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  1. I’ve used a few different hi tek bullets in my shadow 2. Bravos leaded up after a 100 rds. NB reloading worked great but they are now out of business . Blue bullets have worked out good. I have shot thousands of Bear Creek with no issues however my last purchase I noticed some leading. I have an order in for Summit bullets to try. For me I’m using Berry’s bullets with no leading problems.
  2. I ordered a ratcheting belt from RHT. In my opinion the belt is not stiff enough. Looked at the belt and it has the m2inc ratchet system on it. Talked to the folks at m2inc and they helped me order one through their web page. Going to put it on a Shooters Connection belt and see how it works.
  3. I made one out of a motor mount. Got it from NAPA. Part #602-1045. Used a fender washer and machine screw to attach it to the holster. Think I got like 7$ in it.
  4. I’ve started running across this stepped brass at a local outdoor range. My 650 definitely doesn’t like to deprime it.
  5. I moved my Production and Single Stack setup forward an inch. Added a Divtec magnet to both setups.
  6. I’ve used Decot prescription glasses for years. They offer different shades of inserts for different situations of light. Great customer service.
  7. Make sure it’s the UpLula brand. The knockoffs (Sold on Amazon,etc) are junk.
  8. Virgil is a great guy to work with and stands behind his product. He’s replaced springs for me at N/C.
  9. I shot with Steve H a few weeks ago. As per Steve right now the WSSSC is called AZ Single Stack Championship. Name should change as it gets closer. Match is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in February. Anyone wishing to shoot revolver will shoot on Friday.
  10. I’ve used GM3 for years for my 9mm. Used to shoot a match or 2 every week. Personally I haven’t noticed any inconsistencies at all. Luckily I still have about 8lbs and will continue to use it.
  11. I would definitely go with Tripp. Their customer service is fantastic. Virgil and Aaron are top notch
  12. I believe Cajun Gun Works now use NP3. I could be wrong. Worth checking out
  13. I’ve been using Vectan GM 3 in place of Titegroup. 3.8 grs came out at 128 PF at the NAZC this year
  14. I shot Area2 and NAZC last year as well as NAZC this year. Before my move I shot a match every weekend. Had no problems at all. I would definitely buy from them again. I would imagine they will have a Black Friday sale coming up.
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