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  1. What powder were you using OP? I've had some episodes of powder bridging in Dillon powder funnels. Once the problem was caused by a few grains of really fine ball powder figuring out a way to jam between the powder funnel and the powder die. In another, I had ball powder cause a micro-momentary hang up in the powder measures slide travel. By the time the powder dropped, the case wasn't there anymore. Then there was the time the bushing in my powder measures pivot arm broke and gave me a number of late drops, some of them sort of trickled out. That was a pain to figure out. So many
  2. As noted above, Apex supports the FN509, and it's available in a few different sizes.I have an FNS 9mm, and the trigger wore in pretty decently, but the FNS Series has NO aftermarket support at all. The FN509 appears to to have a much beefier fire control system compared to the FNS as well. Still, my FNS has never missed a beat, ever. A friend just bought a 509 Mid-size and likes it well enough, but it's taking a bit of time to wear in. His groups out of the box were atrocious, but after perhaps 1000 rounds they're half the size he started with, and the gun shows enough promise that I'm consid
  3. I've run Redhawks for ages, and have yet to find a grip besides the original factory pattern "splinter" grip that fits my hands. I've tried Pachmayrs and Uncle Mikes grips that cover the back strap, and they turned the grip profile into a 2X4. Hogues are too long in the front for me, I've though about reprofiling a set of Hogue wood grips to remove any fingergrooves and thin the front, but haven't done it yet. I see a number of people who use Altamont factory profile grips with grip adapters. I should try that myself. Have you considered an Alaskan instead? Rugers really missing th
  4. I throw pistol brass into the dry tumbler while its still wet and tumble it for an hour or so. For background, I use an RCBS media separator filled with water to remove the pins, then after dumping the water out of the separator I give the cases another spin to remove the water. This always works for me, but I always deprime the cases before wet tumbling so the cater can escape. Some guys don't. I use fine walnut media in the dry tumbler and never, ever have a problem with media sticking in the cases.
  5. Most, if not all carbide case sizing dies resize the cases smaller than the finished OD of new ammo built in new brass. Check and make certain the ridge from the bullet base is equal, all around the case. If it is not, then you are tipping bullets as you seat them. If so, and the loaded cases pass your case gauge, then this is a normal situation, and you are good to go. There are a number of similar questions like this on a regular basis here, and on other reloading boards. As I said initially, most, if not all carbide case sizing dies resize the cases smaller than the finished OD of new ammo
  6. Did you try this?. It tells you how to adjust the tripper bar loop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMLv_JaoSkU&feature=youtu.be&list=PL49zaerr9Gi_4Y07uhJW1I0iIAPl6mr6d
  7. You can size your bullets after powder coating (PC).
  8. Coating bullets from moulds that have already been purchased allow the manufacturers to potentially save hundreds of dollars in overhead that can be passed on to their customers. Some casting machines use up to six or more specially designed moulds at a time, so the savings could even run up to $1000.00 or more. Many bullet manufacturers offer both designs, so if you don't want to see the grooves, you can get around them easily enough. As for the bent case, if you used enough force to dent a case with your Uplula, you would have done the same thing with the same bullet with conventional lube i
  9. I have an FNS, and the trigger pull started out pretty rough, but it settled in nicely with just a few range sessions. I really like this gun. My problem with FN is a nagging feeling that FN itself is not trustworthy, and even though I don't have any firsthand issues with them, I still can't shake the mistrust. FNs history of discontinuing parts and support for non-current models is troubling to me. Instead of a 509 Tactical, I'm waiting for the M&P 2.0 COREs to come out. I almost gave CZ a try, but I don't dig the grip angle.
  10. Check out the barrels manufacturer. Just because Brownells discontinued it doesn't mean that the manufacturer did too. Or the mfg may have a couple of them left.
  11. So far the responses have been... predictable. I also use mixed dies for most loading. For 9mm I use a Pacific carbide sizer, an old one. I use it because it's a really tight sizing die, and since it was made before progressive presses came on the scene it doesn't have the generous bevel at the entry that leaves an unsized bulge at the cases base. It sizes all the way down to the shell holder. Did I mention it's really tight? My second die is a Dillon expander die for use with my Dillon 9mm funnel. I polished the heck out of the funnel to smooth it out & reduce sticking with my wet-tumbled
  12. I've been tumbling with pins since the beginning of time (nearly), and I have yet to experience anything like that. I'm totally amazed! My pin supplier closed their doors about ayear ago or I'd recommend you try their pins. I was thinking of setting up a second tumbler so I'll need to make sure to get pins that match my originals. Mine won't even fit sidewats in a 45 ACP case!
  13. Well, you have done an excellent job of demonstrating that mixed brass gives mixed results. Thank you for all the work! And it should be "CDO", not "OCD". That way everything is in alphabetical order, like it's supposed to be .
  14. I assume you're referring to liquid alox, since you'd need to melt the blocks of pure alox to apply it to your cases. Liquid alox would technically work as a lubricant, but its horribly messy, and difficult to remove from cases. You wouldn't be able to leave your cases uncleaned and shoot your cartridges either. It has to be removed completely. BTW LEE liquid alox original purpose was as an automotive rustproofer, and it has very strong ties to cosmoline. Many of us know what a pain cosmo can be to remove from metal.
  15. Perhaps you can find a small apartment sized 110v clothes dryer at a good price.
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