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  1. What It's Worth ! Parts and good deals in STI Stuff just don't go together, Cheap STI parts are like hunting Dentures for Ducks. Have fun and a great 4th. Perry
  2. For What It's Worth ! I have seen really good used PARAS, some with a lil trick work sell for $500 to $1000. Maybe take a look at one. Best I can remember 2011s came along after some PARAS hit TEXAS. Now GLOCKS - One of my friends Ps and moans that Glocks don't fit his LIL hands, But some of his higher scores have been with my GLOCKS and my re-loads. Now ain't that GRAND. Perry
  3. CALL DAWSON ! See what he has in base pads. Per above +2 would help. I shot Limited with a STI Eagle, holds 20 with Dawson Pads and springs. I only load 19 because the mags don't wanna lock in proper with more. I think that Gunsmith that builds CZ sells pads, springs and followers. Have FUN, Perry
  4. Hillbilly Saying ! "Be careful of the person with one PISTOL, he probally knows how to use it." Why do you wanna buy what a bunch of hog headed shooters on a forum like ???? Buy what you want and like. Be SAFE, Perry
  5. Opinion ! Five gallon buckets of ammo (practice) will improve your score sheet more than a new pistol. LOL If your heart is set on a SV or STI and you have a thick wallet, have at it. We only come this way once, whatever makes you happy. Perry
  6. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH ! The better the Brass to specs or close, the better the 650 and 1050 will produce quality ammo in numbers. I buy some brass from a supplier in Ky., Cleaned, Roll Sized, De-primed done on a custom roll sizer w feeder. Some of the folks in here can give you more info than I. If you gonna sell to the public, better do things right with a quality control program in place, with paper work for CYA. Above all, an Insurance Policy, Umbrella coverage, and a Corporation set up via a lawyer. Check out you State laws too! Liability is high, risk is great, law suites are plentiful. Most lawyers are like Great White Sharks. CYA - cover you back parts. Perry
  7. For What It's Worth ! No one seem to be talking wallet pain for OPEN. Pistol cost, who built the pistol, will it run?? Cost if it don't run ?? Mags, kinda guts and base pads are they tuned to the pistol?? Belt, holsters, mag pouches and etc ?? Open and Limited can cause pains in the butt where you carry the wallet. LOL Happy New Year, Perry
  8. Metro Per your comments, Cost of loading .40 minor. After you have purchased your press ( Recommend a Dillon 550 or 650 ) just my opinion you will load better quality - less trouble with a 650. That said - then all you need to change calibers is a conversion kit and a set of regular dies (Lee RCBS Redding ). If your careful cost will be about $100. I run a mixed brand die set in a 650. After you get set - up visit the brian enos re-loading section, A lot of old re-loaders there to help you. Some are the same age as RED CLAY dirt. Be SAFE, Happy Holidays, Perry ADD ON - Opinion 9MM will not knock down steel poppers and other steel as well as .40 S&W. Cost and performance is gonna be a trade off always, for your likes and range set-ups which will vary per location and which shooting sport.
  9. Hey George ! Your full of it, and not talking Ice Cream. LMAO Perry
  10. I have been reading like post for years, I also Quizzzzz if you thought to ask the boy what he really would like to shot ??? Most of todays teens are savvvy, and good researchers, and may know more than one may think. Point 2 - Keeping him intrested, Maybeeee, when he/your teen gets interested in the GURLS/girls, we will see. I have spent a lot of miney on my grandsons, they seem to be more fond of GURLS and damnnn old junk cars than POPs shooting BS. Keep us posted. Have FUN, Perry - LOL
  11. My OPINION ! Glocks just run & run, low maintance/up-keep, easy to work on. 1911 has a lot going for them too ! Been around over 100 years to prove point. Probally what you really want and how thick your wallet may be. LOL Have FUN, Be SAFE. Perry
  12. OPINION ! You have a Glock G-34 that will fit nice in about anything but Revo. Shoot a few of of your choice to decide what you like. Go to USPSA.com and print the Rule Book about 35 pages and /or if a new member you should have recieved a rule book. Have FUN, Be SAFE, Perry
  13. Opinion: Less recoil, back on target quicker, cheaper to shot, easy to reload. If set-up right just as reliable as .40 or .45. I also like STI Eagles. Perry
  14. Take a look a Lee Factory Crimp Die # 90817, Don't go crazy crimping, but may just help. Be SAFE Perry
  15. Caution ! About Barrel length info, some em 3 gun ppl will be showing up with shotguns with a barrel like a broom handle. LOL Perry
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