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  1. My new E2 grip kits are now shipping and the response has been great. I completely sold out of every grip in the building in 48 hours and we're working to get more back on the shelf asap! Available in 7075 aluminum or stainless steel. Comes with grip, mainspring housing, mag release, "pinned" beavertail, and your choice of 3 different magwells. Fits 2011 pattern pistols. $550 for aluminum and $650 for stainless.
  2. They are well made triggers, a little cut off the height and the width to make it fit. Easy to do when you can screw the shoe off the bow.
  3. Finished this up last week. 9mm 5" Open, my steel grip, stainless comp, Geppert flat trigger, RTS2 and Black Nitride finish. I am back to taking orders for guns. Get on the list now and you can get something in time for the start of the 2018 season. matt@ccgunworks.com
  4. Our new Deltapoint Pro mount is ready to go. I've shipped a few of these in the last 2 weeks since they've been done. Same as the RTS2 mount but with the pattern to fit the Pro.
  5. Really don't know what could have put those marks onto the frame and if it did happen to make it through QC, it should not have. It shouldn't impact the function at all, but if you want you can return the gun and get a replacement. We want you to be happy with your pistol. ~ Matt Cheely (the C in CK)
  6. I have some CK Arms Frame Kits available in SDC and LDC versions. All carbon steel. http://www.ckarms.com/store/14-frames
  7. Thought I should put up a few pictures of some guns I've finished recently with the steel grip. They've been flying off the shelves and I can't keep them in stock! All my builds now come with the steel grip and are finished in Black Nitride as standard.
  8. Thank you! It's been a heck of a process, and a lot of $$$ invested in equipment, but they're rolling off the machines and I'm glad people like them.
  9. Glad I could get it repaired in time for the match. This gun was one I built years ago, and had changed owners at least once or twice. With me it does not matter if you're the original owner or not, if it's a gun I built then I am here to keep you up and running to the very best of my ability.
  10. Get the slide/frame fit done and fit the barrel. Install the recoil system and then you can put the whole assembly into the vise assuming the barrel fit is nice and tight. No need for an elaborate fixture.
  11. Yes, you can use a 7/16" endmill. I would rough out the slot with a 3/8 first, then run the 7/16" in there.
  12. Now available https://www.ccgunworks.com/store/shop/deltapoint-mount/
  13. I was just about to email you and ask...
  14. I usually only make these in short runs, but I've been getting a lot of requests lately so I decided to make some to keep in stock. www.ccgunworks.com/store/shop/cz-horizontal-c-more-mount/ Available in black anodized aluminum. Comes with three M4 x .7 screws to attach the mount to the pistol. $99 shipped The scope mount places your C-More Slide Ride scope at 90 degrees compared to traditional mounts drastically lowering the height of the dot to the bore and completely removing any obstruction of the ejection port. By lowering the dot the shooter is no longer forced to compensate their aiming point on very close or long distance targets as they are with traditional scope mounts. By eliminating obstructions to ejected brass your gun will be more reliable, there is nothing for the brass to hit and jam the gun. Limited gun reliability and Limited gun simplicity of aiming near and far.
  15. Matt I would love to see another picture like this but including the RMR and RTS2. The only difference is going to be the height of the sight itself. The height of the scope mount would be the same. I don't have a RTS2 in the shop right now or I would take a picture for you.
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