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  1. frgood

    Drilling frame

    I had a slightly undersized sear pin hole in my 1911 project and simply drilled it with the correct size drill bit for a perfect fit. The hole radius is .110 so a #35 gaugse drill bit is the perfect size. Don't forget to chamfer/countersink (60 degree) the left side so the sear pin head will seat completely. The sear should have an opening of .111 so the pin should have minimal impact on sear movement.
  2. frgood

    Aggresive grips for RIA pro match?

    Skateboard tape comes in several levels of coarseness. I picked up some scraps from a local skateboard store (i.e.free). The adhesive holds well when placed on a clean surface as it is designed to stick to skateboards through thick and thin. When I stuck them onto my CZ TS grips, I did place them under some heavy pressure over nigh at the grips are curved at the edges and I wanted to ensure the corners would not come up. Tape has lasted for a whole year without an ugliness of peeling. The skateboard tape is wonderfully aggressive but you should change it out once a year as it does get clogged with dead skin.
  3. frgood

    DAA Alpha-X disappointed

    I have to agree with the OP. DAA makes an initial clam that the fit is perfect for each gun and reminds the buyer to ensure they order the correct block for their gun. This first claim is negated by their second statement, "some minor fitting may be required". Looking at the video, at least inside the first two minutes, a hex wrench is required. At least one tool is included. You also need to purchase a block and punch. By 3 minutes into the video we are beyond minor fitting and well into operational theory as a cautionary tale that underscores the amount of attention required to reassemble. For the cost, they could create custom inserts for each model year range and generation. Or, at the least indicate some medium level fitting is required. To me, more than 50% disassembly indicates major work regardless of complexity. As an example, Gugas Ribas, at least tell you up front that you will have to take some time to get the correct fit for their holster. Also, there fitting process is centered on tightening the holster and multiple points to get a fit. There is no 'removal of material' which inherently increases the possibility of a failed fitting. To be fair in judging my assessment, I stopped watching the video at 5 minutes. I was done by then. I would concede that a lower cost and a better reference to the effort would be reasonable solutions.
  4. frgood

    Forum issues

    for a couple of weeks I'm noticing a very slow response to searches, Particularly, the unread post search. This does not happen on any other site so I am leaning towards DB response time.
  5. frgood

    Who shoots limited/standard minor with CZ Czechmate?

    This should be interesting. I have wondered the same. Although, I halted at the thought of shooting Limited major w/out the comp wondering if it was worth the expense.
  6. frgood

    9 mm bullet puller

    Which Loader do you have? 1. I had a Lee simgle and a Turret and I cold not get enough reach for that specific puller to work. 2. I reached out to the manufacturer and never got a response back. Not a peep. I eventually gave it away in disgust as it was useless for me.
  7. frgood

    Must have tools to work on CZ75 variants

    I like having a small screwdriver with a notch in the tip. It makes getting the sear spring moved, or set, a lot easier.
  8. frgood

    Definition of Facing downrange

    Perhaps the OP was referring to the inconsistent application of said rule.
  9. frgood

    Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    I received an email from them quoting over $6000 for their new pistol. That was an immediate "Never consider again".
  10. frgood

    Noobie in over my head

    As a person that is trying to learn new things. I simply am curious. I am still saving my pennies for a Czechmate for a certain reason. I suspect you already know where I'm headed in that the Czechmate is specifically built for Open Division running a major PF 9mm. At least, that is my understanding. I've tended to think the TS is built from the ground up for Limited. Hence, my curiosity. I feel that I am lacking a general perspective and wish to understand more about shooting choices so that I can make better decisions in the future. Case i point I recently purchased a Canik tp9 sfx and in hindsight I got ripped off. Hopefully, I'll make less mistakes in the future.
  11. frgood

    Noobie in over my head

    I am seriously curious as to your reasons for purchasing the Czechmate. I am under the impression that the gun is designed to be an out of the box USPSA/IPSC Open and/or Limited gun.
  12. frgood

    Dropped gun call

    Necro debate.
  13. frgood

    Building My Own Open Gun

    Sorry to cut in. But this is one of the best threads I've read all year. The project is very informative (to me) and the gun is evolving into something quite beautiful. Keep up the excellent work. Looking good, very good.
  14. If I understand the explanations you have collected, would not the camera have to take the picture at the exact same time as the scan completes a full pass? I believe that is the syncing process between the camera and the TV. Both devices are scanning. So the camera must start scanning the moment the TV completes a scan.
  15. frgood

    2 CZ questions

    ...Aaaaand, Scene!