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  1. floater

    Gen 5 GLOCK for Production Division

    The gen 5 mos 17fs is what it sounds like will meet your needs. Dawson makes none co witness sights for them. I picked one for carry optics this year and I'm thinking of getting another for prod.
  2. floater

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    Every gun is different, but it's funny how many end up liking the same combo.
  3. floater

    Glock Noob question

    Your snap cap has an OCL to long for the gen 5. The gen 5 glock chamber is a lot shorter. It might be the "fake bullet" of the snap cap is jamming? Just a thought.
  4. floater

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    Same load I ended up at, also like the 147 FP with 3.2 grains of Sport Pistol at 1.130" make 133 PF in a gen 5 glock 17.
  5. floater


    Have not shot one yet, but the local gun shop has got them in. The 48 is sweet, and the 48 slide fits the 43 to make a long slide 43. He is on the 2nd batch, they are selling very well. When I buy it will be the 48, get the long slide and the find a 43 to go the long slide short frame route.
  6. floater

    What's the best trigger for Gen 5 Glock 17?

    Might add a 4.5# striker spring at the most, then lots of dry and live fire, the trigger will keep getting better the more you shoot.
  7. floater

    New member, new reloader

    In my area $40 per 1k, at a gun show the same for primers from the early 80's. Not knowing how they have been stored i would rather buy new. 10k plus hazmat saves me a bit, more if you look for the sales. Most of the gun show folks around my area bought mass amounts at the peak price, so they are not going to sell at a loss.
  8. floater


    As a replacement for the CW9 I think the 48 will be perfect. I carry a G19, but durring the hot time of the year I am always worried about printing.
  9. floater


    I think both are going to sell like wildfire. I know the 48 is not a lot slimmer then the 19, but I think for a CCW gun under a tee shirt it will be a huge difference. I'm looking forward to getting a few finger prints on one at some point.
  10. floater

    9mm reload not going into battery

    Also make sure your resize die hasn't work it's self out, I've had that happen before, not getting sized all the way to the base.
  11. floater

    9mm reload not going into battery

    Gen 5's need to be loaded short with most coated profiles, I load blue bullets 135tc's at 1.120 for a gen 5 34 and gen5 17, any round nose and that drops OAL a lot.
  12. floater

    glock 43 mags in a glock 26!

    Heat gun, get the grip warm and make it fit
  13. floater

    40 lite CO

    No, but I shoot with a guy that shoots 40 minor in IDPA for SSP and loves it. He is shooting a gen 3 35 and thinks it is softer than any of the 34s he has shot.
  14. You should let the club know that you will not shoot with them anymore because of this type of SO. Also might want to show the SO the rules and see what they say when shown the rules. No SO/RO is perfect, and getting called out sucks, but it might help in the end to make them a better SO.
  15. floater

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    I have a 17 mos fs gen 5 on the way! I shot a gen 5 34 in carry optic a little this year and liked it but really was wanting the front serrations, figured I would give the 17 a try for next year. I like the way the 17 feels shooting a stage a bit more than a 34, not sure why.