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  1. Any reputable places to send my barrel off to?
  2. Mine is a Henning. Do others make something similar?
  3. I’ve seen 2 Sig Maxs. Both of them made multiple trips back to Sig because they would not run at all. Both remain retired as a backup to the backups.
  4. Barrel bushing, recoil springs for new loads, sights, mag release, grips .....is what I usually change out.
  5. Sig Match ammo. Not sure of the prices.
  6. Does L10 count? I won a few of those across the country. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. You’d either blow up the gun trying to achieve a clean burn or you’d load it low to where your accuracy would suffer compared to a proper powder.
  8. I was going to go this path but you beat me to it. It’s hard to convince someone that has wrong powder to get the right powder. Especially when they got it for free. At a Glock OAL, HS-6 could be bad. Even if major is not achieved, you’ll have unburnt powder in the gun. You won’t achieve much with HS-6.
  9. I suppose my question to you would be, why HS-6?
  10. Had this laying around. Tried it and worked smoothly for 2 years.
  11. I had this similar issue. I cleaned the track the shuttle rides on and lubed it. Issue went away. I’ve had my 650 for the same amount of time.
  12. Well that’s simply false. They’ve always been .400 for the years I’ve ordered them.
  13. Anyone in the 1.155 OAL range shooting minor? I have 180s and 165s from BBI. I have e3, Clays (Canadian), WST, Ramshot Competition, Titegroup, Claydot and few others I haven’t thought of for 40 like W231 and IMR Target What have people found to be consistent?
  14. I wonder if going as light as 11# would be bad for your optic. I don’t know or have any optics. I shoot a 40 in major and minor. I use a 12.5 for both.
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