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  1. Mine was never picky on ammo. The only issues I had was with empty magazines having a tight fit. That was solved with a bit of filing (cleaning of magwell) and sanding some of the plastic coating off the Glock magazines. The other issues I had was using stepped brass like the one used by ammoland. They would split right at the step.
  2. Did you take the gas valve apart? Looks like a spring washer for it. Edit: or I think there is a spacer behind the safety selector on the ride side.
  3. I use Columbia Hiking shoes. Almost like cleats but not to aggressive, supportive and light enough.
  4. On my last move from Ca to Va, I packed all my ammo, rifles, pistols, powder and primers with me in my SUV along with entire family. I would even take the rifles and pistols with me in our hotel on our stops. Reloading equipment and supplies were packed with my house hold goods.
  5. I'm using a 510. I like it a lot. From all the red dots I have tried (a lot of them), this one has the least effect on dot blurriness/fuzzyness due to my astigmatism. Also, I had to remove the barrel off my FX-9 because a stuck piece of brass. Took the upper all apart and put it back together. Took it to the range to just test trigger reset issues and it was dead on at 100 yards with zero adjustments.
  6. Well just want to report about this carbine. Finally took it out and ran some of my reloads through it. Ran some 124s 9can't remember the load) and some 147 with 3.4gr of TG. the rifle fired them just fine and the action cycled and lock back on all the reloads. Currently running a Hiperfire Competition trigger (formerly knows as the 24C). Didn't have any issues with the trigger. the only issue I'm having is with magazine fitments. Carbine came with one SGM 31 rounder and I have 2 Glocks big sticks. The SGM seem to fit a bit better but they don't drop free. The Glocks are TIGHT. There seems to be a cast line and a raised area in the magwell that makes it tight. I'm betting that the tight fittment of the magazine was the reason why I was getting failure to feed on the first rounds when magazine were loaded to 33 rounds. After filling the cast marks and the raised area a bit got the SGM mag to drop free. I didn't want to remove any more from the magwell, so I desided to sand the Glock big sticks whenere it was making contact with the magwell. Now they are drop free. I also installed an Armarlite handguard I had laying around. It works fine, it was just too heavy. Will try to go tomorrow and put some more rounds through it. FWIW, the Glock big sticks were also sticking to NC-9 lower but not as bad.
  7. Looking into buying one of these. Few questions though. Will the upper take standard AR style handguards? What is the thread read pitch for the muzzle brake? Safe to guess it uses its own charging handle? thanks edit: found most of my answers. It can take “most” AR style handguards and it uses 1/2x28 threads.
  8. Makes it easier to stow? Adjustable for different sized arms?
  9. Can’t remember clearly actually. I think that’s what made me realized what I did. This was over 15 years ago.
  10. I done this before. I shot 9mm out of a 40 Glock before. Had 2 Glocks on the bench (can’t remember models but both were same size). Picked up what I though was the 9mm. Shot a whole magazine through it and was wondering why I couldn’t hit the cans roughly 10 yards in front of me til I realized what I did. This was a long time ago when I had very little experience with firearms.
  11. Thanks Fellas. I ordered the RHK. Should be here Saturday.
  12. How about the hammer? Which one would I use?
  13. Trying to select the correct hammer kit for my Shadow 2. I already have all the springs and extended firing pin installed so just need hammer/sear kit and T3 disconnector to complete CHW S-2 kit https://cajungunworks.com/product/75800-shadow-s-2-kit/ Not a 100% sure if it uses this Hammer kit https://cajungunworks.com/product/race-hammer-kit/ or this one https://cajungunworks.com/product/production-legal-drop-in-hammer-kit/ I believe it uses the RHK kit. If it does, do I need the spacer? Thanks
  14. Do you have to use their lower also?
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