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  1. What is special about the mobile app?
  2. I second what dansedgli said about Labradar. I can chrono 5 different loads from 3 guns in less than 30 minutes. If I am doing rifles I can get velocity out to 200 yards easily. This needs a good tripod, no pistol rest to keep from shooting the chronograph or screens. It works any time of the day, any time of year.
  3. The 2021 AZ State USPSA Championship is scheduled for Sept. 17, 18 & 19 in Prescott AZ. This will be a Level II match with 8 stages and will be shot in a single day. You can shoot any of the three days schedule. Registration in PractiScore opens at 6:00 pm on July 19th, $100 match fee. Always looking for staff to work; staff will be comped 50% if you work 1 day and 100% if you work 2 days.
  4. The 2021 Northern Arizona Classic is is schedule for May 20th through May 23 in Prescott AZ. The match registration is open on Practiscore, there are still Thu/Fri squads open. The match is also looking for RO's for the match. Match fee is waived for staff.
  5. I am never a fan of the term "must" because people always find a way to do it but not the way you intend. As you note it is not really freestyle either. I did a Christmas theme match where you had Santa's bag in your hand, it had to be dropped down a chimney to activate the stomp pad. It wasn't so big they couldn't throw the bag ,but the opening was small enough that missing really cost you. I would say if you made a prop like the carry on bag check in the airports you could force most shooters to use the bag to activate. Make it such that it really just fit down into it from straight overhead, was boxed in enough where putting your foot there was not a good choice ands throwing it was not likely to be successful. Most shooters will look at the risk/reward and do exactly what you desire them to do. What are you doing until you drop the bag, are there targets to engage?
  6. I would start the Open/CO before I got to A class in anything. I don't seem to be getting closer to A in Production anyway.
  7. I started shooting Limited as a C shooter, did some SS but that was about it. When I got to B class, switched to Limited 10, brought that up to B class. Then grabbed the SS gun and moved my self up to B class. Fell in love with a CZ and started shooting Production, been shooting that for a couple years pretty exclusively and close to A now. If I get to A in Production going to go back to SS and see if I can get to A there. Did just buy an open gun and have CO too. Could pick one of those and see if I can get them out of C class.
  8. I bought it because I liked the look of the full length dust cover. Just trying to find a way to shoot it more, it is a Baer Monolith.
  9. Well I guess I now have an 8 round open gun.
  10. I had access to a scale today to check the weight of my SS guns with various mags and other mag wells. Put one that has a full length dust cover on it and with the mag it made weight by about .5 oz, which I didn't expect. Went straight to the rule book to see if there is any mention that would keep this from running in SS. I didn't find anything mentioning dust cover except in the mention of approved mod; factory light rail is alright if dust cover is less than 3.25 inches. Did I miss something or does full length dust cover get the boot due to the special exception?
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