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  1. CraigS.

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    I believe it should, as the SBE lifter works in the M2 The SBE lifter is longer than the M2 so the length could be a issue with function.
  2. CraigS.

    portable fan on the gun cart

    At the Arizona matches I have been to , they use garden sprayers attached to a beach umbrella.
  3. I remember the same comments being made about the new "Tactical optics " division that was just being introduced into matches some time ago when it was just irons and open. Kind of ironic.
  4. CraigS.

    Hiperfire Eclipse in MPX

    Take a look at the back of the firing pin hole, the hammer will peen over the hole making pin removal difficult. That's where your spur came from.
  5. CraigS.

    Mark 7 LTE??

    Care too share the promo code?
  6. Sold out in 2 hours enough said....... How many other MG matches move around the country ??
  7. CraigS.

    USPSA on Practiscore

    what version are you using? 1.682 for IOS is the current one
  8. CraigS.

    Hornady One Shot Lube - Remove after loading?

    You can make your own with 99% rubbing(isopropyl) alcohol and pure lanolin
  9. CraigS.

    AR10 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    JP ent. ,Black hole weaponry, shilen are a few that will shoot .5 moa
  10. I thought the match was the best yet, since Pete took over the MG nationals. I was surprised at the RO's (not Mike P) reason given for not calling slug hits on the flash targets on stage 12 quote: "That would be considered coaching" even though they didn't need to be called. It struck me funny as hell that was the standard (calling hits) for the other stages even stage 5 with 50 yards rifle flash targets.
  11. CraigS.

    Pistol Caliber Carbine. (PCC)

    That is the reason I added PCC in our Practical pistol matches, as well as our multi-gun matches this year. shooters need to look at the big picture and encourage more people too get out and pull the trigger more often.
  12. CraigS.

    AR15/AR10 Triggers?

    I have not had any issues with my JP trigger and light weight speed hammer using the red spring.
  13. Tim - what year was the first Tri -gun challenge? 2004?
  14. CraigS.

    .308 AR reloading question.

    Rigger JJ knows what he is talking about , I use the dillon dies and case gauges the same way too and do not have any issues with stuck cases. I do use DPMS barrels exclusively but chambers can vary in size.
  15. CraigS.

    2015 MGM Ironman

    Yes it is, providing it is unloaded, slung rifles are never to be loaded as per the stage description. their is a link in post # 13. for the stage descriptions.