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  1. I had my 9x23 barrel reamed out to a 38 super. Didn’t want to chance it
  2. I have 2 Shadow 2. The single action on both are 2lbs. Both run fine with Fiocchi primers.
  3. I also had leading problems with their 125 gr bullet on my Shadow 2. Spoke with them via email several times concerning the leading problem. I’ve got 2 cases sitting in my garage taking up room. Gonna try running them through my Glock but don’t have much confidence in them at this point.
  4. I don’t own one but had the opportunity to shoot one a few weeks ago. The Nemesis was a sweet/flat shooting gun. Owner had ammo around 175 P/F. I couldn’t believe how the recoil was non existent
  5. Until last year I strictly wore contacts. After talking to Decot glasses representative I switched over. Now I strictly wear Decot glasses.
  6. Check the brand of brass you are using. If the pocket is crimped it may be hanging you up. Like chevrofreak mentioned using the 650 will be much easier
  7. I’m in the same boat as most. After messing with glasses prescribed from my eye doctor and using mono vision contacts I finally talked to the fine folks at Decot Glasses. Was sort of hesitant at first getting a pair of glasses ( 3 inserts) for shooting only. Sure wish I would of contacted them years ago. Worth the money if you shoot allot.
  8. I'm basically in the same boat as the RP. After back surgery, I stretch throughout the day. I'm terrible about taking medication but am not shy taking 800 mg of ibprohin before a match. Depending on the terrain, I try to wear the right shoes.
  9. When my D-Wipes start to dry out, I add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to the container. Seems to rejuvenate the contents.
  10. Just picked up Winchester primers at a gun show. To get rebate you have to go on Winchester web site and full out rebate form. You have to send them original reciept, rebate form and UPC code on box. Said it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get.
  11. Agree with OPENB. I had The same issue last year at NAZC. Fortunately there was some folks from Dillon shooting the match. They told me to check the tension in the spring plus make sure the collar wasn't cracked. Sure enough the collar was cracked. Replaced it as well as the spring and nut. Solved my problem
  12. I got the .356 diameter. My OAC is 1.131. Using 3.4 gr of titegroup. Shot another 100 rounds in a plate rack Tuesday. Going to shoot a USPSA match Sunday using them.
  13. I just ran 20 rounds of the Brazos 125 gr 9mms bullet thru my Shadow 2 this afternoon. Accuracy was outstanding. Just placed another order with them.
  14. Jimmy at 1911 Speed Shop is my choice. Work is fast and quality is outstanding. I agree with having it appraised before ! I chopped it up
  15. Like CHA-LEE mentioned above. I have now shot 4 matches using Decot glasses. No distortion at all. Before when ROing a stage it was difficult to see 9mms holes from a distance. Now there is no problem seeing them. And in a plus side if you have flex credit they will reimburse you.
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