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  1. In what way were the rounds tougher to load? Stiff spring? Rounds a smidge long?
  2. [Edited] I reached out to the wrong Armadillo Arms. Still searching.
  3. Mine have worked quite sufficiently for five years. I did send them back once when I broke the battery door. They were replaced immediately. Since then, I have figured out how to replace the battery door should I accidentally pop them out.
  4. I wouldn’t listen to music with great joy but, I can hear conversations I should not very clearly and when hunting a have excellent situational awareness.
  5. Axil Ghost Stryke II have the same NRR rating and are far less expensive for exactly the same results. However, I am not sure if this is an issue but I did buy batteries in bulk as I use one battery per ear per day of use as they drain while in storage. On a weekend match (3-day) I find one set of batteries can last the weekend. But I do keep a pack of ten in my gear bag at all times. The comfort and fit look to be exactly the same between the two products. I do also have a set of muffs and std. foam plugs just in case. For example indoor ranges will always require double plugs.
  6. I second (or third, based on the thread) this recommendation. Buy once and never look back.
  7. What's the approximate round count? How old is the extractor spring?
  8. To help educate me, As an RO, if the shooter stops mid COF, is my best course of action to simply repeat "If finished, Unload and Show Clear?"
  9. While I do not know; what are the differences between that pistol and CZ? Is there any compatibility? Could a CZ ambi safety be 'coached into fitting (or at least be a starting point for machining)?
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