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Western States Single Stack Championship

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I don't remember anything being posted the last couple years. If i remember correctly, you see the squad list and who you're squadded with the day (fri) you sign in. Same with the stages.

I am getting to be forgetful though so maybe i'm wrong ;)


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I have a WSSSC 2012 squad list with a create date of 26 Jan 12 and stage diagrams dated 8 Jan 12. I also have a 26 Jan 11 squad list and a 13 Jan 11 stage file also. Similar for 2009. I didn't make 2010. All that means is that they did post in the past ;)

Good luck,


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Steve sent out emails yesterday.

Round count is lower, stage descriptions are out, as well as the schedule.

My math says round count is the same (264 plus chrono)... despite what Steve put in his email.


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HI Guys,

Not getting on here all that much, just checked in and wanted to send an update.......I sent an e-mail last night regarding check in information, and shoot times.....I will say that i had several e-mail addresses that I could not read...more e-mails kicked back to me that usual.

That being said......Check in will be all day, after 1000, on Friday.....and should last until at least 5:00PM.....It will be in the new Training Center, which is located about 200 yards west of the Activity Center that we have used in the past......if you shot Area 2, it is the same place you checked in for that match.

You need to be on your stage no later than 0720 Saturday morning as shooting will start at 0730.....round count is approximately 250 rounds....give or take....I sent out stages last night and similar updates that are on this message.....if you have any questions, please contact me at the match e-mail.... wsssc1@gmail.com as my singlestack40 account is overloaded now with shit!....i meant to say SPAM......

That match is looking great!.......props out to my buddy Kyle Schmidt, as he came up with really good stages, that are simple, yet challenging.....oh, and the awesome standards that we have had for 3 years now.....

I look forward to seeing you all, and it appears that the weather gods have smiled upon us with 74 degree weather all week end!


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Ok, here's the deal.......while i know that I am made of sugar.....and will melt in the rain....therefor I will be wearing a rain suit.....most of you won't melt.....the match is ready to go! I am with Jason.....30 to 60 % chance that it won't rain! Looking forward to seeing you all.........!

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My rain poncho promply deconstructed itself after stage 4 (seems they do not like to be stored for years at a time in the back of a truck). By stage 6 I was soaked thru...jacket, hat, jeans, underware, everything....regretably I admitted defeat and retreated to dry clothes, fire, and a evening of Red Box with the Family. It was another great Rio Salado Match (except for the constant rain, low clouds, and wind)....R/O's seemed in good spirits despite the conditions.

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Last two shooters in our squad shot the last stage without bags on targets. Spent the evening cleaning gun drying shoes and equipment. I can see clear sky and moon this morning, weather says scattered showers so rainwear will still be on.

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