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  1. I went with a TA-11E using 77 grn SMK...despite the lack of magnification it has worked great for me out to 500 yards. Like the simple reticle. Hey what are the better 45 degree offset mounts? I want to use a Fastfire 3 (That’s what’s in my parts bin). JP looks ok...but there is a lot out there. Guess it does not matter much... but many are designed for lights and Lasers /suppose I could use a riser. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  2. Well I was going to switch to just one optic and drop the red dot. I will take a look the suggested scopes. The TA-11F is actually pretty good out to 500 yards...may just go with what I fimilar with...it’s old school but works.
  3. Been out of 3 gun for a while. Had the opportunity to shoot SMM3G and thought I would get back into it. To celebrate I just bought a new rifle. Now need a optic...I normally shoot “OPEN” (I’m kind of lazy). About $1500 is about all I want to spend...I have had good luck with both Trijicon and Cmore products and am considering AccuPower 1-8x28 MOA or Cmore C3 (feed back plz). Any others much better for the price. Currently use XTRII 1-5 and TA11F both with offset red dots. Hard to keep up with everything available.
  4. I agree it was a bit coumbersome, but R/O’s did a hellava job....being patient and helping you out. Once you are messing with three guns at a time..carrying them etc. Things are more complicated.
  5. I was on squad 13...great bunch of guys. Have not picked up anything in 2 years ( life issues) my wife urged me to go shoot and get out of her hair (if we were younger we would 2 more kids). Glad I did...very good match with great people.
  6. Natchez has PPU 69 grn. Not as cheap as reloading but works well for 200 yards and beyond.
  7. I apply a little oil to the comp and then wipe it off to prevent buildup in the ports. Other then that just the general wipe down and bore snake treatment before a match. Personally I think over cleaning does way more harm then good....as long as the gun is running fine why mess with it. That said...every 2000 plus rounds or so. Both my Open guns are approx 7 years old.....and both run great.
  8. I know the reasons for it....but I am still not a fan of the all day format. All the stages ran smooth for us, well except for stage 9 where the left plate rack was shifting position. The decision to allow a reshoot was the right one for those squads affected. Grenade launcher on stage 2 was neat...
  9. Shoe Goo +1 Without being able to apply a lot of heat I would be very leery about using any epoxy.
  10. Thanks you guys for another great match.....as usual you cannot drink enough water in the Arizona summer. And to say that the hood of that car was hot on stage 1 at 2pm would not give the surface of the Sun enough credit ( forgot my elbow pads). Oh and to all the sponsor, especially KE Arms for letting me shoot their rifle and ammo. They make a pretty nice trigger too.
  11. Never really liked the looks of the Glock mags on a AR style platform....I bought a Stag Arms 9T (9mm) added a 3lug mount and bought the unmarked metalforms from CDNN. Not the cheapest route but it has been problem free....even with reloads that dont quite gauge perfectly.
  12. Hey any match where my open shotgun decides not to deconstruct itself....is good by me.
  13. +1 on the Fastfires. I still run my original Gen 1's. Dont even get me started on the Deltapoint's....at least the first ones. PA is good too...if you want a cheaper tube style red dot.
  14. Kind of a old thread. Never dry fire any gun????
  15. THM7


    Should say similar burn rate.
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