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  1. Same stage in question. The WSB has been posted a few times. I just looked in the competitor app and found the exact procedure they dinged me with.
  2. The second procedural I got was given under 10.2.4 The explanation was that the stage procedure state engage with only two rounds then a mandatory reload. So I got on for an extra shot on virginia count and one for reloading at the wrong time. Also of note the CRO of the stage is a well known one who works lots of matches here and abroad. MD's a few of them as well.
  3. Yea. I did the same thing and he said the same exact zero sentence to me. Well. 3 on the first, made up a ND, reload then 2 and 2. One penalty extra shot. One penalty for not following stage procedure. 6A 1NS 2P for a zero. If I had taken the Mike and NS I would've had 4 points and if it was only one P then I would've gotten 7 stage points. I was only 2 points behind the competitor who finished ahead of me!
  4. You are paying for the name, manufacturing process, and the material. Honestly they all work just what's easier to install as others have written. We primarily use the egw grip safeties.
  5. My mistake. I wasn't away that match actually counted especially so with the hurricane going on.
  6. Specifically CO. There hasn't been a match that fulfills the requirements for classification or match bump yet. It's completely automated now.
  7. It hasn't counted for a classifier at any major match yet.
  8. Yea. I've never had an issue either. Just told him to keep an eye out since he is worried about it.
  9. In a 38 short colt case trimmed down to their "trainer" cartridge. It's ridiculous the projectile alone was longer than the casing.
  10. In my experience jacketed and coated are fine. The plated stuff will sometimes throw fliers. Had good luck with the heavy plated stuff from berry's before. I'd say buy a case check accuracy while keeping an eye out for leading.
  11. Buy s#!t used. Sell and trade for other stuff. You're looking at a new atlas, why? Plenty of nicely done eagles go through the classifieds for cheap.
  12. My buddy used to load major with a 260 grain loaded in a trimmed short colt case using some s#!t CBC powder in Brasil.
  13. Same trigger bow? Could be the over travel screw. Need more info to correctly diagnose. There is a lot that can change by changing the plastic out.
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