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  1. What's the approximate round count? How old is the extractor spring?
  2. To help educate me, As an RO, if the shooter stops mid COF, is my best course of action to simply repeat "If finished, Unload and Show Clear?"
  3. While I do not know; what are the differences between that pistol and CZ? Is there any compatibility? Could a CZ ambi safety be 'coached into fitting (or at least be a starting point for machining)?
  4. Bankruptcy does not necessarily mean closure. Typically, for a business, it has meant a financial restructuring.
  5. I just took a quick look at the sight. 3 categories - Duty, Competition, and THE WORLDS BEST CONCEALED CARRY! I don't know, 3400 for a Limited-40 or a little more for a built-in comp and add my own dot. Wait! I do know. No. For that kind of money there are some well established products with a documented history. As others have mentioned I'm not sure what agencies are going to even go into negotiation. Seems like they'd go bankrupt on the discounts they'd be required to make. Oh, wait.
  6. Rebranding is a business decision. As a distant observer, I can only guess that trying to get into the line of business that focuses on production contracts vs. the small competition market is a smart business gamble. Now now now don't get all butthurt about your precious custom competition namesake, like S& W et. al. a division of custom, high priced, prestige models will be offered to the status conscious. this is a well established, almost standard, business model that works.
  7. That might be something worth considering. If only for newbies, or first years, or first three months. A fleet of loaners for first timers where they can compete within themselves. Although, I'm sure local clubs already have some sort of variant for that. I recall WAC (Tampa/Clearwater) advertised a type of first timer match where folks focused on safety and game rules without the 'intimidation' factor.
  8. Cool beans. I'll finnish the build and see what's what.
  9. I honestly cannot remember where I picked it up. it was a year ago and I had stopped on the 9mm PCC project to work on several other projects. I think it is time to replace as any work I do to scrub it would probably damage the rest of the barrel. Gonna chalk this up to a big learning experience. My own fault for not better inspecting it. Mind you the scope was a fairly recent addition. But I need a better inspection regiment when making purchases. Update - It is a Faxon 16" Light Tapered AR15 Barrel, 9mm, Nitrided.
  10. This is a video of a newish barrel. You will find a ring of rust in the first third. What am I looking at here? Is this a goner? something to 'scrub'. how bad of an impact will this have on accuracy?
  11. Agreed! Any gun should to be used should operate in a correct and safe manner. period. [Yes, disabling the grip safety is specific to competition pistols. That is okay because the gunsmith and the user, are fully aware of the modification and the gun operates fully and safely otherwise.]
  12. I'mg guessing 1.152 + .149 + .005 gives 1.306. So you're good.
  13. It is important to understand your friends and some of their motivators in life. Just like picking conversation topics. It is a young liberal (or modern anti 2Aers) philosophy that they know what is best for others. But sharing of ones self is something very very different and part of the ways we make the human condition better.
  14. I think that is what may happen. It turns out that 3 years ago he did buy a small Glock to protect him and his family. It also seems that he thought the CCW course was what he needed. After an initial safety brief I had him run a couple of mags at about 7 yards. Turns out we had to work on basics and safety discipline. Right from explaining teacup grip. Long morning. All the basics , during which I watched his confidence grow and enthusiasm increase. I did lend him my 2011 .40 STI and found the larger pistol proved easier for him to work with. He was making cloverleafs with increasing reg
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