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  1. floater

    glock 43 mags in a glock 26!

    Heat gun, get the grip warm and make it fit
  2. floater

    40 lite CO

    No, but I shoot with a guy that shoots 40 minor in IDPA for SSP and loves it. He is shooting a gen 3 35 and thinks it is softer than any of the 34s he has shot.
  3. You should let the club know that you will not shoot with them anymore because of this type of SO. Also might want to show the SO the rules and see what they say when shown the rules. No SO/RO is perfect, and getting called out sucks, but it might help in the end to make them a better SO.
  4. floater

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    I have a 17 mos fs gen 5 on the way! I shot a gen 5 34 in carry optic a little this year and liked it but really was wanting the front serrations, figured I would give the 17 a try for next year. I like the way the 17 feels shooting a stage a bit more than a 34, not sure why.
  5. floater

    Carry Optics

    Agree with the Romeo1 being small, I've shooting a P320RX in USPSA and have felt the 3MOA dot has been hard to track in Bright sunlight. I did shoot a 6MOA vortex in three matches this year, and other than the window being smaller I did find it easier to track. Yesterday I was able to look at a DDP 2.5MOA side by side with my Romeo1 and it seem to look twice as big as the 3MOA Romeo1.
  6. floater

    Getting back into reloading 9mm

    Well for the Glock 17 3.1 of titegroup and a 147 blue flat point at 1.125" has been a stellar load for me, also 3.3 grains of sport pistol has shown a great bit of promise.
  7. floater

    Getting back into reloading 9mm

    What gun are we talking about? 147gr blues and 3.1 of titegroup is a great load.
  8. floater

    Sig & the Romeo 1

    I had to use a pocket knife last weekend.
  9. floater

    Best Powder

    I have not pull the trigger on an open gun since 2005, but back then AA#7 and a 124 grain fmj in a 38 super was the sh#t!
  10. floater

    Favorite coated 147gr?

    Have played with a few Gallant 135 and 125s and liking them so far. Blue Bullets have been all I've ran, other then 1 case of bayou and the Blue have been great, but the gallant seem to be just a tiny bit more accurate. The 135 gallant might be my new favorite.
  11. Blue Bullets or Gallant 125-147 grain, add a little titegroup and have fun.
  12. floater

    Aftermarket Glock Mag Releases

    Try "Glockparts.com", I put a G34 mag release in my G3 19. not a lefty but short thumbs it help a lot and it was cheap.
  13. floater

    Semi Wadcutter vs Round Nose

    Blue Bullets or Gallant, 1.250" CCI primer and 3.9 grains of Clays makes 172 power factor in my 5" springfield 1911.
  14. floater

    Base pads for production

    I have 2 of the plus 3 and 1 plus 5 and they have been flawless. TTI cost more, but they work. I also run the TTI grandmaster trigger kit in the gen 5 34 and it has been flawless so far, only have three matches with it so far but no problems.
  15. floater

    Base pads for production

    I run the TTI plus 3 in a gen 5 34 and they work fine.