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  1. In the announcement from USPSA [0] it says 35 US competitors, but only 32 are listed. Was that a typo, or are more people going that arent listed? [0 ]https://uspsa.org/announcement/625
  2. Interestingly, the bylaws dont require citizenship to be eligible to be president, only residency. Personally, I dont see why we wont simply allow all members to vote.
  3. With the upcoming USPSA election, I took a quick look in the bylaws and noticed that, according to section 6.3, only members that are US citizens are allowed to vote. AFAIK, USPSA doesnt track immigration status and there are definitely quite a few non-citizens members of USPSA and likely some of them vote too. I assume the bylaws have to be followed for an election to be valid, so how can USPSA guarantee the integrity of the election if there's a really close or contested race, when they really have no idea if someone really is eligible to vote or not? Maybe it's time to change the bylaws to instead read "Legal resident of the United States"? Seems easier than tracking people's immigration status
  4. Ive seen quite a few JPs with issues too, so they're definitely not immune. MPXes do seem to have more issues though, but once you figure them out, they seem to run fine. MPXes are a little more ammo sensitive, but from what Ive seen in the two I have, its really more powder dependent, since they're gas operated, they seem to like slower powders. My carbine runs great down to 105-ish pf with 115gr bullets and VV3n37. 147gr bullet and VV320 barely runs at 130pf. Personally, I dont mind a little bit of initial tinkering out of the box of it runs 100% after that and since my MPXes both run great now and they shoot softer than my 9mm AR, it's an easy choice for me. Also, ARs with Glock mags are just fugly.
  5. I'd say that the JP isnt really more reliable, but more likely to work out of the box. If you get an MPX that runs, it will be just as reliable as a JP.
  6. The membership itself might be near zero cost, but the pursuit of that membership certainly doesnt seem to be free...
  7. It's not really AR10 compatible either. I believe a DPMS-style upper will fit on their lower, but not the other way around, so meh again.
  8. Meh. As far as I can tell, it's still only "AR-style", so wont fit on an AR10 lower.
  9. Yeah, there are some other alternatives, but my Firebirds run great, so what I'm looking for is something made in the the US that fits on an AR10 lower.
  10. One can dream, right? Been waiting for years on a "real" AR10-based shotgun, but it's apparently harder than it seems. Rhino went bye-bye and though Genesis Arms are allegedly shipping, the lack of a 10 round magazine leads me to believe that they can't get it to work and without anything larger than 5 (which is what they use in all promo videos), they probably wont be around for long. Can someone please take my money already?
  11. I'd prefer to not rely on either Russia or Turkey for parts, but until that day, we Open shooters will have to get by. I kinda like what I've seen from the VEPRs coming out of DA and I even bought two host guns to have modified, but they dont run any flatter and definitely not better than my Firebirds, so I'm holding off on getting them built up for now. I'd def take a DA VEPR over an XTR any day though.
  12. Depends on the clamp and gun (most likely how parallel barrel and tube are). I did some testing without clamp, fairly loose clamp and clamp tightened down hard. At 50y, there was no measurable change in POI. I might just have been lucky, since others have reported different results. If you want to play it safe, dont use a clamp. If you want to use a clamp, test it first.
  13. gose


    My local and very friendly family run FFL was burglarized the other night. Apparently that wasnt enough, so they came back the next day and picked up what was left under gun point. Everyone is ok, which is the most important part. Me losing an EVO carbine that was waiting for pickup, less so, but still annoying. Anyone see a CZ EVO carbine with serial C079659, call the ATF.
  14. Some guys dont like to shoot in the sun and prefer to have the match in a rainy and muddy place every now and then. It's also nice to have it in shitty locations where there's no risk of your significant other asking to come.
  15. Elf 3gun triggers in both my carbine and pistol. It's a great trigger and they have stated they fully support use of their triggers in MPXs too. Good enough for me
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