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  1. I would start the Open/CO before I got to A class in anything. I don't seem to be getting closer to A in Production anyway.
  2. I started shooting Limited as a C shooter, did some SS but that was about it. When I got to B class, switched to Limited 10, brought that up to B class. Then grabbed the SS gun and moved my self up to B class. Fell in love with a CZ and started shooting Production, been shooting that for a couple years pretty exclusively and close to A now. If I get to A in Production going to go back to SS and see if I can get to A there. Did just buy an open gun and have CO too. Could pick one of those and see if I can get them out of C class.
  3. bagdad45

    GSI Tool Head

    I use 147 but more of a truncated cone. I have this problem on occasion. Usually I find that a bullet is not falling all the way into the rotary. Makes indexing hard or impossible, have to reach in and push it down with something. I only use moly coated lead, may also be an issue.
  4. bagdad45

    GSI Bullet Feeder

    I talked to them last week, the bullet collator is going away. They will still build tool heads while they have parts, rings and bullet chutes can still be bought. I was going to order a couple of tool heads just to have.
  5. bagdad45

    Help me - Potentially breaking the 180

    That is a pretty common problem for right handers. You will see a lot of mid-level shooters trying to plan always going to the right even if it is longer just for that reason. As RJH said now that you are aware make extra sure where the muzzle is if moving left and reloading. On not getting caught, in local matches with just on RO they are on the right and would not usually see that. Go to larger matches where a RO sits out on the left side of the stage and you can get caught; seen it several times.
  6. bagdad45

    Phoenix matches?

    Start with Rio Salado site, USPSA matches each weekend, steel during week and much more. www.riosaladosportsmans.com
  7. bagdad45

    Paint on rear sight legal in Production?

    Appendix D4-21.6 allows for replacement of sights with OFM or aftermarket parts. You could be sure to be legal if you replaced the current sight with a Dawson FO rear, or similar sight. The FO would provide the result I think you are looking for.
  8. bagdad45

    open Ruger 22/45 compensator

    Here is mine, might try a C-More.
  9. bagdad45

    open Ruger 22/45 compensator

    Try MaddMacs precision. Put on on my new 22/45 Lite and shot it for the first time at a match today, really liked it. Easy to install, works nice.
  10. bagdad45

    Help me define a reloading

    I would bet that it has not been done at a major because they are pretty sure they would lose. Rule 5.2.4 says all spare ammo must be carried in retention devices on the belt..
  11. bagdad45

    Help me define a reloading

    I would have to say not the same comparison. The original question was around a mandatory reload per a requirement in a WSB. In the instance as described you can shoot one drop a mag, re-insert it after every shot if you like. Drop a mag on the ground, pick it up and repeat, as long as it is done safely. All of these though I think are part of reloading. As soon as the round goes off there are several decisions to make. I guess it could be argued that maybe if the round goes near a target that it is not a DQ but. If you are bent over picking up a mag, are inserting a mag I would say DQ. Rules 10.4.6 a shot which occurs during movement, except while shooting at targets; rule 10.5.9 failure to keep finger out of trigger guard during reloading or 10.5.10 failure to keep finger out of trigger guard during movement. Just my opinion, ultimately it becomes the RM call.
  12. bagdad45

    Help me define a reloading

    If you start with a loaded, holstered gun and then got asked where is your additional/spare ammo what would you say? In my mag pouches, I don't think I could say in my gun. Rule 5.2.4 also says that after the start signal, spare ammunition, magazines shall be carried in retention devices attached to competitors belt and specifically designed for that purpose. So I would read that as not being able to carry spare ammo in your gun, even though it is attached to a holster on your belt.
  13. bagdad45

    Help me define a reloading

    ad·di·tion·al əˈdiSHənl/ adjective added, extra, or supplementary to what is already present or available. Pretty clear. Common usage of the English language. We are not Bill Clinton, and if it gets there, I WILL stop shooting UPSA entirely. Right on the money, words have meanings. Not every term has to be defined in the rule book. Prone is not defined either, does that mean standing upright qualifies as shooting prone because the RO can't point to the definition in the rule book?
  14. bagdad45

    Help me define a reloading

    Beyond the questions above, why does the shooter only have one other mag on his belt?
  15. bagdad45

    2015 WSSSC

    Area 2 2015 match application is supposed to be out in October.