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  1. We got our conex from the local equipment rental center, if I remember we paid $2000.
  2. I Have 4 RHT holsters and have been very happy. I also like how much they have been doing for the sport as far as support for shooters and matches.
  3. Yep, I ran out of Australian last year, but 0.1 grains more of the Canada Clays is working well. Clays is clean, and works.
  4. Eric, you are right about bumping up the speed, my gen 5 17 is the same 135 power factor and up the groups get smaller. I have a gen 5 19 and it shoots anything at any power factor better then the 17.
  5. I've had good luck with Sport Pistol(3.8gr) and 125gr Blue RN(.355") at 1.08" in my G5 17. I'm not the best group shooter but it has shot about 2 1/2" at 20 yards for me and runs about 133 power factor. The only mods to the gun are a TTI grandmaster trigger kit and uncaptured RSA with a #14 spring. I've also had good luck with Berry's 124 RN at 1.125" and 4.0gr titegroup. Good luck on your adventure Eric.
  6. Looking for thoughts on Shooters World Ultimate Pistol (Lovex D036-07). I Know Clean shot is what most are running for 9mm minor, but This is what I have at hand. Looks like it is close to autocomp. Any one that has tried I would love to hear your thoughts, will be using with 115-125gr bullets.
  7. Started in 1999, then 2004 had kids, kids cost money. 2016 got back into it. Very few from when I started still shoot. I have met a lot of new friends, but I do miss most of the old timers that got me started.
  8. Yep and also with CBC with heavy bullets, thicker brass, can't remember but I've ran into this with a few others also, it's the stuff that shows up every panic when every new gun owner is shooting off brand reman ammo.
  9. Depends on your load and how you like the gun to act in recoil. For my load and what I like to see in recoil a 14lb wolff seems to work, I might try a 13lb or 12lb sometime in the future.
  10. Redhill, or redhill, might look at redhill also.
  11. floater

    Lack of P320’s

    Hawktech IS top notch, you are lucky to have them, can say enough about how much they do for the shooting community, any time I'm in town got to stop in and pick something up, even if I don't need it. Support those that support us!!!
  12. Way cool! Keep posting how this pans out, looks as clean as any I seem on the market. Good work!!!
  13. 125 blue RN, 1.080" 3.9 sport pistol, or 125 gallant 1.115" amd 4.0 sport pistol. Gen 5 17.
  14. Higher grade I guess, the factory screws seem a bit soft. Thread pitch is easy enough to get was just wondering if anyone offers a better set then leupold sends out with the dot. I'll be pulling the DPP off of a Glock and though it would be best to start out with new screws, if the dot goes bad to the glock it will be with a C&H plate.
  15. floater

    Lack of P320’s

    Other than the P365 and P365XL sigs don't sell in my area, but right now anything sells. My go to shop got a X5 legion in and lucky for me the owner and I are friends so he called me before he put it out.
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