19929.aspx
  3. I’ve been running a cal exchange 40 full size with my X5 FCU and Dawson sights in limited. I have the tungsten guide rod and run a 12lb spring. If you get the 18 round 40 mags with the springer base plates and grams spring and follower you get 20 in the mag reloadable. With the stock barrel I can use 1.18 oal ammo I used to use for my 2011. I really like the way it shoots and is more than accurate for Uspsa. If you run the stock base plate on the 18 rounders you may need to cut them down to fit the X5 grip with mag well on. With springer base plates it’s no problem. I don’t know if the 13? round mags fit. I do run run a flashlight that uses cr123 batteries that I cut brass rods to fit inside. It makes a big difference with flip.
  4. I have never tried the triangle. For me with an astigmatism, the smallest dot possible with the brightest setting works best. Larger dots look misshaped and I look at the big glowing thing bouncing up and down.
  5. The 3 moa wasn’t bright enough unless shooting indoors. The 6 moa seems too dim or too bright and I would end up looking at the dot and not the target. I have an astigmatism, and the 6 moa dot looks like a patato and fuzzy. Also I stripped the top cover trying to tighten the cap down and the treads on the cap are very easy to strip. The DPP works best with my eyes and seems more robust overall. Last week the 3 moa completely died on me and I have an RMA to send it in.
  6. Funny, I just had my slide milled to accept the dpp. Got tired of Romeo 1.
  7. No I haven’t. I know the X5 springer guide rod that is 3.4 oz is $100. Approximately $34 an oz at that rate. $238 for the 7 oz in this grip at that rate. $80ish for the grip and the additional cost for silicon treatment makes it not look as bad for that rate. And I have two of those guide rods. There are several factors why I am I intersted in this grip. First - I don’t have time to experiment on how to secure 7 oz of tungsten in the grip. Second - I use a 320 with the x grip for work so this would be similar. Does anyone one have an idea about how they would secure 7 oz of tungsten in an X grip? I was thinking tungsten powder mixed in JB weld? I don’t know if there would be enough room though. I did find 8 oz of tungsten powder for about $40.
  8. Realized I should have included this. http://www.shootingsportsinnovations.com/X5-Tungsten-Grip-Module-X5-Tungsten-Grip.htm
  9. I am wondering if anyone has bought an SSI X5 tungsten grip module? If so, what is your experience? Thanks
  10. Manwithnoname

    P320 X5 Thread

    Shot my X5 with a 15lb 1911 spring on the stock guide rod tonight. This set up worked great and felt great while doing several drills. I may try a 14 lb spring to see how it feels. What's the lightest spring someone has used? Also, this was the first time I shot the gun since I got it back from grey guns. It's the best striker fired trigger I've shot and I'm really looking forward to shooting it in a match. From when I shipped it to them, I got the gun back in about a week and a half.
  11. Manwithnoname

    P320 X5 Thread

    The spring isn't in contact with the wings when in the slide. The wings did catch the spring as I was putting it in.
  12. Manwithnoname

    P320 X5 Thread

    I did what Alma suggested and took the entire spring off the recoil rod. A 1911 spring slips over the retaining wings of the stock guid rod. I will test fire the gun with this set up tonight.
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