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  1. Not a trick Q. I will be away for months and I just want to know or learn from you guys re mag spring maintenance.
  2. What do you guys usually do to lengthen the life of your mag springs if its off season or if your planning to take a break from shooting for a couple of months? Do you remove them from the magazine or just keep it as it is? TIA.
  3. Top shelf of a cabinet. Holster hanging freely.
  4. EGW Sear, EE Disconnector and Koenig hammer for me.
  5. For all the Runcam 2 users, how did you mount it to your caps? Appreciate if you post some pics for reference. Thanks....
  6. 4.5gr N320 1.180 OAL 180gr teflon coated heads
  7. You can turn the plastic knob clockwise. It will tighten the hold of the holster to your pistol. Counter clockwise to loosen. Also, try to adjust the muzzel support that will entirely insert the knob in the barrel of your pistol. Hope this helps.
  8. Drooling right now. Awesomeness.....
  9. Fiber optic sights are great. Try them out, you'll not regret it. For me, green is better in sunlight.
  10. That's the beauty of the 2011/1911 platform. You have the opportunity to tinker with it, the joy of tuning it by yourself. Learning new things are fun and enjoyable with a 2011/1911. And did I mention that the trigger on this phenomenal pistol is just....well.....phenomenal!
  11. You can try at Atlas gunworks
  12. I installed EGW Ultimate trigger kit (Koenig hammer, Colt sear spring, EGW sear & disconnector) in my 2011. My gunsmith achieved a crisp 1.5 lbs trigger pull. Still consistent after 2k plus rounds. You cannot go wrong with EGW lightened hammer and Extreme Engineering parts either. Your pick.
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