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  1. DPP ran for 8k, no matter what dot you use plan on buying 2.
  2. floater

    Shield Arms

    Mag is in hand. I've ran 200 rounds, only issue is with 3 or more rounds loaded mag will no drop free.
  3. floater

    Shield Arms

    I pre ordered for the first batch, got an email in early November stating the coating was not up to par, that is the last I have heard. Got to say that I'm not real impressed with the company, sent some emails ask for a update on the mags and have not gotten a response.
  4. Look at Bowers Group, he makes some really nice cans, and he stands bye them.
  5. 1.5 years on a gen 5 17 with 147 blues and sport pistol and nothing more than a bore snake every month or so are have not see any build up of any kind.
  6. 124 blazzer brass, yep it will be a touch hot, like around 140+ PF, but it shoots lights out in my gen 5 17 and 34.
  7. Was setting steel last Saturday at an IDPA match, was an unloaded table start, after setting the steel walked back up range and the next shooter already had pistol and mag on the table, the whole squad was down resetting.
  8. I test ran CO with a friends Gen 5 34 to see if I liked it, I did but I run a Gen 5 17 MOS for CO. I liked the 34 but shoot the 17 better, don't know why just do. That said if i was going to shoot prod also I would go with a 34. In my load testing a 133 PF load in the 17 jumps to a 135 PF in my gen 3 34.
  9. Friend is looking to get his old Para going again. Is anyone making a good extended base pad that will work for a P13? I know a double stack 45 acp is a little old school, but shoot what ya got! Back then we always ran Grams pads, but it looks like they are no more, and the guy he talked to at Dawson had a good laugh about him even asking. Any ideas?
  10. Show me where it "is allowed". Just asking.
  11. Gen 5 17 and Gen 5 34 135 blue TC I load at 1.125 with 3.5gr sport pistol and Winchester small pistol primer. Love this load, and also the 147 flat point at 1.130" and 3.2gr of sport pistol, both have work well for me. As far as recoil impulse, I like the 135's in the 34 and the 147's in the 17.
  12. floater

    Favorite Trigger

    I'm with you. I have thought about trying Apex or a few of the others, but it is hard to beat the TTI for the cost.
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