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  1. Found my new PCC load. Very soft shooting with no dot movement out of my JP GMR15. Been shooting Rainer 115 Gr RN with 4.0 Gr N320 @ 1.12 aol, 138 PF. The below load is way much better. Been looking for an N320 replacement and it seems the Sport Powder does it at about half the cost. 124 Gr. Everglade v2 JHP 3.8 Gr Sport Pistol WSPP 1.10 aol Hi= 1126, Low =1103 AVG = 1114.8 PF = 138
  2. Talked to them yesterday and they are sending screws and a plate, thanks for your answer. Admin can close this thread.
  3. Done that, they now work fine, thanks.
  4. Thanks, I'll do it. I had the Holosun on an M & P Core and the holes lined up perfectly they are off a slight bit on Canik's # 2 plate. Thanks again.
  5. Just picked up a SFX and had some trouble mounting a Holosun 507. 507 is fine but had to force the screws in to mount it to their plate. Anyone else have a problem? Also mags don't want to drop free - any ideas?
  6. TW25b, pricey but my GMR13 never stops, has never even come close to puking on me even after a 400 round match at Havasu and Dave Lauck recommends it.
  7. Sorry did not see the one in front of me. Admin take this off.
  8. Is Taylor Freelance the best magwell for a GMR15? Looking for opinions?
  9. Heck I'm 74 and use the 65 MOA on everything except for tight shots and for some reason I can see the 2MOA dot at 15 yards on tight Turtle targets. I guess it's just what the old peepers can see,
  10. He's right, depends on your eyes. Used an RTS2 on my PCC and Open Gun. Got a hanging floater in my right eye and had a hard time seeing the RTS 2 dot. With the Holosun if I can see half the circle I'm good to go.
  11. Shooters Connection or ManVenture Outdoors
  12. I ordered mine from MVO on the 15th and it got here today the 21st. PA to AZ in 6 days via snail mail with Monday being Presidents day. Works for me.
  13. Your right, heavier stuff I use a check weld with the PCC it's more of a Jaw weld. Not sure why, just the way it is.
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