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  1. jmtyndall

    Keeping Powder in the Press

    I normally like to empty the hopper if I'm not going to load for about a week. I have been guilty of leaving powder in the hopper for probably up to 8 weeks. The rounds loaded with that powder shot fine. Press is in an uninsulated garage. I wouldn't stress about it too much. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  2. jmtyndall

    How did you do at your first match?

    This is a great thread to read as I sit here looking into my first match. Really helps to temper the dread of being dead last. Embrace the suck. Laugh at it later lol. Thanks for the laughs, guys! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  3. jmtyndall

    Is there an App for this?

    Haven't seen anything like it, have no talent to create it myself. Best I can come up with is to record yourself saying some of the more common ones "left, right, center" "square, circle, triangle" "1,2,3..." "Red, Green, Blue, Yellow" You could do separate sound files for each color, then use sound editing software to string multiple together. Create a playlist and let your phone play it on random. This would be the "no programming skill" approach.
  4. jmtyndall

    G34/G35 vs XDm vs M&Pro

    Lol. Awesome Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  5. jmtyndall

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    100 Yards XD-40 Tactical. 5 shots at a 12"x12" rifle target, 3 on paper, 1 on backer, 1 mike. Very rarely have the opportunity for that, but 25 yards with a Glock 19 I can make good hits on a 6" circle 80+%. Start struggling with a 4"
  6. jmtyndall

    Shooting/Training Books

    I currently own a couple of training books I bought here years ago when I first wanted to get into practical shooting. Circumstances at the time didn't really allow me to pursue that hobby. However I've recently moved, and joined a membership range that will allow me to shoot much more often than I was able to before. I've also located the local ranges that have USPSA matches. I still plan to use the books I have (Perfect Practice and I forget the other) as a starting point, but I was curious what books others have and would recommend. As a baseline for where I'm at now, I can shoot accurate hits, slow fire on a static range out to 25 yards without much drama, and I've been working on getting accurate hits while increasing my rate of fire. I have taken a limited number of defensive pistol and practical pistol courses, so I have a good grasp of the basics (stance, sight picture, trigger control), and I've shot a handful (maybe 4-5) IDPA matches a few years ago, I'm clearly not looking for a book to get me from Master to Grand Master. I've read through the COF and watched some videos of the classifier, and based on my current skill level I would estimate that I could shoot a classifier today at around a low C level.
  7. jmtyndall

    1 eye open or 2 eyes open

    My fiance uses tape. I trained out cross dominance. It was hard, but only took about a month. For 10 minutes per evening I would take my gun, wink my left eye and line the sights up with my right eye. Then I would slowly open my left eye and concentrate as hard as I could to keep the image of aligned sights in my head. At first it was just under a second, later I could do it indefinitely. Then I started bringing the gun up with both eyes open and focusing on the correct image of aligned sights, again it was hard at first, but now it's second nature. I bring a gun up, sights are aligned, I see what I need to see. I did get headaches and "sore eyes" for a couple weeks, but they only lasted about a half hour after my training sessions. I'm at the point now where aligning sights with my left eye is more difficult and takes concentration, but using my right eye is much more natural. I notice no difference in precision with both eyes open, but I shoot ~1-1.5" at 25 yards to the left when I shoot with both eyes open. For this reason, on long shots I like to wink my left eye. YMMV of course
  8. The work is great, almost 100% what I expected. The mag release scallop is a different style than pictured on the website, but very functional
  9. Just to update, I recieved the gun back. So the turnaround was quick. Communication was poor, but they attribute that to a move that is in progress.
  10. I haven't found anything on Google. Calls to the store have gone to voice-mail for me
  11. Sent a couple more emails, and a message via their Facebook. No responses
  12. You're making it worse, not better lol. I'll start the calling process now
  13. Didn't know where this belongs, so I put it here. I sent a Glock frame to Taran to be stippled a couple weeks ago, and I'm curious what the expected turn around time would be. Normally, I wouldn't be concerned, and if I was, I would have asked before I sent it. However, between the time I sent it and now, I found out from my work that they'll be relocating me to WA, and the return address I provided to TTI is of course my current address. I sent them an email last Thursday and haven't heard back yet. There's still a few weeks to get everything resolved, and I can call them if I don't hear back in a couple days. I was just wondering what kind of turn around times other people were getting, so I can gauge how critical this issue could be.
  14. jmtyndall

    Did anyone use Glocks for competitions?

    That last stage looked like too much fun
  15. jmtyndall

    Match Ammo - Practice Ammo

    I change nothing