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  1. Cool beans. I'll finnish the build and see what's what.
  2. I honestly cannot remember where I picked it up. it was a year ago and I had stopped on the 9mm PCC project to work on several other projects. I think it is time to replace as any work I do to scrub it would probably damage the rest of the barrel. Gonna chalk this up to a big learning experience. My own fault for not better inspecting it. Mind you the scope was a fairly recent addition. But I need a better inspection regiment when making purchases. Update - It is a Faxon 16" Light Tapered AR15 Barrel, 9mm, Nitrided.
  3. This is a video of a newish barrel. You will find a ring of rust in the first third. What am I looking at here? Is this a goner? something to 'scrub'. how bad of an impact will this have on accuracy?
  4. Agreed! Any gun should to be used should operate in a correct and safe manner. period. [Yes, disabling the grip safety is specific to competition pistols. That is okay because the gunsmith and the user, are fully aware of the modification and the gun operates fully and safely otherwise.]
  5. I'mg guessing 1.152 + .149 + .005 gives 1.306. So you're good.
  6. It is important to understand your friends and some of their motivators in life. Just like picking conversation topics. It is a young liberal (or modern anti 2Aers) philosophy that they know what is best for others. But sharing of ones self is something very very different and part of the ways we make the human condition better.
  7. I think that is what may happen. It turns out that 3 years ago he did buy a small Glock to protect him and his family. It also seems that he thought the CCW course was what he needed. After an initial safety brief I had him run a couple of mags at about 7 yards. Turns out we had to work on basics and safety discipline. Right from explaining teacup grip. Long morning. All the basics , during which I watched his confidence grow and enthusiasm increase. I did lend him my 2011 .40 STI and found the larger pistol proved easier for him to work with. He was making cloverleafs with increasing regularity. We ended the day at the plate rack which proved to be a fun time with surprisingly happy results. He dropped plates like a pro. Afterwards, I introduced him to the Steel Challenge MD and we talked about finding a good local instructor for some real training. Sadly, I got very little practice in for myself. But I made a better friend. I want to thank those here for helping shape a successful day.
  8. I agree with your assessment. The objective is not to 'make a horse drink'. One must have a bit of competitive spirit. I think my question might be better if rephrased as, "how best to represent our sport"? I've witnessed many folks introducing USPSA and notice that it is presented in a way that makes entry seem overwhelming. This includes and over emphasis on safety, an entrance inventory of pricey gear, or a lot of technique to master. Most of these topics, while important, raise a perceived barrier to entry. I don't think it prudent to 'train' or 'teach' USPSA. For this day, it is a couple of 'friends at the range'. I will not be doing a hard practice of drills as that tends to exclude one's friend. Other friends just plink and like to tweak their gear. Tinkering is a fun pastime, although that leads to a lot of burnt money. Maybe I am trying to force the issue. Patience is something to be developed.
  9. That's a good idea. I can gauge his receptiveness to the drill and if positive do a itty-bitty match. There will be a steel match gong on on the other side of the range. Of that, I am biased. five years ago, I took the drive to Frostproof and a steel match was happening. I was hooked that day. It was more about the people than the match. Some of the nicest people were just running there usual monthly match.
  10. Coming up this weekend I've got a rare opportunity and would like to take advantage of it. That is, considering they have a latent interest. I'm heading out to the range with a friend from work. He is a CCW shooter and my guess is that they are a tad casual about that (training and not self defense). The do go to a local indoor range to 'practice'. Something I think we're all familiar with that type of person. This weekend, I'm heading out to do some DOPE work on my rifle as well as get prepped for a USPSA match coming up in a few months my friend is also coming along.. I'd like to setup a couple of drills, or something, that might spark an interest in coming out for a local match. Any ideas on how not to scare them away? As y'all are aware, it is easy to overwhelm folks with gear and rules. He's a good guy and It'd be fun to have a fellow enthusiast. Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I switched to Springer Base pads as I just could not get the CZCs to work reliably long term. Since the switch, I have not had any issues. Mags spring free regardless of load. Now I only focus on my short thumbs- heh heh.
  12. Not sure if this helps, but... I had several magazine lips spread very slightly. Enough that they no longer fed properly and started having problems. I tried adjusting the lips but they went out of spec very quickly. This started around the 5000 rd. mark. But I am sure usage was a big factor (like drops to the ground and similar events). My best solution was to buy new magazines. This eliminated all issues to date.
  13. I had my shooting glasses set as follows; Left eye - normal progressive Right (shooting eye) - set to the distance of my front sight. My optometrist wrote up the scrip and simply sent it out.
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