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  1. I had my shooting glasses set as follows; Left eye - normal progressive Right (shooting eye) - set to the distance of my front sight. My optometrist wrote up the scrip and simply sent it out.
  2. frgood

    CZ TS Double firing

    Is this a new gun? Well used? Replaced parts? new Mags? or Old. Trigger work? How many in the mag when it 'machine gunned'? One extra round or did it empty the mag? Where was you finger during this (bounce the trigger)?
  3. I did not find any guidance on this. I am sure it is somewhere. I have three different similar but different items. Should they be rolled into one long ad or, is it preferred to have three separate ads? In my case I have three slides, each of different configuration to sell. I was concerned about the number of photos as I have several angles for each. I posted three separate but if one big ad is better please let me know so I can repair.
  4. lol. Do they still make that. I remember my first job was selling garden seeds door to door. Even when I was 10 years old I didn't think Grit would sell.
  5. There may be a bit of ambidextrous ability. My guess it is based upon what activities one grows up with. For example, I grew up playing a lot of street hockey. Due to borrowing righty hockey sticks I got proficient playing either hand. Yes, there is a favored side but, it does vary. In other cases I get downright confused for a moment when playing baseball. I shoot rifle right handed because that is how we learned as kids, but I shoot pistol lefty. In golf, I played right handed for a long time. When I tried left handed, it simply felt more comfortable. In other words, You may simply lay the pistol, or rifle out on a table and try to get him to simply pick up and fire. do this without any any indication of hand and simply see which 'feels' most natural. At his age, I would not worry about dominant eye simply because vision in both is pretty darn good. If anything simply show proper form and use and just 'let nature take its course".
  6. I am not sure if this is applicable, but, as a lefty learning card tricks, etc. If you face him while demonstrating, have him work from that mirror image it works quite naturally. I realize that your question hinted at this but that technique is how I've learned most things in life from right handers.
  7. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/787142282
  8. Since you are considering selling one, I do not think it appropriate to publicly explain my reasoning. If you are curious, I will PM you my thought leaving you with some information you may wish to present in advertising our sale.
  9. I just received an email regarding NROI Academy being held in Arizona. One thing I am not clear on is the difference between the level I and Level II seminars. Is the RO seminar for existing ROs or those seeking the RO certification. Is the CRO seminar for ROs seeking to become CROs? How does one determine without a prerequisite list or syllabus?
  10. I'm going to add a little more confusion. The rule (posted) is: " he position of holsters and allied equipment on the belt must not be moved or changed by a competitor during a match ". My first read of this is that the holster should be modified mid stream. Meaning if the strap, or hood, is removed prior t other start of the match then no issues. This would prevent the case were someone runs a strapt on their first stage and, then, get mad and tosses it for subsequent stages. Thus an equipment change to gain advantage in the middle of a match (gain advantage over themselves). I have no idea on the history on this rule and would be curious.
  11. Good to know. Does the model work or, as some have said, it degrades the sport?
  12. I'm not completely sure how it works in golf. But I guess that it does allow individuals to compete at a local level. Aren't those on the pro tour all scratch players? I think within our sport there would be a massive debate regarding how to balance equipment in addition to the simpler tasks of individual skill levels. Plus the result only may work for level I matches, which are more casual in it's competitiveness. At the higher level matches, the skill level starts to normalize. Although the equipment differential may put us right back to where we are now. So, a quick thought may find that we keep the equipment classification but D shooters get a 60% boost on their scores? This may only simplify the sponsors prize availability. So more thought and input is needed from those with a better mind than I.
  13. It is too early to say if it would be good. The process would have to be worked out. Hence this discussion. Some factors when building a handicap system have been laid out in this thread. I am sure there are some more factors to consider how it shold be built.
  14. I think the OPs original point of a handicapping system was missed. As in golf, handicapping is, from my understanding, the method to level the playing field.
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