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  1. I have an FNS, and the trigger pull started out pretty rough, but it settled in nicely with just a few range sessions. I really like this gun. My problem with FN is a nagging feeling that FN itself is not trustworthy, and even though I don't have any firsthand issues with them, I still can't shake the mistrust. FNs history of discontinuing parts and support for non-current models is troubling to me. Instead of a 509 Tactical, I'm waiting for the M&P 2.0 COREs to come out. I almost gave CZ a try, but I don't dig the grip angle.
  2. Check out the barrels manufacturer. Just because Brownells discontinued it doesn't mean that the manufacturer did too. Or the mfg may have a couple of them left.
  3. So far the responses have been... predictable. I also use mixed dies for most loading. For 9mm I use a Pacific carbide sizer, an old one. I use it because it's a really tight sizing die, and since it was made before progressive presses came on the scene it doesn't have the generous bevel at the entry that leaves an unsized bulge at the cases base. It sizes all the way down to the shell holder. Did I mention it's really tight? My second die is a Dillon expander die for use with my Dillon 9mm funnel. I polished the heck out of the funnel to smooth it out & reduce sticking with my wet-tumbled brass. The seating die is Hornady New Dimension, and it used only for seating. Crimping is done at the last station with a Dillon taper crimp die. Most of my die arrays on my 550 Dillon are mixed as well.
  4. I've been tumbling with pins since the beginning of time (nearly), and I have yet to experience anything like that. I'm totally amazed! My pin supplier closed their doors about ayear ago or I'd recommend you try their pins. I was thinking of setting up a second tumbler so I'll need to make sure to get pins that match my originals. Mine won't even fit sidewats in a 45 ACP case!
  5. Well, you have done an excellent job of demonstrating that mixed brass gives mixed results. Thank you for all the work! And it should be "CDO", not "OCD". That way everything is in alphabetical order, like it's supposed to be .
  6. And hopefully all of those partial canisters are indeed Unique. Using 50 year old pistol powder would concern me. Powder does break down over time.
  7. Those are standard military style collet crimps. BTW, are you trimming your brass? A lot of the original crimp gets shaved off when I trim cases the first time. On 223/5.56, case length is super critical.
  8. Here's some straight technical info to help you decide: http://www.hensleygibbs.com/edharris/articles/Cast In an AR.htm It's on my "to do" list, but I have to finish some of the projects already on my plate.
  9. I've done it, and it does work. I used to cast my own 75 gr wadcutters. My results were pretty much as outlined in the prior post.
  10. What's with the 115 gr bullet choice? I thought your goal was to duplicate the Federal 147 HST factory load, using cast bullets?
  11. Use the data for Lymans 358212, which is a 146 gr cast bullet. You already have it, and the data includes pressure data as well. Your bullet manufacturer shows some data for 38 Spl, call them and ask them for data. It's a weird weight for a 38 Spl RN.
  12. I deprime my brass, then wet-tumble it in stainless, then rinse & dry before starting "the processing". Then I ream the primer pockets if needed, size the cases, then trim & chamfer the case mouths. My final step is to tumble in walnut & NuFinish for a couple of hours. Following this, I bag them in ziplock bags & store until I'm ready to load them. When loading, I don't size them again, but do use my universal decapping die in the first position to make certain I didn't miss any tumbling media in the flash holes.
  13. Lighter loads tend to smoke more than hotter loads, depending on the powder you use. I've seem lots of smoke from light loads of Titegroup, Bullseye, and Unique. Add some cast bullet lubes to the mix and you can really lay the smoke down.
  14. You're seating the bullets crooked. I had that problem with RCBS & Redding seating dies, but cleared everything up by switching to a Hornady New Dimension seating die. This die has an alignment sleeve that the others don't have, and now I use them for all handgun calibers. I don't mean to sound like a Hornady cheerleader, I'm thoroughly pissed at the company for past issues, and now only buy their dies.
  15. 357 SIG bullets need a slightly shorter nose than 9mm in most cases. The SIG only has one OAL listed, 1.14, it appears to be a bit on the sensitive side to cartridge length. Most of the SIG specific bullets I've seen have a wider meplat, coupled with a shorter nose. That said, I've loaded XTPs for mine and the dimensions came out okay. More research is necessary for other brands though.
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