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223 bullets in stock anywhere


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Just picked up 500 77gr SMK's and 500 69gr SMK's at Cabelas online. There still showing them in stock. Price was the same as Powder Valley on the 77's and fifteen bucks more on the 69's. P.V. showed out of stock for both of these.

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Because there is increased demand.

Simple economics.

And less supply.

If you only get 1/3 of the products you used to get from the manufacturer, you wont make as much as you used to even if you double the price.

Sure, there's gouging, but some companies need to raise prices simply to survive, since they're not getting enough product to sell.

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Try O K Weber. A small company, only carries Sierra match bullets. Pickin's are slim everywhere.

You may wind up with bullets other than what you really want. Beggars can't be choosers.

Thanks for the tip! 1,000 69g SMK, $199 shipped and received today.

You're welcome. I think they are pretty sold out of most bullets now.

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ECONOMICS by way of who, Street thugs OR SCAM Artist.

Everyone has opinions, like ears and rears!



Didn't we just have this same conversation in about three other threads? The simple fact is that scarcity, when coupled with high demand, creates higher prices. Wait till you see what your grocery bill will be like in the coming months. I'm not picking on you Perry, your post was just one of the more vocal ones. In another thread, a guy was calling everybody who sold at current market prices "Pigs". I understood his frustration, but I may never be able to replace some of the things I sell, when I do sell them. It's going to take some real motivation for me to turn loose of my stash of 223 bullets for example. Right now, they're not for sale.

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One merely needs to see who doesn't raise prices at these times and then only do business with them when it settles down.

Most local businesses here are playing it striaght, but they're not the ones causing the issues. There are a lot of people out there buying up everything they can get, then reselling it at huge profits. They take those profits and buy more components, and sell those. Then they take those profits... you get the idea. About the only way to break this cycle is to not buy from these people, but how do you know who they are? That's a really good question, and I have no answers. Some of the sellers are simply normal guys who are selling off part of their stashes to finance other needs.

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