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  1. lawboy

    2011 rimfire pistols

    OMG, yes! I have a Marvel Unit 1 with the aluminum Marvel comp and a Vortex Venom MRD with their Weaver mount. STI polymer grip with large aluminum magwell, polymer MSH. Aluminum *thumb rest [generic]*. The whole thing weighs less than 2lbs.
  2. RFRO/RFPO. I love the rimfire guns. They are the coolest and they are the fastest. Every time I try to shoot something else, I can't bring myself to leave the 22s at home!
  3. lawboy

    2011 rimfire pistols

    Your 2011 22lr must be on a steel frame. I have three on aluminum frames and they are very snappy, and VERY responsive to grip pressure, which is what I require in any pistol for any form of action shooting.
  4. lawboy

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    I run a Venom on one of my 2011 rimfires, a Viper on the other, and Vipers on both of my rimfire rifles. All are 6MOA dots, I think. The Venom is fine but it has more features than are needed for this game. The auto brightness control is undesireable as you will set the brightness where you want it the start of each string. For this reason, I prefer the Vipers. Also, the Vipers have larger control buttons, which makes them easier to adjust. Regarding dots, larger is better is common advice. I find 6 MOA to be just fine. I have tried 10MOA, that was fine also, but no better than 6MOA for me. Brightness is very important to me. If it is bright, the dot size is a distant second concern for me.
  5. I am attending nationals in Frostproof, FL. I was told that shipping my ammo ahead is the way to do it. Can someone point me to any info. Online about shipping ammo to USA Shooting Academy for nationals. Rules, procedures, address, etc. Thank you.
  6. i am Black and I shoot all kinds of matches. I have for 20 years. smallbore benchrest, smallbore, high power, military, and cast bullet silhouette, USPSA, IDPA, GLOCK matches, steel challenge, bullseye, airpistol silhouette, paintball, etc. I got started in each and every discipline by reading about it, buying the gear, finding a match and showing up. I have introduced several black people to various types of formal competitive shooting. However, I only know a few who stuck with competitive shooting and it is normal in my area to have only one or two Black shooters at a club USPSA match of 100+ shooters. People spend their time and money how they like is all I can figure. The saying "do you" applies.
  7. lawboy

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    People have fragile egos. People are lazy. People prefer constructing social media personas that hide these facts. People are not interested in the hard and humbling work needed to actually excel at shooting.
  8. lawboy

    Piru Steel Challenge is Back!!!!!!

    Is the piru match registration on practiscore?
  9. lawboy

    Piru Steel Challenge is Back!!!!!!

    RickT, I am in Sacramento. Where is your monthly match? I would like to give it a try.
  10. lawboy

    2011 rimfire pistols

    ZZT, I could never get my marvel to run well on any 1911 frame. Magazines are not cheaper. I paid $20 for my mags new.
  11. This. I am an AA male in my late 40s. I have been a very active competitive shooter since I was 30. That is when I became able to afford the shooting sports. I was an activate recreational shooter long before age 30, but the costs associated with formal competition prevented me from participating sooner. There are cultural barriers on both sides but that is true with many things. Leisure activities are expensive. They are designed for upper middle class people. That does not describe most black folks.
  12. lawboy

    2011 rimfire pistols

    So, who here shoots a dedicated 2011 rimfire pistol besides myself? I know at least a few of you have them. Mine is built on an aluminum frame and hosts a Marvel Unit 1. I use Nelson Custom magazines. Runs well using a #10 recoil spring and high velocity ammunition. Gun without magazine weights 27.5ozs with a Vortez Venom MRD mounted. I like it.
  13. lawboy

    Aguila high velocity solids ok

    Ordered 10,000 of the Aguila round from sportsman's guide. I guess I am committed. I hope they run in the pistol. If not, I have plenty of rifles that will love them ...
  14. Is anybody running Aguila SE Extra 40-grain plated solids for steel? I shoot a Marvel on a dedicated 2011 frame. Wondering if I should give this ammo a try. Can't find any cci blazer or mini mags.
  15. lawboy

    Advantage arms kit for 2011 any good?

    No. I have a marvel on a dedicated aluminum 2011 frame. I use Nelson magazines. Gun runs like a top and is very light.