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  1. I don't have frame/grip combos for sale on the webstore. Easier for you to pick the frame and the grip you want, and checkout. Then it's a DIY combo!
  2. Our new Deltapoint Pro mount is ready to go. I've shipped a few of these in the last 2 weeks since they've been done. Same as the RTS2 mount but with the pattern to fit the Pro.
  3. Really don't know what could have put those marks onto the frame and if it did happen to make it through QC, it should not have. It shouldn't impact the function at all, but if you want you can return the gun and get a replacement. We want you to be happy with your pistol. ~ Matt Cheely (the C in CK)
  4. Get the slide/frame fit done and fit the barrel. Install the recoil system and then you can put the whole assembly into the vise assuming the barrel fit is nice and tight. No need for an elaborate fixture.
  5. Yes, you can use a 7/16" endmill. I would rough out the slot with a 3/8 first, then run the 7/16" in there.
  6. Now available https://www.ccgunworks.com/store/shop/deltapoint-mount/
  7. I was just about to email you and ask...
  8. The design prevents the over-insertion of the release into the grip so the magazine can drop freely. It doesn't keep the mag from over inserting. The STI release will allow you to push it in far enough to trap the mag in the grip.
  9. $29 on a carbide chamfer mill would probably be a better choice
  10. I haven't tapped the hole out to M5 so I couldn't help you there.
  11. With doc187's order that leaves 2 extras I believe. All US orders have shipped and international will go out this coming week.
  12. C-more screws are 10-32. The posts are an interesting idea...
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