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  1. Avoid DVC 9mm. It will just give you headache and expenses on change this change that tune this tune that and in the end still having FTE and FTF.
  2. I don’t have CK Arms stainless steel grip but I do have SVI all stainless steel built limited gun. Decided to go all stainless steel thinking that I don’t have to worry about rusting, but wrong! I can see sign of rust on the grip (coated) and on the slide rear serration despite wiping it with silicone impregnated cloth every after match but it didn’t work. Not to mention I only had less than 1k rounds in it.
  3. Try this. ? https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-1911-extractor-removal-tool/.
  4. I think that's from Everglades Ammo.
  5. Since it's welded, my question is how do you clean all the carbon inside the shroud??
  6. This http://faxonfirearms.com/16-taper-9mm-pistol-caliber-carbine-blowback-4150-qpq/
  7. I think it's a CR SPEED RHT mag release button.
  8. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=205001&hl=+svi%20+mags%20+in%20+sti%20+gun
  9. It's from Tooth and Nail Armory.
  10. You should have bought the CGW Type 1 DISCO (it's drop-in).
  11. Yes, I shine a light on the other side so I could show the detail. But even without shining a light on it u can still see through it. That is after tightening the set screw. The rear sight could fall on either side just by shaking the gun just like KCOBEAN on his youtube. No matter how tight the set screw (almost rounded it) but it can only take 11 rounds (9mm) and it will get loose again.
  12. CZC threaded barrels shooo expensive. Expensive than 1911 Shuemann threaded bull barrels...
  13. http://www.ilovemyglock.com/product_info.php?cPath=4&products_id=216
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