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Building STI Limited Gun


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Ramped. You don't want to shoot major 40 out of an unramped barrel because they typically do not fully support the case

Pretty much gonna have to disagree with that statement, My single stack 40 is built on a non ramped barrel with several thousand major pf ( mostly factory) ammo through it with no ill effects or bulged brass. We've had a few posts with pictures showing very little difference between the brass support in the two barrels.

A ramped barrel is a little easier to fit and get tuned to run 100% with any type of bullet. Ive built a couple non ramped 9mm's and .40, the ('s wouldnt run hollow points 100% never tried it in the 40 but I think it would, most of the 40 bullets I used were flat nosed.

If I was building I would buy a frame cut for a Wilson Nowlin ramp and a ramped barrel for reliability's sake. Mine were non ramped becasue I get a deal on a couple factory second non ramped frames, and I can fit a non ramped barrel without a mill.

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