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  1. I am one of the lucky ones, according to the internet, I got a 929, and out of the box was not awful. Light stoning and springs kit got a useable trigger. I used moons from George, I can never remember the website, but he is local to me, something like revolver supply company, and I want to say .40, but maybe .35, and with those I use mixed brass successfully. Early on I broke a firing pin, but after replacement it's been solid. No regrets. I have a lot of revolvers, but this is my only one that takes moons. Jason
  2. Ah yes, don't forget the bmt mooner, and if you run georges moons you need the little adapter washer thing to go with it
  3. I run a929 and use a650 to load. I use federal primers and mixed brass. But my mind are from Revolver supply.com, I can't remember the thickness but George makes some very high quality moons, not very often have I had a failure. jason
  4. Agree with all the above. Heavier spring rebound, more dry fire, however after 3 years I'm only in my second firing pin, broke the stock one early on, currently have a cylinder slide one, and I keep a new Apex one in the range bad just in case. If I had to guess I'm probably around 5k round total in the gun since new, I don't run it year round. Jason
  5. Not sure about the cylinder, I'm very careful about what I put on mine, I've heard the finish comes off fairly easy Jason
  6. Broke a red dot viper two matches ago, and already have a new one returned to me earlier this week. They are awesome company. Jason
  7. Shot the match last weekend, despite the rain it was a well laid out match and flowed very well, hope to be back next year under dry conditions. Jason
  8. I have an older race holster I used on a limited gun, a buddy says they make a block that could let me use it with my revolver? If so where can I find one? Thanks. Jason
  9. I shoot with George on occasion in New Mexico, I can recommend his moon clips as well. Jason
  10. I have some issues with different brass head stamps, but only when I use the. 035 thick moonclips, if I use the thinner ones range brass is ok. Jason
  11. Ok so dumb question, what is the heel of the gun? Is it the front strap? Or the main spring housing like where alanyard loop would be,? Jason
  12. I've been shooting single stack for better part of 10 years now as my primary division, I was recently told that single stack had a rule change for the holster and now allows the dropped offset attachment, is this correct? And if so where might I find it in Black and White, thanks and have a great day. Jason
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