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  1. That's terrible, I hope it's not true this year, wait and see when registration opens up tomorrow I guess. Jason
  2. Checking on practiscore, area 2 registration opens tomorrow, I'm hoping it's maybe a typo, but it lists all divisions with exception of revo and L10. I'm planning to shoot revo, if they let me, any one else? Jason
  3. I'm pretty new to revolver division, and having a great time so far, in all other divisions I've shot, I've always packed a back up gun, is it recommended to have a back up revolver?or is there a recommended blow out kit to have handy? Thanks Jason
  4. Ohh I have one of those for my limited gun, can I get a different block for the revo?
  5. Lots of great stuff, thanks, now about holsters, any chance there is a holster that can accommodate the 617 as well? For the occasional steel challenge courses I shoot?
  6. Thanks for all the good information, and yes I have a650 and will be finding a load for this gun, although might shoot factory for a bit to build up brass supply Jason
  7. Thanks for the quick response, I Google moon mountain and it's a vaping sight? Jason
  8. Been shooting uspsa for many years, like to get into revolver, looking at the 929, but not sure what the popular holster,moon clips and pouches are? What is the popular rig set up?I spent half the day reading in the revolver forum as well as the gear accessories section and could not find any info. Thanks for any help. Jason
  9. I did, also I found a dovetail mount made by egw, I will try that for now, thanks
  10. Posted on HK, section, not much luck, looking for someone to Mill my HK vp9, to accept a Delta point pro. Found shops that Mill the vp9, but only for the rmr, also found shops that Mill for the Delta point but only for Glock or m&p. Thanks guys Jason
  11. So found a place that machines slides for the vp9, but rmr only, and found a place that machines for Delta point but only Glock and Smith mandp, anywhere that will machine for avp9, with the Delta point?
  12. I looked over the rules and don't see anything regarding iron sights necessary, but my local club told me I have to have iron sights mounted to be legal? Any truth in this? Thanks Jason
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