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  1. If you are using free weights, you really do not need to use any of those gadgets. Start incorporating HEAVY ASS DEADLIFTS into your work out. Your grip, forearm, and back strength will all sky rocket in due time. Don't use any assistance straps for your deadlifts, either. Just cheating yourself out of grip strength gains. Going off of this point, I just picked up some fat grip adapters for my dumbbells. These bumped my grip up to 2". After my workout yesterday, my hands and forearms were completely burnt and my vascularity was out of control (AND THIS WAS ON SHOULDERS DAY!!!) I expect that incorporating these into all of my workouts is going to result in HUGE gains in grip strength. I will say that I had to use straps to finish out my shrug sets though. My hands were so exhausted that I was only getting through 3-5 reps before I was barely pinching the dumbbells to stay in my hands.
  2. Late to the party, but I had to comment. That video is both extremely cool and very insightful! Great idea!
  3. I shot around 3-5 per month March-November and just 1 per month in the off season.
  4. My draw was the fastest though!
  5. Edited to add, I'm assuming you are asking these questions with USPSA Production in mind. 1. No. See Rule 8.1.2. Additionally, a properly fitted safety shouldn't even engage when in DA. 2. While I wouldn't be against it, it would limit options for those looking for other purposes (IDPA ESP, USPSA Limited minor, Concealed Carry, etc) This would also require them to redesign the frame, sear cage, etc. I'm guessing it's more trouble than it's worth.
  6. As should be apparent from his post above, Donnie is a standup guy with a great product. I am using up the last of my older generation bullets and will be placing an order for some of the new ones very soon. Playing around with a buddy's new ones, they seem to be even cleaner to handle than the old matte ones.
  7. That is an awesome deal! Makes me want to pick up a second one even though I don't really need it.
  8. Another nod for Comp-tac. I've owned a wide variety of their offerings, and all have been great quality and just about bullet-proof.
  9. You typically just need to remove some material from the top and bottom of the trigger. Make sure your trigger channel is clean and square in your grip before you start removing material from the trigger. I use a fine file to adjust the trigger pad length until it gets close and then switch to sandpaper to clean it up. The same is true with fitting the trigger to the grip. The polymer is easy to remove, so just about any abrasive will do the job, it's just a matter of how long it takes. As always, just remember, you can't put material back on. Good luck!
  10. I'm unaware of any such requirement within the rulebook. An exception to general rule that reloads can't be required is: " Level I matches may use shooting boxes and specify where or when specific target arrays may be engaged, and may specify mandatory reloads in short and medium courses only (not in a long course)."
  11. Definitely a good time. Thanks for a great season! Keep us posted if December ends up happening.
  12. A HUGE +1 for Stuart/eerw. You can find many threads on this topic. I've played around with/owned a variety of custom Shadows and have yet to feel one that is better than my Stuartized Shadow. Reasonable prices, fast turn-around time, and the nicest guy you'll have the pleasure of dealing with.
  13. That would definitely be a surprise! As you play around more with the magnetic pouches, please let us know what you think.
  14. Good luck in your "new" endeavor Steve!!! See you on the range!
  15. Yeah, the DAA pouches are the best I've used too. I've probably been most impressed with the Racer pouches due to price point (as cheap as every other pouch but much better quality IMO). I haven't tried the new double magnet pouches though. Congrats on your pending Open gun! I look forward to seeing pics! Other than having one magnetic pouch for a table start, I'll probably stick with traditional pouches. What has you leaning towards more magnetic pouches? I like to keep my magnet with the leading pouch like you have yours. However it works for you though. That's the beauty of this game.
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