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  1. 8.5 gr 3n38 Full size open Kkm barrel, 1.165oal Gave me 169-170pf Powder is compressed and pita to load
  2. shot limited gun for around 6 years, im ready to take a break from shooting a good friend made me a deal i cant refuse on an open gun, been shooting open for 15 months
  3. I ordered 1-4-13, a case of 124gr cmj Shipped on 1-10, arrived at my door on 1-22 MG were good on communication with email as the phone box were full
  4. buddy got email approx 0530am pst its 1500 pst, still no email :(
  5. can somebody clarify... for the waitlist, is that by order of application/first come first serve basis or by random lottery? reason i asked, a buddy registered way later than when i registered , he got offered the slot
  6. Squad 7 on sunday had a blast!! On my match calendar next year! Thank you to all the staff :cheers:
  7. Ziebart When and how do we pay the match fee? Looking forward to this match.....
  8. grandbagger

    New Plates

    Sarge, where can i score that hitch cover?
  9. 70 for open 99 for limited should i hold my breath??
  10. ive seen quite a few of DAA backpack in the range that i go to, most of them are using a stroller to carry the bag around, ironic me think....
  11. Hopefully not! Handgun nationals, world shoot and multi gun nationals, before this event will MAYBE slowdown the applications?
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