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  1. floater

    How has PCC going?

    We have had timer problems without suppressors at a few USPSA matches. Last Sunday we had one guy shoot a smoking run on a classifier, GM run and the timer didn't count all the shots. Then like normal his reshoot didn't go to well. My local IDPA club has not been doing PCC, the club was trying to push 2 pistol stages and 2 or 3 PCC only stages, I told them that that tosses me out , not having a PCC and that if thats the way they want to roll have fun but I'm not going to show up, set and SO and pay to shoot two stages, and PCC is a division so let people shoot the match with one if the want, or a pistol if the want don't cater to one or the other.
  2. floater

    Glock Holster Question

    Yep, same thing I do.
  3. floater

    G34 Gen 5 trigger (suggestions)

    I put a TTI kit in my dads G5 34 and it is really nice.
  4. floater

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    #4.5 striker spring, "-" connector, and some polishing work for me. The TTI kit in the only gen 5 I've try it in is really nice also.
  5. I run them and so do a number of others I shoot with, so far the Taran bases are the best I have tried.
  6. The plus 3 and plus 0 are the same size, a glock 17 with the plus 3 base fits the box and I think they weigh .5 oz.
  7. floater

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    Lot of work for one powder.
  8. floater

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    I may be in the odd group also, I have have better luck with titegroup. I get lower ES and SD valves then with N320, and better accuracy with less powder to reach the same speeds. Plus in my area you can get titegroup for $16-18 a pound and can't touch N320 for under $40 a pound. And as far as recoil impulse a 132 power factor load with a 147gr bullet loaded with titegroup feels lighter to me than a 132 power factor load with N320 with the same bullet, I only have one load for one handgun I have found N320 works better than titegroup. But what ever floats your boat, go with what works for you and your gun.
  9. floater

    New and first single stack gun!

    +1 on redhill, I do have a boss and the only complaint I have is mostly based on my body type, the vertical bar digs in and I get a little numbness in my hip at a long match. I will say you can't beat the boss for being able to put the holster in the right place for you. DAA belts are sweet! Ghost 360 mag pouches with the single stack spacer(Stoeger Pro shop) work well also and are a bit cheaper.
  10. floater

    Footwear options for 2018

    I know they are not trendy Merrell makes some nice shoes. Keen, although I do not like the company politics, make some nice shoes if you have wide feet, and both come in a nice prices.
  11. floater

    New and first single stack gun!

    Nice! Colt has put together a nice pistol, the only problems I've seen has been on the 9mm version, wrong ejector, but the 45s have ran great, at least the few I've seen. Shoot the **** out of it and have fun!
  12. floater

    P320 Full Size Recoil Spring

    I'm running a 13# in and p320RX full size with 147 Blue Bullets at 130 Power factor on a GGI stainless rod and have had zero problems. Stock Sig 21 round mags and 17 rounders have never done anything but work. With the stock spring and rod I did see some brass hit the dot, but with a 15# and a 13# spring that quite happening. I will say that I have not really watched my ejection but it has never been a problem.
  13. You can get Blues in .356 in 125 and 147 grain, special order profile.
  14. floater

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    If you order by the case you can get Blues at .356" in 125 and 147 grain round nose. Gallant you can get in .355, .356 or .357".
  15. floater

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    Blue or Gallant, both have worked great for me, both have good coating.