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  1. I sold two 2011s to go to 320s for CO and Lim. I use a 320 with x grip for work. Playing with a 320 has paid greatly for my performance with the work gun.
  2. Yes, I chassis between CO setup and limited major.
  3. I use the 18rd tube with grams spring / follower and springer basepad for 20 rounds easily reloadable. It’s not too hard to load the mags with the basepad.
  4. No, mine fits fine. There is a bump holstering and unholstering. I’ll try and take a pic tomorrow. My comptac is an old 320 version I modified to take the X5 when it first came out and no holsters were available for the X5.
  5. https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Sig-P320-X5-Tungsten-Guide-Rod-1911-Springs-SP0249.htm The X5 rod may work, but it’ll probably stick out of the slide and shorten the slides stroke. There is an option to modify for regular full size slide on the springer rods.
  6. I’d make sure the tungsten grip you are buying has the weight in it. Also, I’d probably go with the tungsten guide rod over the steel. Most of last year I ran the gun without the light set up. It makes a big difference having the weight out front and low. I am running a 14 lb Wolff spring which seems right for major pf. I tried a 12 and 13 and liked the 14 best. The 18 rounders with springer pad are easily 140. I’d recommend the TTI pads or something else. The springer pads use a set screw for retention that strips very easily. I did slow mo comparing the recoil to a CZ ts. With me shooting and the same ammo, there was slightly more muzzle rise with my current limited set up.
  7. 40 upper, trigger done by the sig armorer, Tungsten guide rod, broken TLR-1 with brass rods cut to size, ssi tungsten grip with tungsten weight, stock magwell, Dawson sights, and RHF holster that accommodates the TLR-1. Haven’t actually put it on the scale, but it feels as heavy as most any 2011. Plenty accurate with stock barrel. I thought about doing a bar sto but can’t justify the cost with the accuracy and reliability I have. It’ll run ammo out to 1.155 oal all day. 1.180 is too long for the mags, but chambers and shoots fine. I bought the 18 rounders, use a grams spring / follower, and springer base pad for 20 rounds re loadable. I know I could have set up an Sti for about the same amount, but I use a p320 with light for work. I would go with the new tungsten x grip now.
  8. Manwithnoname

    P320 X5 Thread

    I use a broken TLR-1 that I cut brass rods to the same dimensions as Cr-123 batts. That with the SSI grip and weight and springer tungsten guide rod make my limited gun nearly 50oz. I got a holster that accepts the light from RHF.
  9. CCI Gold Dot 124 +p makes major in my 10” 9mm AR all day and I have zero problems with it. At one point I thought about using a 9mm AR with this AR holster thing I found. I figured I could use one of the phase 5 s buffer tubes and shoulder it. I emailed Troy and he said even a buffet tube is a “stock” for Uspsa. I thought I could use a two point sling and tension out like the old sas style. But then I figured a real pistol would be easier to maneuver around a stage. http://www.militaryassaultgear.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=542 $95 and it’s yours.
  10. Seems silly to me that this is approved for prod and CO. I already had one for my lim p320 so I’ll be running it on my CO gun. I wouldn’t buy one specific for CO. The X5 with pedal fits in my comp tac holster.
  11. Manwithnoname

    P320 X5 Thread

    I super glued the springer grip tape to my X5 grip and then hit it with my heat gun. The tape hasn’t budged in 10k plus rounds. Like someone said about cleaning the silicon grip, brush the tape with a tooth brush to clean it when the dead skin builds up.
  12. I played with different weights and found the brass rods balanced best for me. I used AR buffet weights and had a friend pour lead around them. It was HEAVY. It’s was great for shooting single rounds. Once you got 2-3 rounds quickly, it was hard to control the muzzle from moving up and down. RHT made my holster. There is ZERO retention so I’m thinking about putting some strap or something on it to prevent it from coming out while resetting a stage.
  13. SSI tungsten grip with tungsten weight, springer tungsten guide rod, 13 lb 1911 recoil spring, broken TLR-1 with brass rods that are the same size as cr123s. I haven’t weighed it yet but it is at least as heavy as a full dust cover plastic grip 2011. Probably heavier. I’m running the Dawson sights. Obsessive shooter and I were testing muzzle rise with slow mo and the CZ TS was slightly less muzzle rise. I had two 2011s and sold them to stick with the 320 platform because that’s what I use for work. I don’t feel I’ve left anything on the table by switching. As as far as Glock 34 vs X5, I feel it’s all comes down to personal preference and what accessories either offer. I’ve shot a lot Glocks and think the Glock vs 320 is preference. With enough practice anyone can get used to any platform. Just stick with one platform and buy more bullets.
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