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  1. 1. Old style JP 15" 12.6 oz 2. New JP RC 15" 11.1 oz 3. Carbon Arms JP 15" 5.6 oz All weights are handguard only, no nut. Planning to sell #1 & #3 as soon as I get some pics.
  2. I'm sure some experts will chime in but I've also worked thru issue. More details will help. Round count? Any mods? What ammo? FPS? Any trends when it happens? Barrel extractor cut smooth or rough? Gun stored with bolt back or Forward? Lube frequency?
  3. +1 Added one to a backup rifle and happy with the results for a $300 scope!
  4. Same here! Not sure if I'm missing the function or it's gone.
  5. I had this problem with a used M3K that I bought as a backup gun to my M2. Gun had over 1k rounds and previous owner had installed a Benelli extractor to solve another issue. I suspected the bolt wasn't going to full lock up, the extractor cut in the barrel was terribly chewed up so I smoothed & polished. Performance was much improved but still occasionally occurred. As recommended by Benelli rep, I lightly smoothed the back side of the extractor and replaced the action spring under the forearm. Concern was if the gun was normally stored with the bolt back the spring may have weakened. It ran the next 75 rounds in a match problem free so I'm hopeful it's fixed & went back to M2.
  6. I shot my best groups with hand loaded 55g Vmax & Zmax bullets. Sub MOA thru a JP 18" medium contour. 69g SMK work well also. Freedom replaced some problem ammo with the Fiocchi Match 69g SMK that I used for 300+ yds with good results.
  7. Could you take a pick at an angle so I can see the condition of the brake surface? Like the photos above. Thank you very much!
  8. JP15 18" medium profile 5,900 rounds.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Anyone else got comments or a used one laying around?
  10. Anyone use these? Positive or negatives experiences? Would like to try one but at $39 + shipping, would like to hear any user feedback. Shell holders on a Teklok seem to hang away from the belt too far. Thanks!
  11. My experience with JP barrels meet your criteria.
  12. When you rack the bolt, is a live or spent shell being ejected? If it is a live shell, is there a primer strike? Live shell in the gun when it doesn't fire, not 100% sure on primer strike. Appears bolt is not fully locked up (maybe 1/8" short) when I inspect after it occurs. I've duplicated the bolt just short of fully rotated with a round in the chamber but it fires. There was another M3K in my squad who had the same issue on 2 different stages.
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