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  1. You can get Blues in .356 in 125 and 147 grain, special order profile.
  2. floater

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    If you order by the case you can get Blues at .356" in 125 and 147 grain round nose. Gallant you can get in .355, .356 or .357".
  3. floater

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    Blue or Gallant, both have worked great for me, both have good coating.
  4. floater

    Favorite coated 147gr?

    I've had great luck with Blue, and have trying Gallant and like them so far other than Blue is a lot faster shipping.
  5. floater

    How much of a jump is the Gen 5 34 from the Gen 3 34???

    Like the no finger grooves, don't care much for the mag well, trigger is back to a good gen 3.
  6. floater

    Memorial Day 2018 - Post up sales and deals

    Gallant Bullets 5% off today
  7. floater

    Shooting a match with your EDC rig

    Also he shot a perfect score at the Roger's school, and won the Oregon section championship from concealment,he is a really good shooter! One of the clubs I shoot at holds an outlaw match once a year that is shot with your EDC gear, it is my favorite match of the year. USPSA style, points plus score like three gun and broken up by gun size, full, mid, compact, and sub compact, all shot from how you carry, super fun and a great test of you carry rig.
  8. floater

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    135's over 3.4 titegroup at 1.125" works well for me in a Glock 17 and 19, if I remember right it was at 135 power factor in the 17 and 132 in the 19. Been testing Gallant 135 round nose .356" and at 1.135, 3.4 of titegroup today was 130 power factor in the G17, Blue bullets have always ran faster.
  9. floater

    Listen to on the way to a match or range?

    High on Fire "Rumors Of War", Black Sabbath, and Mastodon!!!!!!!!
  10. floater

    2018 Area 1 Championships Match Video

    Congrats! Nice shooting!
  11. floater

    carry optics division

    Not quite...aftermarket triggers are excluded in CO for one example. 1.1.2A Would allow aftermarket triggers, but dose not, so got me? only tell you no conversion barrels to change calibers and no disabling the slide stop, so what one should you fallow?
  12. floater

    carry optics division

    If it works for ESP and fits the box your good to go, that's how it reads to me.
  13. floater

    carry optics division

    10+1 max, must "comply with rules for any IDPA pistol division before optic is installed". Appendix C "Carry Optics" 1.1.2A
  14. floater

    Single Stack Pouches

    The ghost can be ran as single stack, Ben Stoeger Pro shop sells a "shim" for a lack of a better term. I bought a few but have not ran them yet, looks to me the shim will hold the mag roughly centered in the pouch.
  15. floater

    Out of Spec Win brass rims?

    I get the same on my 1050/elbow drive hang nail bullet feeder, and it is always Win or blazzer, but I have no extraction problems shooting from Glocks.